Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Premiere

Bai Lang paused very slightly. His expression didn't change much as he smiled. "I'm not moving. I'm paying rent so I'll continue to live there."

"So it seems like this "experiencing the role" has been really good for you ah," Gao FenFen smiled intimately however there was a knife hidden in her smile. "After living there, probably you can't get used to living in an ordinary apartment again. Oh, such a good friend. How come I don't have one?"

"How about I become a secondary landlord and share a room with Sister Fen?" Bai Lang said generously. "Our living condition right now is similar to "Partners for Life". If Sister Fen comes, you can definitely be the female protagonist."

Gao FenFen immediately clapped her hands joyfully. "If the male lead is you then I will definitely move in tomorrow."

"How can I allow Sister Fen to lower herself in this manner," Bai Lang smiled again. "I will definitely find someone worthy of you. However I don't know what Sister Fen's requirements are?"

Bai Lang artfully changed the topic of conversation to Gao FenFen. After they joked around for a bit longer, they finally moved away from the topic of where he was living.

However just based on the previous question it was enough to awaken in the audience's mind the rumor of Bai Land being kept from a few months before. If they continued down this pathway of questioning, whether or not it was believable that Bai Lang was paying rent was one matter, even if they believed it, the impression that Bai Lang was used to and didn't want to move out of a luxurious house was something that would impact on his image in the audience's mind.

Thus Gao FenFen's questioning was something that was designed to seek trouble for Bai Lang.

On the surface Bai Lang continued to accept Gao FenFen's interview with an untroubled face, however underneath he was thinking quickly about if he had had any altercation or problem with Gao FenFen. However no matter how much he thought he couldn't think of anything. Right now his only clue was Kang Jian and the girl who was standing next to the cameraman.

After all this entire building was rented out by "Harmony Entertainment", it was a professional filming environment.

Harmony Entertainment was one of the five major TV program production houses in the country. They had over a hundred small and large programs, and so in order to accomodate all types of different filming activities, they had rented out this entire building. Other than the dressing rooms, equipment rooms and other such necessary rooms, each floor had been segregated into independent filming studios. If people weren't specifically working on a particular program, then theoretically speaking they shouldn't be able to casually walk around and watch.

And Bai Lang was sure that Kang Jian shouldn't have any employee's pass to Harmony Entertainment. So the fact that Kang Jian could right now righteously stand next to the camera person and watch his entire filming, the reason should be the girl standing by his side that Bai Lang didn't know.

Just as he thought, once the program had completed filming, Bai Lang and Gao FenFen were freed from those two couches on the screen. Bai Lang was still very polite and exchanged a few pleasantries with Gao FenFen. The two people hadn’t even walked completely off the stage before the girl dragged Kang Jian over and blocked their path.

"Sister FenFen, every time I hear your interview it's very exciting. Today is still the same." The girl treated Bai Lang as though he didn't exist. She only talked quickly and enthusiastically to Gao FenFen. "No matter how much someone poses and pretends, Sister FenFen you can make them show their true colors with just a few sentences. It's really satisfying to see. I will ask my father to add more money to the program's budget. Sister's Fen's show will definitely become even more famous."

"Then I should thank you for your compliments," Gao FenFen acted as though she couldn't hear the hidden meanings. She was very polite and said, "Miss ShaSha you have free time today to come?"

The girl clutched Kang Jian's hand. "Why else except for Kang Jian? I just helped Kang Jian to arrange a few roles. Today I brought him here to get used to the set. In the future he will get very busy."

Gao FenFen's gaze swept over Kang Jian. She smiled in a friendly manner. "You played Cheng Xu from "A Confused Account" right? I've seen that film before. Mr Kang's performance in it was very good. I hope that one day I can interview you on my show ah."

Kang Jian showed a humbled expression and said, "I don't dare. I'm still a long way from that."

"Who said?" The girl immediately protested. "I think you're much better than some two-faced people! Sister FenFen, don't you think so?"

Gao FenFen grinned and said cooperatively, "Since Mr Kang is admired by Miss ShaSha, then you definitely must be someone that is better than most."

Throughout this entire exchange this "two-faced person" Bai Lang maintained a slight smile as he stood to one side. Right now the stage was behind where he was standing, on his right was a lot of camera equipment and to his left was Gao FenFen. These people paid no attention to him however unless he deliberately went around them, then for the moment he was trapped.

However while the girl was talking to Gao FenFen, Kang Jian gave him an apologetic glance. Then he said to the girl, "ShaSha, let's go first. Sister Fen just finished filming and must be tired. Let's not prevent her from resting."

The girl then glared in a threatening way at Bai Lang. She said to Gao FenFen, "Then I won't disturb sister FenFen any longer. I just want to say again, your interview was very "exciting". I liked it a lot."

After the finished the girl dragged Kang Jian away and loudly began introducing the other facilities in the studio and her father's management and planning for such facilities, and etc.

Because Kang Jian and the girl were walking towards the studio exit to the public area, if Bai Lang wanted to leave then he had to walk in the same direction. However he didn't want to follow behind them thus he stood on the spot and waited for a few moments. Gao FenFen seemed to have the same intention.

He waited until they had left the studio door before he finally turned to Gao FenFen to say goodbye. Gao FenFen smiled at Bai Lang. "Don't worry too much about today. This program is edited. If they want to they can cut out whatever they want. And Li Sha has no say in it."

Bai Lang couldn't help but feel surprised. Since Gao FenFen was behaving in this manner, he used the opportunity to ask, "Can I ask, Li Sha is…?"

"Who else but Harmony Entertainment's CEO Li Ming's daughter. She's the Princess of this big building." Gao FenFen's smile was slightly unnatural. However afterwards she looked at Bai Lang keenly. "However she's nothing compared to who you have standing behind you. Mr Qiu and Mr Hong, with the two of them added together, then it can only be left to me to baby Li Sha." {T/N: What she's saying is that she's been instructed to baby Li Sha and pretend to go along with her, however they will most likely edit out the segment to avoid offending the two big bosses.}

Bai Lang was stunned. After a few moments he managed a smile, "It must be hard on Sister Fen."

Gao FenFen looked at the wholly innocent looking face of Bai Lang. She couldn't help adding a sentence, "Saying that you can think in one way but behave in another, it's really not completely wrong." {T/N: She's not insulting him. She's saying 'two faced' sort of but in a more polite way. Basically saying that he has a public persona that's duplicitous and hard to read.}


The plot of "Gold" was just as Bai Lang said on the show. It was an entertaining flick that you didn't need to use your brain to think too hard about. Back then when Zhu Kuan decided on the style of the film, other than Old Zhao's requirements for investing, the important factor was the showing realistic and good quality suits and materials. Other than that, the next most important factor was making the film entertaining.

After all this was a small production without much fame. If they made a boring art-house film, it would be tantamount to throwing the investment funds into the bottom of the ocean. Thus "Gold"'s plot was simple, the conflicts were obvious and the pacing was fast. With the addition of the luxurious and opulent styling Zhu Kuan and decided on, it could only be to all these entertaining features to attract as many audiences to watch as possible.

This kind of fast paced plotline was able to cover up some of the defects of newcomers. This was also Zhu Kuan's decisions since there were many newcomers in the movie. However what led Zhu Kuan to be unexpectedly surprised was Bai Lang and Que QiMing. These two opposing characters in the movie both showed an outstanding and above expectation performance. It added extra emotional and explosive quality to this fast paced movie and made the audience more immersed in the plotline. Their hate became more hateful, their anger became even more angry, and so in the end when they finally reach a satisfying conclusion, then the feeling of gratification was even greater. Thus after the movie was completed, Zhu Kuan was able to puff out his chest and promise to Old Zhao that although he wasn't sure how much money "Gold" would earn, however he definitely would not lose money.

Initially Zhu Kuan did not have much funds for promotional activities for "Gold" although of course he did his best. However in the later days, there was a new investor in "Gold" and with his aid, the promotion became wider and greater and thus "Gold" opened to a beautiful opening box office and became like an unknown dark horse that suddenly raced to the front of the race. It was suddenly the object of thousands of eyes and attention.

By comparison the historical film "Emperor Feng" which at its opening ceremony was far, far above that of "Gold". However by the time it came to screening, the fame of these two films were now on equal footing.


Gold's premiere was held in A City's oldest "Hong Fang Cinema".

A few years ago it had had a large-scale refurbishment to match the regal antique style of several decades ago, and was very suitable for the setting of "Gold". And as for "Gold" which rented out the entire cinema for their premiere, it was just as industry people said, they clearly had so much money that they had to look for places to spend it.

That night the cinema was even more luxuriously decorated. On the large red carpet there were many VIP guests.

Other than the actors and crew of "Gold", the owners, partners, and sponsors as well as a large number of film and television reporters and journalists were invited. There were also some famous movie critics as well as other famous artists in attendance.

Thus this night became like a small "avenue of stars". The reporters all came early to wait on either side of the red carpet. However because it was a premiere, all movie related interviews were scheduled for after everyone had arrived and before the movie was screened, so thus there was no interviews taking place on the red carpet.

Thus when the black cars arrived and A-list stars arrived one after the other: the forever film empress Zhang MeiYi {T/N: this person was previously mentioned as TV goddess, author changed it I guess, not important}, the senior TV host Ke Cheng, the comedy king Mo DaWei, the male god of singing Li KuanLin, and even the young film emperor Su Quan. When they saw this scene the reports opened their eyes wide. Their cameras clicked non stop and they couldn't help but lament to their companies why there wasn't an interview opportunity. How often would they get to see a scene like this?

As for the male lead of "Gold" Bai Lang, he was also the star of the show tonight. Thus he had been arranged to arrive at the very end. As he watched each mega star walking down the red carpet, Bai Lang who was preparing and waiting in a car parked in the parking lot some distance away, couldn't help but feel anxious.

"It feels a bit unreal to have all these famous seniors open the red carpet. It doesn't feel quite right."

Bai Lang was looking at the small screen in the car. It was broadcasting live from the cinema.

Qiu Qian was wearing a black suit and sitting beside Bai Lang. He came under the guise of a sponsor and was also invited tonight.

"Why, feeling scared?"

"The scene is so big, what is elder Hong intending to do?" Bai Lang laughed helplessly. "Is it to ask each of these big stars to give a bad review of us?"

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow. "I thought you were very calm this whole time, turns out you also get nervous."

Bai Lang looked at Qiu Qian. Suddenly he held Qiu Qian's hand. Their ten fingers intertwined and he allowed Qiu Qian to feel the obvious sheen of sweat on his palms. "I'm actually not brave."

Qiu Qian smiled. He pulled Bai Lang's hand and held it. "Then let me bolster your courage."

Bai Lang paused. He didn't have time to ask what this meant before Qiu Qian lowered the window between them and the driver. "Slowly drive over."

"What, what do you want to do?" Bai Lang's expression couldn't help changing.

"You don't dare?" Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow.

Bai Lang opened his mouth. He wanted to speak but in the end he couldn't say anything.

Ten minutes later it was Bai Lang's turn to walk the red carpet.

The luxurious limousine slowly came to a stop in front of the cinema.

When the door opened, a long leg appeared and the cameras of the reporters flashed non stop.

Qiu Qian got out of the car first and was followed by Bai Lang.

This was also the first time the two of them had appeared together in front of the cameras.


Author's note: Thank you everyone. Lots of people have been calling for Xiao Hai so I'll add the following scene:

(In front of the TV)

Qiu XiaoHai: It's daddy and Ah Bai! Hong Hong, look they're here!

Hong Hong: En.

Qiu XiaoHai: How come they're not holding hands ah. I always hold hands with Ah Zan.

Hong Hong: They forgot.

Qiu XiaoHai: Hong Hong hurry up and call daddy to remind him.

Hong Hong lowered his head and looked at Qiu XiaoHai: Do you want to eat steamed buns?

Qiu XiaoHai: I want!

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