Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Diamond Watch

"What did you say!?!" Mother Bai's face changed. Even her voice changed. "This is all we have!!"

"If we sell the house, then where will we and you brother live!? You, you, you you actually dare tell us to sell the house!? I just knew your motives weren't good!! Now that your famous you want to throw away your old father and your mother!! Ah!? You're so cruel!! I, I, how did I give birth to a miscreant like you!!"

Father Bai saw that Mother Bai's curses were becoming more and more fierce and hurried to stop her. "Stop talking so much. Ah Lang didn't mean it like that."

Father Bai turned to Bai Lang and said in a persuading manner, "Ah Lang. We can't sell the house ah. These years, the price of houses has been rising like crazy. If we sell, we can't find another one this good that's also upstairs and downstairs, two levels. How can we live som comfortably ah? You need to lend us the money…."

"Then why don't you mortgage the house?" Bai Lang asked calmly. "You can repay the five million slowly. It would be better than taking it all out in one go. If in the beginning, older brother finds repaying the mortgage difficult, then I should be able to help him."

After speaking like this, there appeared a hesitant and unsure expression on Father Bai's face.

"But what if we can't repay it!?" Mother Bai saw his attitude and immediately rushed to interrupt. "What if you abandon us and don't help us!? How can you promise that we'll be able to keep up the repayments! If you dare touch the house then I'll fight you to the death!!" Mother Bai slapped the table and stared viciously at Father Bai to warn him.

Father Bai who had a weak personality didn't dare to cross Mother Bai. he could only turn his head to beg Bai Lang for help. When he met Bai Lang's calm and measured gaze, he finally couldn't open his mouth. Because if they continued in this manner, they would be forcing Bai Lang to lend them the money but at the same time was unwilling to sell the house, not even one of the two. The reality of the matter was becoming more and more clear.

Bai Li saw the situation wasn't right and he also interrupted, "Little brother. I know you're unhappy regarding the situation with the house, but think about it, haven't father and mother taken good care of you ah? From the moment you started working to right now, have they asked you for money? Right now to nitpick about this kind of thing, isn't that being very cold hearted?"

"Also, right now the fact that I'm in this kind of urgent situation, isn't it also for you? Think about it, if news about this kind of thing leaks out, then wouldn't your image that you built up with such hard work be all wasted? Money is just a momentary thing, but only with reputation can you earn more money. You should be more clear about this kind of thing than me right ah?!" By the end Bai Li's words carried with it the hint of a threat.

Bai Lang looked at Bai Li. His gaze was cold. Towards Bai Li, Bai Lang didn't need to be polite. He reached into his pocket and took out his bank card and with a "pa!" sound slapped it onto the low table. "You can go and check how much money is inside. I only just finished repaying the 400,000 I borrowed for you before. You should be more clear about this kind of thing than me. All the money for taking care of mother and father has pretty much all be spent on you."

Bai Li's face was extremely ugly. "…. So what you're saying is, you're really going to watch me die is that it?"

"If you don't have money then you can borrow it ah!! If the bank won't lend you, then can't the company do it?" Mother Bai continued to cry and yell on the top of her lungs. "Aiyo!! Old man, look at this heartless child you've raised!! Doesn't even want to help his own mother, father and brother!! Back then, why did we even raise a second one!! If we aborted then we could have saved ourselves so much trouble ah!!"

This type of words, even in his previous life Bai Lang had never heard it.

The Bai Lang of the previous life had never come home to talk about this matter, and had only obediently and hurriedly sent the money over, he had never thought about disobeying his parents.

Right now the reality which was becoming more and more apparent made Bai Lang laugh mockingly at himself.

Finally he reached into his pocket and took out the cheque and placed it onto the table.

"If you can't bear to sell the house, then sell your son ba."

When Bai Li saw the cheque, he immediately rushed forward and snatched it. He laughed gleefully. "This, this, is this big boss Chou's cheque!? It's the type that can be redeemed for cash! It's exactly five million!! Ah Lang, if you had it why didn't you say earlier…."

Father Bai still had some conscience. He hurried to ask, "Sell our son? What do you mean? Where does that money come from?"

Bai Lang stood up. Because he didn't want to waste any more time.

"The money from selling my body. Five million dollars to sleep with a man."

"Sleep with a man!?" Mother Bai screamed loudly. "You, you're a prostitute?"

Bai Lang jerked the corner of his mouth. "I can also not be one. Return the cheque to me."

"You, are you joking!?" Bai Li clutched the cheque and retreated one step. Father Bai and Mother Bai had clearly been shocked stupid by such a statement. For the time being they didn't know how to react.

"There's still three days. You can consider the circumstances." Bai Lang looked at the three people in front of him. The usually soft-hearted Bai Lang in the end decided to give them one last chance. "There's two paths. Mortgage the house. In the beginning I can help with the repayments. Otherwise, take the five million. If you want my help, this is the only way I can help."

Bai Lang walked towards the door. He opened the door and added a sentence, "But once it's sold it's gone. After all, once I'm not a virgin I'm not worth anything anymore isn't that right?"

Father Bai's face was a white as a sheet. Finally he took a tiny step forward. "Ah Lang, you…."

Bai Lang turned his head and looked at Father Bai.

But Father Bai hesitated for a few moments and in the end what he said was, "You, do you really mind about the house?" {T/N: As in he still thinks all this is because Bai Lang is being deliberately difficult because he is unhappy that they bought an apartment for Bai Li and not for him.}

Bai Lang felt something within his heart break again. He shook his head and lost his smile. There was a [pa-cha] sound and the Bai family door closed behind him.

Bai Lang controlled himself and didn't look back, and walked towards that silver SUV.

As soon as he got into the car, the scent of smoke wafted over to him.

Within the smog, Chou Qian turned his head and his gaze swept over him. "You're still a virgin?"

Bai Lang stilled. He thought about how Chou Qian knew what he had said earlier.

At this time Chou Qian casually took out a earpiece from behind his right ear and carelessly tossed it aside.

It looked like Chou Qian had been listening the whole time. Bai Lang paused for a while, then his gaze turned to the watch on his left wrist.

Bai Lang adjusted the watch and smiled bitterly. "Is this the most expensive type of dog leash?"

Chou Qian shrugged his shoulders. "Whether or not you want to wear it is up to you."

He had placed a bug on his body but then had deliberately told him about it. Bai Lang really didn't know what Chou Qian was thinking.

But anyway it didn't matter. As for what happened just now in the Bai family, it didn't matter to Bai Lang if Chou Qian knew or not.

Suddenly Chou Qian said, "What if after three days the cheque hasn't been cashed?"

Bai Lang smiled. "Then I'll sleep with you once. For free."

"Oh?" Chou Qian's face was full of interest. "Then haven't I gotten a big bargain?"

Bai Lang's smile faded. He looked outside the window. "That's why the probability is very low. It's like winning the jackpot."

Chou Qian looked at Bai Lang's profile and didn't say anything.

He started up the car and forcefully pressed on the accelerator. The silver SUV made a loud noise and sped away.


Not two hours later, when Chou Qian's car had not even returned to A City from T City, the bank called according to Chou Qian's instructions to notify him that the five million had already been cashed.

At that time, Bai Lang looked out of the window and thought about the significance of his rebirth.


The next morning Bai Lang was woken up by the sound of digital music, on a large and deep blue bed.

He was wrapped in a suede quilt, the touch of it felt as delicate on his skin as the most expensive brocade, it was very cool and relaxing. Bai Lang couldn't help lifting up a pillow to cover his ears, like a turtle who wanted to continue sleeping in his shell.

All the way until there was the sound of a [pa-la], and the sound of something being smashed against the ground. The noisy alarm music finally stopped. However the sudden silence actually made Bai Lang finally wake up from the state of heavy sleep.

He opened his eyes and saw an expanse of tanned skin floating in front of his gaze. The naked back bore a perfect and beautifully even muscle tone, and right now it was rising and falling slowly. Underneath the wide shoulders was a strong waist, and what was below that was wrapped in the same blanket as Bai Lang. This person's head also practically rested on the same pillow.

Bai Lang dumbly closed his eyes. In a few seconds he recalled what had happened the previous night. Then he slowly got up and slowly made his way towards the bedroom's large and spacious ensuite bathroom.

Yesterday Chou Qian and driven back towards A City and then without any further discussion, the two of them had come here.

This was a luxuriously renovated apartment that was at the same time as cold as a furniture display home. Chou Qian entered the door, threw the key to one side, pushed Bai Lang against the door and began kissing him. This kiss lasted until they ended up in the bedroom's large bed and then the two people, very effectively, did what they had come here to do.

In this manner, they didn't even have dinner. Bai Lang directly fell unconscious and slept until the next day.

The alarm just now was something which Bai Lang, with his last shred of rationality, had placed into his phone last night.

After having a shower and ignoring the pain from his waist, Bai Lang picked up the discarded clothes on the floor and dressed himself. He tried the mobile phone which had a few moments ago being smashed onto the ground. Luckily it still switched on with no problem.

The time from now to when he had to be on set for the make-up for the advertisement was one hour. Bai Lang guessed that by the time it would take for him to get to his own apartment from here, followed by reaching the set… but he had no choice but to go home first. He couldn't wear these kind of ripped and missing buttons clothes to the set.

There was no choice but to be late. Bai Lang looked at the Chou Qian who still had his head buried in the pillow and thought that it was not necessary to say any goodbye. He was just intending to turn and leave when his foot accidentally kicked something. When he looked down he saw it was the diamond watch which had also been thrown aside last night.

Bai Lang paused for a moment. However thinking about right now how he should behave obediently to show his sincerity, so he bent over and picked up the watch and placed it on his wrist.

Once he clipped on the watch, Chou Qian's head appeared above the sheets, his voice deep from sleep. "You want to go?"

Bai Lang adjusted his clothes. He nodded his head beside the door. "In the morning I still have some scheduled matters. I need to go home first so I'll be leaving first."

"What kind of big matter is it? Cancel it." Chou Qian narrowed his eyes and raised his head. There was an angry and fierce aura about him. "Making it seem as though I just had a one night stand. Come here!" {T/N: More literally, CQ is complaining that because they slept together and then BL immediately wants to leave, it seems like he's the one that got played haha.}

Bai Lang paused and then came closer to the bed. Once he got near he was grabbed by Chou Qian.

After some movements, Bai Lang was once again pressed underneath Chou Qian's body.

Chou Qian's eyes were not completely open yet. He pressed against Bai Lang and sniffed him. "Did you just wash? You smell pretty good."

Bai Lang opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. But because Chou Qian seemed as though he was about to fall asleep again, he said quietly, "UNI's clothing endorsement. If I skip work without reason, then it's 200,000 per day. If I ruin their image then its 1 million. I just signed last week."

Chou Qian said lazily. "What are you scared of? If it falls through then I'll just find you a bigger endorsement. No big deal."

Bai Lang said helplessly but seriously, "… Then how should I explain to Xiao Yang?"

"Xiao Yang?"

"My assistant."

Chou Qian laughed lightly into Bai Lang's chest. He didn't seem sleepy any longer. "How do you want to explain it?"

Bai Lang was silent for a few seconds. He wanted to try and figure out the hidden meaning behind Chou Qian's words.

Right now Chou Qian's attitude seemed to be that he wanted to let everyone know about their ambiguous relationship.

But why? This wasn't a good thing for the company, even if Chou Qian wasn't worried about this kind of small money.

Or was it because his behaviour had changed too much from before and Chou Qian found it suspicious, so he was trying to test him?

….Was him wearing the watch not enough?

Thinking about Chou Qian's "poisonous snake" nickname from his previous life, Bai Lang thought that even if he tried to guess it he wouldn't be able to. He only raised his head and lightly stroked Chou Qian's hair as though to comfort him. "How about I ask someone to send some food over. And some clothes. That way we won't be so pressed for time."

Chou Qian stilled. Then he said with a dissatisfied expression, "You still intend on going?"

"Yes." Bai Lang patted Chou Qian's head. "The five million has all been spent. So right now I need money."

Chou Qian gave him a patronizing look and then rolled off him and hugged his pillow instead.

"I want the hot soy milk from the end of Er Lang street, egg pancake and fried breadstick with a double serving of onions."

Bai Lang laughed. He got up and made a phone call. But it wasn't to Xiao Yang but to the professional errand runner whose number he had saved in his phone. This kind of errand person who could help you buy things and bring it to your house was a booming business in A City in the last few years. This person was someone that Xiao Yang helped him find.

"If it's possible, I would like to change Xiao Yang. He is not good at keeping his mouth shut." Bai Lang finished his phone call and told Chou Qian.

"Oh. Fine. Who do you want?"

"Hong Hong ba." Bai Lang spoke without thinking.

In his previous life although it was many years later that the large headed Er Hong had been sent to him, but in their discussions with each other, Bai Lang knew that Hong Hong had started working at Total Entertainment as an assistant from a very early time, even before Bai Lang.

"Hong Hong?" Chou Qian's voice changed.

Bai Lang felt a bit strange. He could only add as an explanation, "I've heard people talk about him."

"Oh?" Chou Qian got up from the bed and laughed in a significant way. "Your appetite is not small. You want to steal my assistant ah."

Bai Lang stilled. Other than realizing that things were not ideal, his heart was filled with questions.

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