Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Pullover Sweater

On this day Bai Lang arrived five minutes before the scheduled time to UNI's rented filming set.

The reason was Hong Hong's speedy driving as well as Chou Qian's silver SUV.

Today before he went out, Chou Qian made a phone call. A mere few minutes later the all dressed in black Hong Hong appeared inside the apartment. Chou Qian simply threw the car keys at him and said, "From now on you'll be going with Bai Lang", and everything seemed to be settled.

At that time Hong Hong exposed a slightly unusual expression that made Bai Lang regret his words.

The reason Bai Lang chose Hong Hong was because of his silent ways. He didn't appear friendly but unexpectedly he had good attention to detail and was able to resolve things efficiently. He was a completely different style to Xiao Yang. However Bai Lang had never thought that Hong Hong was originally Chou Qian's assistant. In his previous life the assistant who had always appeared by Chou Qian's side was not Hong Hong.

But of course anyone who could remain by Chou Qian's side was definitely good. That wasn't worth mentioning.

It turns out that in his previous life Chou Qian had even helped him in this manner…

Bai Lang couldn't help looking over Chou Qian. His heart felt complicated. Of course he might be thinking too much, perhaps Hong Hong just by coincidence made some mistake, was kicked out by Chou Qian and so Bai Lang just happened to collect a bargain. However from the fact that Hong Hong didn't have any angry or frustrated actions when being sent to him, Bai Lang felt that his first conjecture was more likely to be correct.

However, no matter what reason Hong Hong had been sent to him in his previous life, right now he had this kind of low status. Perhaps he had prevented Hong Hong's development by taking him from Chou Qian's side.

Although it made him look flighty, Bai Lang forced himself to speak again. "… I didn't know brother Hong was brother Chou's person. It's only that I heard someone speak about him before. Since its like this then I won't use him. Anyone else will also be okay." This time Bai Lang didn't dare to name any names.

Chou Qian's gaze swept over Bai Lang like a knife. He laughed lowly. "What's there to be polite about? Since you opened your mouth, how do I dare not agree? Come here."

Bai Lang also knew it was too late. He could only walk over. "Thank you, brother Chou."

Chou Qian wrapped his arms around Bai Lang's waist. He gave him a kiss that had the flavor of egg pancakes right in front of Hong Hong.

After kissing, Chou Qian openly rubbed Bai Lang's butt. After rubbing he said in an intimate manner, "There's no need to thank me. After you finish working today, let Er Hong bring you back, en?"

"…. okay." Bai Lang nodded.

This luxury apartment which didn't have any signs of life most likely wasn’t Chou Qian's fixed residence.

If Bai Lang moved into this place then it seemed as though Chou Qian intended have him completely realize the entire meaning of being a "kept lover".

This kind of feeling became stronger as Bai Lang passed Hong Hong whose eyes were downcast, not giving any sign of his opinion.

Bai Lang couldn't help but remember the first time in his previous life when the photographs of him exiting a gay bar were posted onto the internet. At that time Hong Hong came rushing over to question him with a heavy face. At that time Bai Lang had foolishly chosen to hide his plans from the people around him and so of course he didn't dare admit it to Hong Hong. It was only that in Hong Hong's angry reaction that Bai Lang was able to feel a sliver of his friendship and regard.

In this life, everything should be different.

Bai Lang sat in the back of the spacious car, and looked at the back of Hong Hong's head as he was driving. He was thinking silently.

Perhaps, Chou Qian's actions to expose things was for this reason.

He wanted to let Bai Lang what he had sacrificed, all for money.

In the end it was still a form of playing with him, wasn't it?

Bai Lang laughed helplessly. It turns out he still had some entertainment use in this regard.


UNI's clothing endorsement deal was signed two weeks ago. The reason was because they regarded Bai Lang's image in "Partners", which was down-to-earth and also cool and clean. It was suitable for UNI's image. Their clothing had a simple design but was also stylish and comfortable.

If the actors was suitably matched then the CP value of UNI's clothing advertisement was very high. It would become very well received by fashionable young people and became a popular product.

It's only that in his previous life that not long after Bai Lang filmed UNI's endorsement advertisement, the news of Bai Li's debt was leaked. Of course all of Bai Lang's scenes were changed out, and he had also received the letter from a lawyer asking for damages. Thinking about the things in his life which really taught Bai Lang the hardships of his profession, then UNI can be considered one of those things.

In terms of business, there was nothing that he could complain about. But the unfortunate events of his previous life made Bai Lang's memory of this filming somewhat vague.

It was not until he entered the waiting room and raised his head to see the person there, that Bai Lang suddenly remembered everything.

There was a coldly handsome young person sitting there who was at this moment flipping through some documents in his hands.

When he saw Bai Lang he also didn't rise. He only nodded and made a cool greeting. "Hello. I'll be in your care today."

Bai Lang also replied, "I'll be in your care today." However his face changed slightly.

Rong SiQi, nineteen years old. They were both artists from Total Entertainment.

However Rong SiQi was different from Bai Lang who was going down the actor's path. Rong SiQi was pursuing the path of becoming a singer.

The two people didn't have any contact, including in his previous life.

Compared to Bai Lang who can be considered a small transparent star picked up by the roadside, Rong SiQi was Total Entertainment's heavily invested protegee. He had won the "Golden Coil" for best newcomer. For singers, they could only be considered for this award on the year of their debut, once they missed it they would not have another chance in their lifetime. For the singer who won it, they would be highly admired and envied by their peers.

Of course Bai Lang also knew that ten years later, Rong SiQi would win countless more awards.

In the future ten years half of the singing world can be considered Rong SiQi's territory. Other than having a unique voice, the young singer was also a musical genius. He had written many unforgettable love songs. To Bai Lang, he considered this a prime example of someone with true genius entering the correct position and career.

It was just that although Rong SiQi was an expert when it came to music, in other aspects he was often under attack. Especially in regards to filming activities. Rong SiQi had an expression that was always cold and quiet, he was also pointed out as having a wooden face that never changed.

So once Bai Lang remembered he knew that later when shooting began, this would definitely be apparent. This was fine but what Bai Lang's face change was that he had remembered that in his previous life that the person they had found to replace Rong SiQi last minute was none other than Kang Jian.


Speaking of Kang Jian, UNI's film shoot was not the first time the two of them had met.

Some time ago during the early days of filming "Partners for Life", Bai Lang had been sent to a training programme last minute. Kang Jian had also been present there. At that time Kang Jian was an artist from Grand Media Group and was also a recently signed newcomer. Most of the people who had come to participate in this training programme came from this kind of background.

Bai Lang's progress can be considered slow. Compared to this bunch of seventeen and eighteen year old young people, the twenty-two year old Bai Lang had already graduated from university. He was one of the oldest in the group and a couple of times was mocked by the others.

However Bai Lang was one of earliest success stories of this group. Not long after the training, Bai Lang became famous because of "Partners". The students from the same training programme who had relatively friendly relationships with him would sometimes call him for the purposes of networking. Kang Jian was one of them and he was the earliest one to make contact. When Bai Lang thought back, when Kang Jian first started calling him often, it was right after "Partners for Life" first started filming.

Perhaps it was because the first male lead of "Partners for Life" was Wu ShenEn who was also an artist of Grand Media. Wu ShenEn can be considered Kang Jian's senior brother. However his temper was very big and was proud and arrogant. He wasn't well liked by his younger brothers in the company and on set he was always making enemies. In these times, Bai Lang and Kang Jian had Wu ShenEn as a common topic of discussion, and they very quickly became close.

Thus Bai Lang had always treated Kang Jian as a friend that he had made before he became famous and treasured him greatly.

If he was given an opportunity, he would always pull up Kang Jian to the best of his ability. Bai Lang had never hesitated. In his previous life during UNI's endorsement, when Rong SiQi's wooden acting brought up discussions whether or not he should be changed, Bai Lang was the one who had spread the news to Kang Jian.

Afterwards as for what methods Kang Jian had used to win this opportunity, Bai Lang wasn't sure. At that time Bai Lang was still overly naive and never thought about the fact that to change someone to another person required a lot of behind the scenes power and effort, and so he carelessly overlooked the fact that Kang Jian was not as simple and as straightforward as he appeared on the surface.

…. But this time, he wouldn't make the same mistake.

Bai Lang looked at himself in the mirror after his make up had been completed and repeated this to himself several times.


Filming UNI's advertisement at the end of August was for the purposes of promoting its new winter line: down jackets and pullover sweaters.

The concept of the advertisement was very simple. Two young people who had very different types of living in the city. One was bright and sunny, the other was quiet and reserved. And both of them, when wearing UNI's clothing on their bodies, showed that it was extremely suitable as well was expressed its various uniqueness.

This kind of contrast also showed the various different ways the clothing and accessories could be mixed and matched to fit one's personal style. UNI had used this method of advertisement for many seasons already. Right now there wasn't any girls in the ad as the female line would be shot separately.

There would be two separate shoots, one for print advertisement and a short clip for TV. Today Bai Lang and the others were on set to shoot some concept materials to check for the feel and effect. Then after adjustment, the real shoots could begin.

When Bai Lang put on the cream pullover sweater as well as the faded blue jeans, he looked just like a student who had just finished school. When he walked towards the film set, inside the snowy set Rong SiQi was already standing. He was to start first.

Thus Bai Lang stopped some distance away and carefully observed Rong SiQi's performance.

This time the primary reason UNI had picked Rong SiQi to endorse its products was because of Rong SiQi's winning of the Golden Coil's best newcomer award and the fame associated. This was very suitable for UNI's image which was young and modern.

Also Rong SiQi was a singer who was becoming very famous. He had long thick eyelashes and deep eyes, as well as a high nose bridge. His face had very beautiful angles and when he frowned, there was a deep feeling that belied his young age. So that he would contrast with Bai Lang, the clothing he was wearing was purple and gray, and gave him a more dark air.

However in reality, with Rong SiQi's qualities, when wearing UNI's sweaters it was easy for it to look too plain and ordinary. The reason was although Rong SiQi's features were indeed handsome, however the nineteen year old him was still in his developing stage and the soft, shapeless sweater really required some body shape in order to hold it up. And if the clothing wasn't worn properly then no amount of editing after could change it.

So unexpectedly the photographer from the very beginning was not very satisfied. He kept changing Rong SiQi's posture over and over again and in Bai Lang's eyes he seemed very forced.

Rong SiQi was cooperative throughout and he didn't complain. As newcomer who was extremely well looked upon, his professional attitude was very good. This was also the impression that Rong SiQi would give in the following ten years. His private life was very secretive, there was almost no news about him, all of his focus was placed on his music. The fact that an artist could have such a clean and pure image showed that Total Entertainment placed considerable effort and care towards him.

Bai Lang knew that the photographer would at the end of the day, after Rong SiQi had tried all three of his designated outfits, express his opinion that Rong SiQi's shoot had problems.

The atmosphere in the room was becoming more and more heavy. Bai Lang had no choice but to think about the fact that if things progressed in the same way as his previous life, if he would be able to prevent Kang Jian from becoming the replacement?

That's right, to prevent Kang Jian.

In this life, Bai Lang would not actively seek to harm him, but he would definitely prevent Kang Jian from progressing on his path.

Bai Lang knew that for the Kang Jian who dreamed about being above others, this would be the most intolerable thing.

Since in this lifetime Kang Jian had not betrayed him, then he wouldn't give him an opportunity to do so again. However without Kang Jian's betrayal, he would also not have had this life's rebirth. In this cycle of life there were many whys and wherefores that could not be explained.

Bai Lang could only try his best. The rest was up to fate.

This time Bai Lang definitely would not give Kang Jian any news. However when Kang Jian managed to grab the opportunity last time it showed he had other methods. Even if he didn't say it, Kang Jian may still be able to find a way to become Rong SiQi's replacement in a different manner.

Because to Kang Jian, filming this advertisement can be considered an important first step for him.

Thinking about the time, this should be around the time when Kang Jian had filmed his first movie "A Confused Account" as the second male lead. His scenes weren't many but his role was well-received. After the movie was screened, UNI's large scale advertisement also came out at the same time, which pushed Kang Jian's fame up and achieved a heightened promotional effect for him.

So preventing today can be considered breaking off one of Kang Jian's wings just as he wanted to fly.

But how to prevent it? Bai Lang frowned, deep in thought.

At this time, Bai Lang saw two people walk by his side.

When he turned his head Bai Lang discovered a familiar person, or more accurately someone that would become familiar to him in the coming years.

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