Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 236

Chapter 236 – Extra Story Two (End)

After a full seven days of having a low temperature, Xi Ze woke up the day after his body temperature finally rose.

There was only one day left until the first scheduled show for Zeyu. Fortunately, Xi Ze had woken up in time. Otherwise, the news that he was unconscious would spread in the world’s major media the next day and could no longer be suppressed.

As suddenly as he entered the coma, Xi Ze’s body quickly recovered after waking up and he finished the preparations for the fashion show that evening. The next day’s high-end show proceeded as planned. It was grand and brilliant, giving a good start to Zeyu and making people around the world acknowledge the existence of Zeyu.

After the fashion show, Ming Yu hurriedly pulled the man home to rest.

He clearly remembered Xi Ze’s unconscious appearance and then there was such a large workload after waking him. If Xi Ze was still in a bad state, MingYu wouldn’t have let him continue with the preparations of the fashion show and would’ve only allowed him to appear on stage after the show ended.

The low body temperature of 35°C for seven days was definitely a deadly disaster. But after Xi Ze woke up, the doctor was surprised to find not the slightest deterioration in his body. Xi Ze was very healthy and strong. Apart from being slightly weak, he was no different from ordinary people.

But even if the doctors said so, Ming Xiaoyu wouldn’t allow Xi Ze to act arbitrarily.

On the road home, the handsome young man’s brow was furrowed as he held the steering wheel with one hand and said seriously, “Three years ago, you said that you aren’t too young and you don’t have as much energy as before. Mr. Xi, this time I was gone for three days and you didn’t take care of your body?”

The 23 year old Ming Yu was no longer the young and tender youth. His original light was restrained and calm. Combined with the tempering of the years, this edge had been polished into a round and delicate jade, making people unable to look away.

Ming Yu’s strength in this period of time was vivid.

Xi Ze’s face was still sickly pale since he had gone seven days without eating, relying on glucose to maintain his life. But when the man opened his eyes, his weak appearance couldn’t influence his powerful atmosphere. Even if he rubbed his temples on the passenger seat, he wasn’t suppressed by Ming Yu at all.

Ming Yu was really angry right now, very very angry.

However, this man calmly ignored his anger.

Xi Ze’s thin lips curved as he asked, “When did you get a driver’s license?”

Ming Xiaoyu frowned. “You are changing the topic.” It was a reprimand but Ming Yu still replied. “I got it when I was gone. I drove over to see you and didn’t expect to find you unconscious.”

Ming Yu had been too busy the last few years and only just found time to take his driver’s license test.

Xi Ze let out a meaningfully “oh” and didn’t say much about this issue.

The car smoothly moved and once it was a traffic ham, Ming Yu took the initiative to reach out and touch Xi Ze’s face.

The handsome man’s face was pinched and became slightly deformed but Ming Xiaoyu didn’t stop. After a long time of pinching, he scoffed, “I am a bit anxious when seeing your appearance.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “A bit?”

Ming Yu remembered his fears in the past few days and sneered. “I am very anxious!”

The car was blocked and couldn’t move forward. Therefore, Ming Yu started to scold Xi Ze. “You should take care of your body. You are 30 years old so don’t work endlessly. Even a 13 year old can’t bear it! Your body is the most important thing. Everything else is secondary. You must take care of your body.”

Ming Yu was solemn and his tone was earnest when saying these words. His light coloured eyes were dignified and sincere. When he looked at Xi Ze, his gaze was pleading as he begged the other person to cherish his body.

In the end, Ming Yu sighed and said, “It is a type of happiness to see and hear this world. To walk in this world and have a good body, this is the happiest thing.” He suddenly smiled. “Xi Ze, I love you. Therefore, I hope you can let me love you forever. Don’t let anything happen to you.”

The smile was warm and soft, the beautiful eyes slightly curved, reminding Xi Ze of the person in his dream.

It was the same golden sunshine. Even when this person couldn’t see, hear or smell, even if his sense of touch was a bit dull, he still tried to breathe in the fresh air and smiled when exposed to sunlight.

Xi Ze sighed heavily and reached out to his lover.

“I will take good care of my body so you do the same.”

Ming Yu naturally didn’t hear the deep meaning in Xi Ze’s words. He raised his hand and casually patted the man’s back. “Okay, you know you were wrong and will change. I can forgive you. But you made me feel worried for so long, you have to give me compensation. Mr. Xi, I’ll have a big dinner this evening.”

Xi Ze asked, “I will do it?”

Ming Yu nodded as he started to move the car forward. “Yes, I want my favorite oil prawns, sweet and sour pork tenderloins, braised lion’s head…”

The traffic jam meant the two people only arrived home at 10 in the evening.

It seemed impossible to eat dinner but there could still be a light meal. Xi Ze casually cooked some small dishes that were light and delicious.

After the meal, the old husband and wife… cough, the old husbands started watching TV.

There was no difference with ordinary couples. Xi Ze looked up the information that he missed in the last seven days and occasionally looked up at the TV. Ming Yu was playing with his phone and also occasionally watching the content on the TV.

Coincidentally, an advertisement that Ming Yu shot six months ago for Ji and Ya appeared. MingYu looked at it with interest before saying, “This advertisement was only released last month. During the days when you were in a coma, the advertising ratings were quite good. Many people like it.”

Xi Ze looked carefully at his mushroom’s advertisement. After hearing this, he asked, “Because of you?”

Ming Yu smiled and nodded. “To be precise, it is because of my acting.”

Xi Ze, “…….”

A moment passed before Xi Ze sighed. “I have never seen such a brazen person.”

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t convinced. “What do you mean? My acting has been acknowledged by many people! It might be worse than Sister Xiao and Brother Fang, but I have reached an average level in showbiz. I also received my third movie this year and am ready to cameo as a supporting role!

A terrible scene from his dream suddenly emerged in Xi Ze’s mind. The Ming Yu in his dream, the acting could only be described as ‘disastrous’ and was like the scene of a car crash. Compared to that, the current Ming Yu really was better at acting.

“I will help hone your acting skills.”

Ming Yu was slightly stunned and asked, “How will you hone it?”

“I thought of a script.”

The kiss started in the living room and soon moved to the bedroom.

The two bodies rolled around on the bed and the youth was soon letting out small groans.

The climax was approaching when Xi Ze suddenly stopped moving, looking down at the young man immersed in desire. His eyes were far-reaching, as if he was looking through the years to stare closely at Ming Yu.

This was his lover, his heartbreaking lover.

His lover once made him speechless with pain but now his lover was alive in front of him.

The scenes from the dream were as clear as yesterday, making him unable to ignore the grief and despair in the dream.

Xi Ze stopped right before the climax, causing Ming Yu to feel uncomfortable and wrinkle his eyebrows. There was a hint of dissatisfaction on the flushed face, his appearance surpassing the most feminine and enchanting woman in the world.Xi Ze’s heart beat accelerated and seemed to jump out of his chest.

“What are you trying to force me to do now?”

The young man tried to suppress the feeling and asked in a hoarse voice.

Three years ago, he agreed to Xi Ze’s marriage proposal and to wear the wedding dress in the Ji and Ya show. He had his professionalism but Xi Ze still took advantage of him in bed to make him agree. Now Xi Ze once again stopped and Ming Yu’s first thought was that this man was planning something bad again.

But to his surprise, in the clear and bright moonlight, this man just bowed his head and didn’t say anything.

He stared down at Ming Yu with a quiet and deep gaze. An indescribable pain filled the cold and noble face. Sadness and pain were mixed together, so that Ming Yu’s heart tightened despite not understanding what happened.

He and this man had been deeply in love for many years and regarded the other person as part of them.

He couldn’t be without Xi Ze and Xi Ze couldn’t be without him.

Whether it was the squabbling of the two people or the shameless scripts, Ming Yu had seem many sides of Xi Ze. There was the arrogant and noble side, the gently and careful side, the calm and elegant side and the cold-blooded and cruel side. Ming Yu liked all of these sides of Xi Ze because he felt that this was an expression of the other’s love for him.

But the present Xi Ze wasn’t acting.

His pain seemed to have penetrated deep into his bone marrow and his sorrow channeled into his blood. When a tear fell onto Ming Yu’s face, Ming Yu was stunned and couldn’t understand what happened. Xi Ze opened his mouth and asked,

“If you can’t see, what would you think?”

“If you can’t hear, what would you think?”

“If you can’t even feel the temperature of the air, what would you think?”

The three questions in a row made Ming Yu completed stunned.

His eyes trembled gently and his heart was filled with words. Then he raised his eyes and calmed down when he saw this man’s tearful eyes. Ming Yu smiled and raised his hand to the man’s neck, giving the other person an affectionate kiss.

“I would think that I am still alive and can still think. I can still imagine the love I never had in my life.”

In response, Xi Ze suddenly kissed Ming Yu and both men reached the peak at the same time.

Under the bright moonlight, the young man embraced Xi Ze’s waist. He placed his ear on the other person’s chest, listening to the steady heartbeat as he started to tell his story.

It was a story he never wanted to tell the other person because he thought the ending was too dull.

Ming Yu believed that he had almost no regrets in his last life. He had no parents and wasn’t eager for family. He reached the peak of his career before he became ill and became a myth in the fashion world. He had a group of good friends and lasted two years so that everyone accepted his illness. He also said good things to his friends.

The only thing he didn’t have was love.

He didn’t know what love was like because in that world, he never fell in love with anyone.

If Xi Ze’s vision was high than what about Ming Yu?

The more excellent a person was, the more critical they were. But once they fell in love, it was really a lifelong thing.

Ming Yu summed up the darkness of his last six months of life with a simple sentence. He said he didn’t know how long it was, he just felt it was very long. He couldn’t see, hear or touch, so he started to imagine.

His brain was still working so at least he could dream.

He imagined that he was a healthy ordinary person with a beautiful and kind wife. They lived happily and might have a child, maybe a boy or maybe a girl. When he came home, his wife had already cooked the meal and after dinner, he and his wife would wash the dishes.

“Before I met you, I thought my love should be the same as other people. After I met you, I felt that I couldn’t accept a third person between us, even if that person is a child.” The low voice echoed in the quiet bedroom. “ Xi Ze, you are mine, you can only be mine alone. I only have you and you must only have me.”

This type of possessiveness might be too much for other people.

But once Xi Ze heard this, he couldn’t help smiling and kissing the young man.

Once the kiss ended, Xi Ze stated, “This was what I wanted to say to you. You can only have me alone in your life. Ming Yu, I have seen your past and your present. Before you met me, you were mine. After meeting me, you became mine even more.”

Before meeting Ming Yu, Xi Ze never thought he would fall in love with someone enough to die for them.

Before meeting Xi Ze, Ming Yu never thought that one day he would love a man and his love was so deep that he didn’t want anyone to come between them.

They were selfish and their hearts were small, too small to accommodate another person.

“In that dream, my only regret was that you were already gone when I kissed you.”

“Then in this reality, I will allow you to kiss me now and you will continue to kiss me in our wedding hall.”

The marriage proposal was three years ago and they had been engaged for three years.

Now it was time to get married.

Marriage was no longer important to these two people, but as long as the names Xi Ze and Ming Yu were placed together, it was the best blessing in the world.

『 The world kisses me with pain but I sing a song.

You sing the song to the world and the world promises you a new life. 』

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