Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 237 (END)

Final Extra

Even a dedicated model needed to take holidays.

After working hard for a full three months, one day in April, Ming Xiaoyu just returned home and didn’t have time to take a sip of water before he was whisked away to an island in the tropics.

The sky was blue, the waves were clear and white seagulls glided gently over the blue sea. The salty taste of the sea blew ashore on the sea breeze. The sun was hot but not sinister. It shone warmly on the body and there was a romantic taste in the air.

Since Xi Ze took his lover out on a holiday, he naturally arranged everything. The luggage was packed and the place of accommodation prepared. A secluded island where the two of them were the only people in the world was the best.

Night hadn’t arrived yet. There were no fluctuations on Mr. Xi’s handsome face but currents were surging in his heart.

A smooth white beach, uh, beach play √

A spacious and clear pool, well, pool play √

The blue sky, the ocean breeze, the empty island, a couple who loved each other…

No, he was getting a nosebleed! o(*≧▽≦)ツ!!!

From the moment he set foot on the small island, Mr. Xi’s brain theatre began. Ming Xiaoyu had been with this man for many years but he hadn’t completed the mind-reading technique. Therefore, he didn’t think too much as he started to unpack his things.

“You didn’t say hello this time but I don’t blame you. This place is really beautiful. You should’ve time me earlier so I could prepare properly. Ding Bo’s packing has some things missing but it isn’t a big problem.”

Xi Ze hummed and looked forward to the upcoming night.

Ming Yu spent the morning unpacking his things and then in the afternoon, the two of them went to the beach to play. Xi Ze could swim but he didn’t like water. Therefore, he just lay on the beach and bask in the sun. Ming Yu ridiculed him as a ‘dry duck.’

Was Mr. Xi a dry duck?

Mr Xi: Wait for the pool play in the evening. Then he would personally tell the answer to Small Mushroom.

Xi Ze calculated thousands of things and thought he took everything into account. He didn’t think that as the sky was darkening and the two of them started heading back, a yacht roared on the sea and stopped 10 metres away from the two.

Ming Xiaoyu, “……”

Xi Ze, “……”

A pair of slender legs, sexy hair and a skinny body emerged from the yacht. When Du Ruo suddenly appeared here, Ming Yu was stunned and stared at Xi Ze with surprise.

But he didn’t have to wait long for an answer as a familiar figure appeared on the yacht.

He Chaoman looked at Ming Yu and Xi Ze with amazement. “How are you here?”

Xi Ze’s lips thinned and his eyebrows raised, a very cold wind blowing from him. “How are you here?”

This so-called wise man was at a loss!

Xi Ze chose an uninhabited island under his name and thought they would be able to live in a world with just the two of them. He didn’t expect that He Chaoman would unexpectedly choose this small island when going on vacation with Du Ruo!

This island might be under Xi Ze’s name but half a year ago, it still belonged to his body. As someone who hardly ever left her house, He Chaoman didn’t know that this island now belonged to Xi Ze. Du Ruo came to her for a holiday and said she hoped to experience the scenery of a tropical beach. Therefore, He Chaoman first thought about this place.

Deep in the night, the two men and two women sat by a fire and roasted meat.

The fire shook due to the sea breeze and the sound of the meat roasting filled the air. Spicy powder and salt were sprinkled on the pieces of meat. The spicy and tempting smell filled the air.

Ming Yu flipped the piece of meat while Xi Ze remained silent with a cold expression. He Chaoman was playing with her phone while Du Ruo touched her arm, feeling that the temperature here was lower than Huaxia.

Once the meat was ready, Ming Yu opened his mouth and broke the silence. However, Xi Ze still had a ‘you owe me 5 million’ expression on his face. MINg Xiaoyu knew that this man was releasing air-conditioning again.

The evening Mr. Xi hoped for had arrived but Mr. Xi was full of anger.

After eating the meat, Xi Ze said solemnly to He Chaoman, “Little aunt, you will leave tomorrow.”

He Chaoman was shaken by the words ‘little aunt’ but then unexpectedly said, “Why should we leave? Big nephew, you have to respect the old and love the young. I am your elder and you should respect me. I am also younger than you and you should love the young. A holiday is to relax and it will be lively with more people.”

Xi Ze’s face darkened as he whispered, “Really?”

The dangerous atmosphere instantly spread out, causing He Chaoman to gulp and finally surrender. “Adenes is so annoying. Recently, she has stayed in Huaxia for a long time and is always har…. cough, always harassing me. I’m hiding from her. I promise, I will absolutely leave in three days.”

Ming Yu probably guessed the reason why Xi Ze was uncomfortable and didn’t have any further exchanges with He Chaoman and Du Ruo. Instead, he turned around and comforted his lover. “It is good for everyone to play together. We can be alone after they are gone so don’t care about this time.”

Xi Ze’s depressed mood was somewhat alleviated when he heard Ming Yu’s low voice.

His expression didn’t change this evening but his heart had long been depressed. After pushing down his mushroom, Ming Yu counterattacked and Xi Ze was pressed under his body. The two of them kissed on the sofa for a long time and finally moved to the bed.

A moment before the battle, Xi Ze suddenly stopped moving and turned to look at the door. He coughed softly and there was an echo from outside the house before there was the sound of someone fleeing.

Then Xi Ze turned back around and gently entered his lover.

They already broke the world of the two people and now they wanted to listen? Weren’t they afraid?

Once the fierce sex ended, Xi Ze lightly held his naked mushroom and gently kneaded the soft arm while whispering, “This time is just a short thing. Once you have a bit more time, we will travel around the world.”

As soon as he heard this, Ming Yu’s sleepiness suddenly disappeared.

He turned over in amazement and asked, “What do you mean by travelling around the world?”

Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed and he smiled. “I mean it literally.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

After a moment, he couldn’t help saying, “Don’t tell me that you mean for us to travel around the world someday? Travelling around the world isn’t a problem but the time is important. Are you sure you have time?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “If you have the time, I will have time.”

This time, Xi Ze didn’t wait for Ming Xiaoyu to reply as he gently hugged and whispered to Ming Yu, “After marriage, we haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet. The next time it will be just the two of us, with no other people and we will go everywhere.”

“Let me think about it.”

Xi Ze asked, “…You still have to think about it?”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered. “If you make me a delicious table of food tomorrow, I will seriously consider it.”

Xi Ze’s lips thinned and his expression darkened. “I don’t cook for others.

Ming Yu was stunned’ That is Sister Du and your little aunt.”

“They aren’t my lover. I have no need to feed them.”

“Your behaviour right now reminds me of a saying. The woman… cough, the man who wants to control another man must first win over his stomach.”

“You are the one who married me, my little wife.”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered. “You forced me!”

Xi Ze smiled. “It is because you looked very beautiful in that wedding dress.”

“Oh, get lost.”

Ming Yu kicked at Xi Ze’s body. However, the size of the bed was large enough for two big men to lie on. How could such large movement be accepted? Ming Yu just raised his leg when Xi Ze grabbed it, stopping him from moving.

Ming Yu hadn’t been able to respond when Xi Ze’s fingers rubbed him.

Was there really something in the world like a pure chat under the blankets?

It was just time for recharge!

Mr. Xi had raised his energy and now it was time to show it off.

Soon there was the sound of the headboard moving and Ming Yu cursing, “What is this posture? My waist is going to break. Get lost!” and Xi Ze replying, “Good, this is deeper.” Perhaps it was to make up for the beach play, the pool play and all types of plays. This time, Xi Ze was at full strength and did some actions that really made Ming Xiaoyu blush.

This time, there was a low groan and Ming Yu muttered, “I want to cut you.”

But this type of condemnation was just flirting for Mr. X and made him move harder.

It was only two times but Ming Yu was so tired that he lay limply on the bed.

Even so, Mr. Xi was still energetic and wanted to tease. Once he came again the third time, Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes reddened and he scolded the sky. “I am only 22 years old! Why do I feel that a 30 year old is more energetic than I am?”

The seven year older Xi Ze’s face darkened before he laughed. “A 30 year old man is as fierce as a tiger.”

This evening, Ming Yu was helpless under this uncontrolled tiger.

Three days later, to He Chaoman’s regret and Du Ruo’s helplessness, the two of them looked at Xi Ze’s cold face and finally left with disappointment.

Once he saw the two beauties leaving, Ming Yu sighed emotionally. “It is really incomprehensible. A holiday with two beauties, how many people would dream of…”

The man’s overbearing hot breath suddenly filled his mouth, causing Ming Yu to respond enthusiastically. Standing on the sandy beach, Ming Yu was suddenly pulled to Xi Ze’s body and started to counterattack. But this behaviour only caused Xi Ze to be stunned for a moment before he held the youth’s head with one hand and used his height advantage to fiercely kiss Ming Yu.

The height difference of 7 cm meant Ming Yu had to raise his head to kiss his lover.

This caused Ming Yu’s resistance to disappear more and more. Once the kiss was over, a strand of silver was at the corner of their lips and Ming Yu’s lips were bright red and full.

“You have been working all your life and don’t know how to rest well.”

The man’s low voice caused Ming Yu to look up at him with astonishment.

“No one can be sure if a sickness is related to fatigue but you are pushing yourself too hard, I don’t like it.”

Ming Yu laughed. “You are saying this to me? Who was the one who abruptly fell unconscious?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the youth’s teasing and continued, “I will let you rest well in the future.”

“Hey, is it really no problem?”

“If I say there is no problem then it is no problem.”

“How can you be so shameless? I will divorce you.”

“Do you really want a divorce?”

Xi Ze’s suddenly serious words made Ming Yu stunned. After a moment, he whispered, “Mr. Xi, I’ve thought about it carefully. I am in the prime of my life while you are old. I am getting the short end of the straw.”

Xi Ze thoughtfully hummed. He didn’t wait for Ming Yu’s response when he suddenly picked up the youth.

In the face of Ming Yu’s startled expression, Xi Ze solemnly stated, “In order to avoid being unable to satisfy my lover, I have decided to do my job seriously starting from today. I can’t let my lover suffer.”

“Hey, what do you mean by this?”

Xi Ze mused, “There is a nice pool behind the house.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…That isn’t what I meant.”

Xi Ze sighed. “I had good scripts but the lack of external conditions meant they couldn’t be acted out. This is a great opportunity to train your acting skills. I will sacrifice myself and act out the scene with you.”

“Get out of here!!”

He said this but Ming Yu didn’t mean to struggle at all. Instead, his eyes rolled as he started to recall a possible script. From what he recalled, the script was adapted from the fairy tale the Little Mermaid…

The more he remembered, the better he felt.

Ming Yu’s eyes narrowed and he licked his lips. His behaviour was seen by Xi Ze and he understood that his mushroom liked it.

How many years had they been unable to act out this script? To be able to play again, it was amazing!

Needless to say, the two of them rushed off the beach and headed to the pool behind the house. But this time, Xi Ze was just about to leave the beach when he heard a familiar sound from behind him. Xi Ze and Ming Yu stiffened and the two people turned back to look.

They saw a speedboat splitting apart the waves on the sea.

A handsome man stood on the bow and waved his hands. By his side, a gentle-looking man was looking down at the map, his hand holding the excited man’s clothes so that he didn’t fall out the boat.

Luo Cheng, “Hey Ming Yu! You’re here! Let’s go on holiday together!”

Xi Ze and Ming Yu, “…(/= _ =)/~┴┴!!”

What type of grudges did God have against them?!!

TL: This is the official end of the story between Xi Ze and Ming Yu. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I will miss our favourite black-bellied couple.

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