Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 11 - Buy a House to Raise Dogs

Chapter 11: Buy a House to Raise Dogs

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“Yep. I noticed that these estates were quite cheap. It also allows me to squander at the same time.” There was a saying: the more one said, the more mistakes one could make. Therefore, Hong Dali didn’t dare to explain in detail. It was better just to let others think of him as a prodigal like before so that no one would be suspicious of him.

There were a few seconds of silence before his father said, “Dali, is it because you are interested in real estate now? But the area around the Ye Lai Xiang nightclub doesn’t have any economic value. The potential growth of the value of the estates there is very little.”

“I know that,” Hong Dali answered naturally. “I wouldn’t have bought them if there were potential for growth in their value. After all, my main purpose is only to squander. But I didn’t squander enough this time. According to the market price, I only squandered about two million yuan or so.”

“Oh? You mean to say that the estates that you bought for 30 million yuan are actually worth about 28 million yuan?” This time, it was his father’s turn to be surprised. Although Hong Dali liked to squander frequently, it was rare that he was actually aware of the value of things. Out of the 30 million yuan used to purchase the estates, the amount that had truly been squandered was only two million? Could it be that this child was really interested in playing in real estate?

“The actual figure is 33 million yuan, out of which I squandered about three million yuan.” Hong Dali laughingly said. “How is it, is it all right? I have important reasons for buying these estates!”

Hong Dali’s father went silent for a few seconds before asking, “Then, Dali, what are planning to do, buying so many estates? Can you let me know?”

That was a problem. What could he do with so many estates? Speculate? Even though he did have some intention of doing that, that wasn’t what a proper prodigal should say. Fortunately, Hong Dali was always fast with his brain. He answered decisively, “To raise dogs! I am going to raise one big dog in each room. I am going to raise tens of them, hundreds of them! I will raise all the different kinds of branded dogs. In the future, this place will be the biggest distribution center for cats and dogs in this city! I want the dogs here to be able to circle the world three times when they are joined together!”

“My heart…” From the other side of the phone came a “bam” sound again. Hong Dali’s father almost couldn’t catch his breath. This rascal really angered him. He spent 30 million yuan on estates just for the purpose of raising dogs!? What kind of dogs were so precious that they needed to be raised this way!

Tang Muxin was seated beside Hong Dali. When she heard this, she almost passed out. She had seen people squander before, but never to this extent. He was just finding different ways to squander!

The unfriendly brother’s eyes were raging with jealousy.

What right does he have? What right does he have to have such a pair of parents who are rich and let him have his way when I am much better than him in every aspect!

In the past, he sold himself out just to earn a million yuan. But this prodigal squandered a few million yuan without even blinking an eye. What was even more frustrating was that not only did his parents not scold or hit him, they even supported him!

This totally caused one’s sense of logic to be shattered to pieces, didn’t it?

It was fortunate for Hong Dali that his family’s money reserves were so massive that the figure practically skyrocketed. His parents discussed softly on the other side of the phone, after which his mother said, “Dali, if you like, you can just keep them. Since they are fixed assets anyway, the actual amount squandered isn’t a lot. However, Dali, are you really interested in real estate? You are not serious about using them for raising dogs, are you? They are not of much use if you raise too many of them.”

What Hong Dali had said about raising dogs had actually just been an excuse he’d made up on the spot. Now that it was obvious that his parents had agreed, there was no need to go around the bushes anymore. “Speaking of which, I truly think that buying estates is quite interesting. Not only can I squander, but I can increase my territory too. I’ve even been thinking of buying this entire district. If that happened, I would become the boss here and could squander in whatever way I wanted to! I could hire a few hundred lackeys and come here to walk the dogs with my lackeys. If I were to see anyone not to my liking, I would just set the dogs on them!”

Look at the ambition of this little rascal! Hong Dali’s mother listened ludicrously, then turned around and asked her husband, “My husband, I never thought that our Dali had this kind of ambition. Haha, what do you think of it?”

Hong Dali’s father stroked his beard and said, “Although our family is involved in quite a few industries, we have never been involved in real estate before. Dali’s words just now reminded me. Why not let him have his way and buy all the land in that district? Since it’s a fixed asset, it can’t be considered making a loss. What do you say?”

Hong Dali’s mother said, “The issue is… your fourth brother’s son, Hong Anbao. Doesn’t he have some estates in that district too? Speaking of which, I seem to remember that his estates were valued at about 25 million yuan altogether. If we include the 8 million yuan used to purchase the nightclub, which we heard about earlier, added to the fact that Hong Anbao is currently inside there also, do you think that the estates that Dali has taken over are those that originally belonged to Hong Anbao?”

Hong Dali’s father nodded and smiled as he said, “From the looks of it, that’s probably the case. This little rascal, he actually did something right even though he didn’t mean it. If we don’t need to consider the estates under Hong Anbao, it will be much easier to acquire the rest of the land there. Since Dali is willing to play in this, then we might as well let him play happily.”

Since they had already decided, without much ado, Hong Dali’s mother said to Hong Dali over the phone, “Dali, if you are willing to take over those estates, then just keep them. Just do whatever you feel like doing. If you are willing to raise dogs, then just use them to raise dogs.”

Looks like it’s settled then! Satisfied, Hong Dali said, “OK, I got it. I will be hanging up now.” After hanging up the phone, other than feeling happy, Hong Dali also felt very touched. This pair of parents, they were too good to him. They were good to the extent that he couldn’t find a single flaw in them. It was really fortunate that he had been able to meet them.

Taking in a few deep breaths, Hong Dali sat down again, smiled, and said, “OK, older brother, I have settled things with my family. Let us sign the contract now. As for the other procedures and whatnot, let the lawyers slowly handle them next time.”

Hong Anbao had been waiting for Hong Dali to say just this. Hearing that Hong Dali had settled everything, Hong Anbao immediately asked one of his underlings to take out the contract. The two of them then signed and put their thumbprints on it.

After everything was done, Hong Anbao wasn’t willing to stay any longer. He took the contract and left without saying another word. When they exited the nightclub, Hong Anbao laughed loudly and said, “Aha ha ha ha! I finally managed to sell these burdens away! That’s an entire 25 million yuan! With this capital, my family’s cash flow can finally turn around! Ha ha ha ha! This prodigal Hong Dali, he is really my lucky star!”

His bodyguards, who were beside him, immediately buttered him up. “Young Master is truly magnificent!”

“Ha ha ha, buying estates to raise dogs? I give my thumbs up to him for thinking of such an idea!” Hong Anbao proudly boarded the car. While he was walking, he laughed. “Completing this deal will boost my family’s business profits by at least three percent. The Hong family’s gathering is just another two months away. This time, I will be able to walk with my head held high! When that time comes, Hong Dali’s expression will definitely be quite marvelous! Ha ha ha ha!”

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