Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 10 - To Squander on a Large Scale!

Chapter 10: To Squander on a Large Scale!

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“It is just a simple matter.” The young man gave his bodyguards a look and they immediately cleared an empty and quiet space around them. The young man smiled and said, “When I arrived, I overheard people saying that you bought this entire nightclub?”

“That’s right. Why, were you planning to buy this place?” Hong Dali didn’t show any respect toward this young man. He dropped onto the sofa and arrogantly placed his feet up on the tea table, showing off how prodigal he was. “If you want this place, just say it. I will sell it to you. We are a family, after all, so this is no big deal.” His mission was already completed anyway. If this guy were willing to buy this nightclub, Hong Dali definitely wouldn’t mind earning an extra one or two million.

The young man gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “Ha ha ha, Dali, you must be joking. My capability isn’t as great as yours. My actual intention in coming here and finding you today is to sell a few apartments and shops nearby. What do you think? It is very close to this place, and the space is quite large. The price is also very reasonable. Why not consider buying them too?”

Hong Dali stuck out his pinky and arrogantly dug into his nose. “Yep, sounds quite interesting. Let me see what’s there.”

The young man gave one of his bodyguards a look. The bodyguard instantly took out two documents and placed them in front of Hong Dali. The documents contained a lot of information, including the specific location, land area, number of floors, and so on. Hong Dali looked through slowly. “Yep, one internet cafe and a snooker hall in the vicinity, each one 400 square meters. Three individual restaurants with a total area of 6,300 square meters. Two guest houses with a total area of 1,100 square meters. Forty-eight residential apartments with a total area of 5,200 square meters.”

After looking through everything, Hong Dali lightly flicked the document in his hand. “My older brother, I am quite surprised at the amount of stuff you have. Why, are you planning to let me buy all of this good stuff?”

Hearing that Hong Dali understood his intentions, the young man got immediately nervous. “How is it, my ‘good younger brother’? These estates are what I have built up over these years. Since you have an interest in buying property today, why not buy these too? Since you want to squander, then you should do so on a larger scale, don’t you agree?”

“Yep, these words are pleasing to my ears. You definitely know me well, my older brother.” Hong Dali laughed loudly. “State a price and let me consider. If it’s reasonable, I will buy it all. How does that sound?”

By his side, Tang Muxin was absolutely clueless as to what Hong Dali was thinking. This young man obviously didn’t harbor any good intentions. Why did Hong Dali still want to collaborate with him? Furthermore, all those estates added up would cost a very large sum. But she could not understand Hong Dali’s current squandering behavior, so she figured she might as well just keep quiet and wait for the results.

Even though Hong Dali’s parents doted on him to a great extent, it was unlikely that they would fork out the money for Hong Dali so easily. After all, those estates should cost 20 to 30 million yuan in total.

Indeed, the young man only hesitated slightly before stating his ideal price. “The total price is 35 million yuan. How is that, my good younger brother? Do you plan on buying everything? Throughout all these years, you haven’t squandered on such a large scale yet, have you?”

“Yep, this is more interesting. I like it.” Hong Dali touched his chin, calculating in his heart. These estates definitely don’t cost this much in this world, but what he said is true. If I buy everything, will my attribute points not increase to the limit? But the problem is how to buy all of them with my own money. If my money isn’t enough, will the money spent through my family still count toward my squandering value? This is a very serious issue.

To conclude, he shouldn’t think so much yet. Although Hong Dali squandered—and also wanted to squander—he couldn’t possibly pretend to be a sucker in front of this guy, could he? Snapping his fingers, Hong Dali smiled and said, “Xiaoyi, help me calculate how much this stuff is worth.”

“OK, Young Master.” Ling Xiaoyi took the document and calculated one by one. “The nearby internet cafes and snooker halls have always been doing poorly. Basically, they are either struggling to break even or are making a loss. Therefore, their total area of 800 square meters can only be valued at a rate of 2,200 yuan per square meter. The three restaurants are doing slightly better, but not by much. Their rate should be around 2,500 yuan per square meter. Next, are the two guesthouses. Their performance is even worse. Each square meter can only be valued at about 2,000 yuan. As for the 48 residential apartments, each square meter is worth at most 800 yuan or so.

“So adding everything up,” Ling Xiaoyi suddenly took out a calculator, which no one knew where she had found. “The internet cafe and snooker hall are worth 1,760,000 yuan in total. The three restaurants are worth 15,750,000 yuan in total. The two guest houses are worth 2,200,000 yuan in total. Last is the 48 residential apartments, worth a total of 4,160,000 yuan. Adding up everything…” A rapid tapping sound could be heard, after which Xiaoyi gave the conclusion: “The total value is 23,870,000 yuan.”

The young man was astonished. When she finished calculating, he unwittingly asked, “This… this lady, which immortal realm did you descend from? How did you calculate so accurately!?” How could he not be shocked? The value that Ling Xiaoyi had calculated only differed from what had been calculated by those asset valuation experts by 100,000 or so, maybe even slightly less than that.

“I am from Tianjing University, and I studied finance.” Ling Xiaoyi gave a shy smile. “I am now working for Young Master Dali.”

That was unexpected. Hong Dali had never expected to have such good luck today. His prodigal ways had actually allowed him to meet with such a talent! Hong Dali laughed loudly. “Xiaoyi, your valuation is really good. I shall reward you greatly. I will give you another 5,000 yuan tip later!”

Ling Xiaoyi smiled and said, “Thank you for your reward, Young Master.”

“OK, back to business.” Hong Dali looked at this brother of his, who he didn’t know. “I shall offer you 25 million. What do you think of this price, my older brother?”

Although the young man hadn’t managed to hoax Hong Dali into accepting the price of 35 million yuan, 25 million yuan was within his acceptable range. The young man thought it over for a moment, then clenched his teeth and said, “All right! This price will do. Dali, shall we sign the contract now?” The estates in this area weren’t of any value to him, yet it would be a waste to just cast them aside. They were a burden to him, but no one was willing to buy them even though he wanted to sell them. Now that this prodigal Hong Dali planned to buy everything, there was no need to consider any further.

To be honest, Hong Dali wanted to sign the contract directly now, but the amount of money involved this time was too large. In this world, 25 million was a sky-high figure. Although his parents doted on him, he wasn’t confident that he could decide such a big matter by himself. Hong Dali thought it over and suddenly called out to the driver. “Driver, did you bring the phone? Call the villa. I need to ask for permission to sign this contract.”

The driver hurriedly took out the phone and quickly called through. Hong Dali took the phone and said, “Hello, it’s…”

Before he could finish his sentence, on the other side of the phone, his mother’s voice sounded, “Ah, it’s Dali. What’s the matter? Is it that the money isn’t enough?”

Hong Dali thought for a while, twitched his nose, and said, “Yes, it’s not enough. I’ve made two business transactions. The shortfall is rather large…”

“Oh, our Dali already knows how to do business?” His mother said in surprise. “What kind of business did you do? Quick, tell me. Good gracious, our Dali has really grown up this time. You even know how to do business now.”

“I only purchased some estates…” Hong Dali sniffed his nose. “In total, it cost about 30 million yuan…”

When he finished, the phone on the other side dropped to the floor with a “bam.” After a long while, his father’s voice sounded loudly from the phone. “You rascal, what was the value you said just now? Thirty… thirty million yuan!?”

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