Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1313 - Fallen

Chapter 1313: Fallen

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Currently, in space, the various Gods had surrounded the Plague Master, preparing to beat him up.

It must be said that the Goddess of Wisdom was right, the Plague Master was indeed very disliked.

This wasn’t a surprise. Humans could become friends with orcs and robots, even elemental beings, but there hadn’t been any cases of humans being friends with viruses. The occasional times when this happened were the zombies that we were all familiar with—and obviously, those humans that become zombies had to be exterminated…

“Humph, the Godly Essence of our Princess isn’t something a disgusting person like you can covet!” The fire elemental Ladi Rhodes.Hellfire waved his hammer, his voice resonating even through space. “For the sake that you’re a Dimension Master like us, we can give you a chance to live. Hurry up and scram from this dimension. If not, don’t blame us for not showing mercy!”

The other Gods from Esolil all tightened their grips on their weapons too.

Actually, it wasn’t strange that so many Gods were born on this continent. This was actually very normal—this continent was very unique, it was one of the earliest planets in the endless dimensions that had intellectual beings born in it. After billions of years of evolving, it was normal for these beings to become very powerful. Therefore, their tone was filled with endless pride. More importantly, they would all team up together and were very friendly to the Gods born on their continent too.

“Hahaha, so what? I can promise that I won’t attack anymore. However…” The Plague Master humphed and said, “The Goddess of Wisdom is one of the highest Gods in the universe, her Godly Essence has endless power! Even if I can stop, what about the others. The Gods from Esolil are very united, but the other Gods may not care about you guys.”

As he spoke up to this point, his body instantly faded into nothingness, leaving behind the words: “Hahaha, you guys have fun. I shall make a move first. See you guys later.”

After he said this, he very quickly disappeared.

Hong Dali and the rest were watching this from the holographic projection. Upon seeing this, Hong Dali suddenly directly summoned the Dimension Door and said, “Oh no. Everyone, quick, enter now, all of you!”

The others were all curious about his action, but they knew that he was always very smart and naturally had his reason for doing this. Therefore, the weaker ones amongst them instantly entered the Dimension Door without another word while Tang Zhen, Jiang Shili, Hong Xingyu, and the more powerful ones protected their retreat, preventing any accident from happening.

They had already planned beforehand, so the retreat proceeded very quickly. In less than two minutes, most of the important members of the Hong Family had already gone in, and only Tang Zhen and the other more powerful ones were guarding outside.

Yet, just at this moment, the space above Prison Star distorted, and the sky was covered by swirling dark clouds. Then, a ray of light shone down from within the dark clouds, and very quickly, a fellow with three pairs of wings slowly descended. The man was wearing a white gauze dress, wearing simple golden rope leggings on his feet and holding a longsword in his hand. “Hello, everyone. Long time no see. Hehe, Miss Goddess is here too, looks like I’m in time…”

It was actually the Dimension Master of this dimension!

But this time, his wings were different. Last time, his wings were golden in color, but now, they had turned black!

He had fallen!

The Goddess of Wisdom stared at him coldly and said in a deep voice, “Kyle, you actually betrayed me!”

“Hahahaha!” Then, just at this moment, a burst of very ugly laughter sounded and a few meters tall fatty slowly appeared in front of them. “Honorable Goddess, Oracle Lakdanath is here to report to you, hahahaha!”

Oracle Lakdanath! Seeing this fellow appear, Hong Dali instantly understood everything.

It was no wonder he had a faint feeling of unease just now. Now that he thought of this, the source of unease was the Oracle and the Dimension Master of this dimension!

In the battlefield at Shenglong Astral, so many Dimension Masters and Gods came, but this birdman didn’t! This explained why he appeared here now.

“Lakdanath, looks like you purposely informed the Plague Master in order to lure the other Gods here, right?” The Goddess of Wisdom instantly saw through his plan and said, “Those people will definitely break out in a fight to fight for my Godly Essence. Then, you two directly came here during the chaos using this opportunity to snatch the Godly Essence, am I right? I only didn’t expect that you will betray me, Kyle.”

“As expected of the Goddess, nothing can be hidden from you.” Lakdanath proudly said, “You’re right, your Godly Essence is one of the highest Godly Essences in the entire universe. As long as we obtain your Godly Essence, the entire universe is within our grasp. Don’t you agree that this is a very heavy temptation? Hehe, as for me, my request is actually very simple. After we snatch your Godly Essence, it’s enough as long as I can be rewarded with a low-level Dimension Master-level Godly Essence. You see, isn’t this a perfect ending for everyone?”

Hearing this, Hong Dali had to admit that what he said indeed had a high chance of success.

Once they snatched the Goddess of Wisdom’s Godly Essence and Kyle evolved into the Supreme God, Lakdanath would naturally obtain a reward. As for Hong Dali’s and the others’ lives, who cared? Under the Gods’ war, who would care about such a minor thing?

“Your name is Kyle?” Tang Zhen looked at the slowly descending Kyle and gave an excited smile. “We didn’t finish our fight last time. These few days, my mood was quite good and I felt that I have improved. Why don’t we continue our fight?”

“Heh, you’re indeed very strong. Last time, although you were mostly defending, I indeed didn’t manage to defeat you.” Kyle looked at Tang Zhen and nodded insipidly, then said, “However, my target this time isn’t you. Therefore, I really don’t have time to waste with you.”

Saying this, Kyle’s body transformed into a stream of light and stabbed towards the Goddess of Wisdom with his sword!

However, although he was indeed powerful, he hadn’t reached the level of Gods, after all. Tang Zhen’s body slightly swayed and appeared behind Kyle in the blink of an eye, pointing towards his back with a finger.

This finger seemed to have pierced through space itself. If Kyle was hit, he would definitely temporarily lose his ability to fight—the consequence of space displacement wasn’t a joke.

“What are you waiting for!” Seeing that he couldn’t avoid Tang Zhen, Kyle instantly shouted towards Lakdanath, “Act according to the plan!”

“Hahahaha, understood!” Lakdanath laughed loudly and pounced towards the Goddess of Wisdom.

The situation was very clear now. Those with low battle power on Hong Dali’s side had already been transferred into the Dimension Door. But at this side, Hong Dali and the rest were being dragged behind by Lakdanath and Kyle and could only engage in battle with them for now. It was impossible for them to run—once Hong Dali entered the Dimension Door, the door would close and those still outside could only wait for death.

“Alright, you forced me to do this.” Hong Dali stared at Lakdanath and golden light suddenly flashed from his body. “Come on, then. Since you wish to fight, then let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

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