Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1314 - The God of Evil Descends

Chapter 1314: The God of Evil Descends

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Star Knight transformation plus Second Gear! The battle power of the current Hong Dali had exceeded 200 million. After all, this was practically the last battle, it would be stupid to reserve any power at this moment.

Not only this, but the Golden Emperor Beetle resting in space also lifted its head and gave an angry roar!

“ROARRR—!!!” With this roar, the Golden Emperor Beetle’s body shrunk rapidly and became less than 10,000 kilometers small. After shrinking, the Golden Emperor Beetle’s battle power didn’t increase and instead decreased. At the same time, most of the energy stored in its body was transferred to Hong Dali! After all, when fighting on a planet like Prison Star, there wasn’t much help the Golden Emperor Beetle could give, but energy transfer was one of the few useful skills usable.

“Young Master, catch!” At the same time, Demon King Zero’s entire body started changing. His body was discovered in the remains of Esolil and contained a very large amount of energy. It was able to transform into anything. Seeing that Hong Dali was going to fight now, Zero transformed his body into a super-powerful blade! Demon Blade!

“Hahaha! Good!” Catching the Demon Blade, Hong Dali roared and charged towards Lakdanath.

“BOOM—!!!” A terrifying burst of energy erupted from their contact point and blasted a large hole on the surface of the planet. The surrounding metallic buildings were blown away by this energy burst too. Its power was really terrifying.

“Miss Goddess, be careful!” The Goddess of Wisdom was having trouble protecting herself. Hong Dali’s lackeys were in charge of her safety and surrounded her, trying their best to shield her from the violent energy blasts.

However, facing such a situation, the Goddess of Wisdom wasn’t afraid at all and only just stared at the two battlefields with her lips tightly pursed together, not sure what she was thinking.

“Hahahaha, Hong Dali, you’re indeed quite capable.” Lakdanath laughed loudly. Although he looked like a fatty, he was an Oracle, after all. There was a limit to how weak he could be. When battling against Hong Dali, he actually didn’t lose out at all!

“You actually dare to lay ideas on my wife, I shall fight to the death with you!” Hong Dali didn’t relax at all. With the Demon Blade in his hand and golden light flowing on his body, his battle power had infinitely reached the level of the Dimension Master. Although Lakdanath was indeed very powerful, when facing Hong Dali who was fighting with his life, momentarily, Lakdanath was unable to do anything and could only dodge.

“Dali…” Seeing this, the Goddess of Wisdom’s tightly clenched her fists. She was very worried now. She didn’t felt this last time, but seeing Hong fighting with his life to protect her, this action touched her from the bottom of her heart.

Her Godly Essence was sealed and might be stolen at any moment.

The enemies were unprecedentedly powerful, the Dimension Master Kyle and the Oracle Lakdanath. Also, with the Goddess of Wisdom’s calculation, they probably still had an ally.

In order words, the current her couldn’t be addressed as a God, but instead a disaster. As long as she was alive, the fighting would not end.

But Hong Dali and all of his family and friends didn’t have any resentment. All of them thought of only one thing—fight with their life for the Young Master! Even if they had to sacrifice their lives to do so!

“This is what humans’ emotions are?” The Goddess of Wisdom looked at them fighting non-stop and muttered, “Very sincere and also very warm…” She was deeply touched. To her, the people she interacted with were practically all Gods of the highest levels. But between Gods, there were rarely any sincere feelings between them.

They have lived for way too long, so long that their emotions have became numbed.

“BOOM!” Just as she was thinking of this, Lakdanath and Hong Dali clashed together again. Lakdanath floated in the sky and shouted, “Hey, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and come out! If not, our plan is going to fail!”

“You useless trash, you can’t even handle a mere Devil’s Chosen One!” A deep and sinister voice came from the sky. Then, a dark vortex formed, and countless lightning shot down, shaking the ground as if doomsday had come.

Very quickly, a person descended. It was a God wearing black armor. He held a spear and was surprisingly handsome. Following his appearance, the air in Prison Star seemed to have turned sticky too.

“The God of Evil, Ryan Sare Mzdios!” Upon seeing him, the Goddess of Wisdom’s frowned eyebrows finally relaxed. “As expected, you came. I knew that being Sunlurodi Nelakusta’s ally, you won’t miss out on this.”

The God of Evil, Ryan Sare Mzdios!

He was the Devil God Sunlurodi Nelakusta’s ally, the two of them had been close friends since ancient times. Now that the Goddess of Wisdom’s Godly Essence was sealed, how could he not appear?

“Hehe, Princess, you’re as clever always.” The God of Evil laughed and Lakdanath hurried to his side, taking credit for himself. “Your Majesty, everything is going according to plan, is my mission considered completed?”

Kyle was shocked and angrily said, “Lakdanath, you actually colluded with the God of Evil behind my back!”

“Hehehehe.” Lakdanath laughed proudly and said, “Of course. You moron, I knew that your power is at most on par with Tang Zhen. Do you think we will succeed if I depended on you to snatch the Godly Essence? Therefore, I contacted the Plague Master to divert away firepower and contacted you to lead the fight. But the true protagonist is the God of Evil, hahahaha!”

“Lakdanath, you betrayed me!” Kyle was furious and didn’t even care about Tang Zhen anymore, charging towards Lakdanath.

Yet, just as he was halfway there, the God of Evil raised his spear and directly pierced through Kyle’s body!

“You have already lost your usefulness. I’m sorry.” The God of Evil laughed and sent out a burst of his Godly power, disintegrating Kyle’s body completely. The God of Evil softly said, “Farewell, moron.”

This change of situation caused everyone to be completely astonished. But unexpectedly, after killing Kyle with one move, the God of Evil turned his spear and pierced a hole in Lakdanath’s body!

“Your Majesty, you… you…” Lakdanath couldn’t believe this. His supposed ally actually killed him! How was this possible!? The God of Evil was a God! How could the God of Evil turn back on his promise!?

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