Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1316 (END) - The Grandest Wedding in History

Chapter 1316: The Grandest Wedding in History

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In the vast universe, on the seed of life, Esolil Continent.

This place had originally become a barren continent, like a desert. And now, it was covered in greenery, birds flew around, flowers bloomed, and rivers flowed. All kinds of beautiful birds on the sky and those running on the ground were all the most good-looking animals.

And at the center of this continent was a huge palace. The palace was high, even higher than the clouds, and the entire palace radiated a holy light. This was practically the pearl of this world, the most beautiful thing in existence.

This was the most famous place in Esolil, even in the entire dimension.

Its name was called the Palace of Gods!

And now, in this Palace of Gods, a grand wedding was in progress!

Hong Dali wore a suit and stood at the entrance of the palace. Each time a person came, he would need to go and greet the person. “Oh my, you’re here. Please, go in and take a seat. How may I address you?”

“The Moon Goddess, Beankusana.” The comer was a woman, or rather, a female God. “Is the Princess inside? You really gained, the Princess has been single for more than 10 billion years—take it, a present for your son.” Saying so, she stuffed a small necklace into Hong Dali’s hand.

“This… This necklace, it must be very valuable, right?” Hong Dali looked at the necklace in his hand and said, “Is it really good to give this to my child?”

“Rest assured. This one’s power isn’t very large. If fully released, it can at most destroy a galaxy.” As she spoke, she walked inside. “I shall go in first, you can continue to busy yourself.”

Hong Dali felt creeps all over his body. “…” Is this thing really suitable to be given to a child!?

Of course, this wasn’t important anymore, because another person arrived. Hong Dali hurriedly welcomed the person. “Oh my, hello hello, please go in. May I know your name…”

“God of Thunder, Serekes Zulu Sidna.” This one was a man with hair that seemed to have been hit by lightning. Or rather, a male God. “Is the Princess inside? I have waited for this day for very long—honestly speaking, I have pursued after the Princess before, but I failed. Instead, you got the benefit. Oh right,” he softly said, “How did the Princess fell in love with you? Can you teach me? Since there isn’t any more hope in pursuing the Princess, the Moon Goddess is not bad too…”

“Ah, about this…” Hong Dali laughed dryly, then lowered his voice and said, “Board the bus first then buy the ticket, you understand what I mean.”

“Really? Is this move useful?” The God of Thunder hurriedly stuffed a ring into Hong Dali’s hand and said, “This Divine Punishment Ring is for your child, I shall go in first…” As he walked in, he muttered, “Board the bus first then buy the ticket, will this really work? What if I can’t defeat her? Won’t that become buying the ticket first then boarding the bus? However… This means to say that either way, I will have boarded the bus. As expected of the man who successfully pursued the Princess, this is indeed a good plan!”

Hong Dali stared in bewilderment. “…”

Then, he played with the ring in his hand. This little thing shouldn’t be weaker than the Moon Goddess’s necklace, right? The level of these people is so high, just any casual item they give is also a hidden danger in the hands of a child…

Just as he was thinking of these, a group of familiar people suddenly appeared in front of Hong Dali. Seeing them, Hong Dali was even more excited than seeing the Gods. “Brouhahaha! Grandpa Mysterious, Uncle Chief, you guys are here!?”

This group of people was the mystery man and a group from Earth!

“Hahaha, how can we not come and participate in this big event.” The mystery man looked around and said, “Sigh, your identity is different now, but you still call me Grandpa Mysterious. I can’t bear this.”

Hong Dali beamed with delight and said, “What does it matter. As long as you are willing to be my Grandpa, then you will forever be my Grandpa, hehe.” Saying so, he greeted the Bureau Chief. “Uncle Chief, how are you doing recently?”

“Good, your Grandpa and I are both doing quite well.” The Bureau Chief was old friends with Hong Dali, even older than the mystery man. He was extremely cordial upon seeing Hong Dali. “We didn’t bring anything valuable today because most things won’t be worth anything to you anymore. In the end, after some thought, we can only give you a video.”

There’s a video!? This is good!

Hong Dali hurriedly asked, “Where is it, where is it? Quick, let me see!”

Someone instantly played the video. In the video, the environment on New Earth was extremely beautiful, all of the big cities had specific shootings. In it, everything was developing very well, and the buildings were being built very quickly too. It could be seen that the people were having a safe and comfortable life there, their faces all looked very happy. Especially the Black Tortoise, Big Turtle, and the little tiger cub, Quentin, they even smiled toward the camera!

The video wasn’t very long, only less than five minutes. However, it was enough to display everything on New Earth. Towards the end of the video, on a large plaza, hundreds of thousands of people looked up towards the sky, towards the camera, and shouted in unison, “The people from Earth congratulates the prodigal, Young Master Dali, for getting newly married!”

Their voices were loud and the scene was extremely spectacular.

Although it didn’t cost much to make such a video, this was more meaningful than the things those Gods gave. Hong Dali was so touched that he almost cried. “My Grandpa is still the best, this is better than anything else! I finally know how everyone is doing now, sob sob sob!”

“Hehe, everything is well on New Earth.” Grandpa Mysterious smiled and said, “Quite a number of older generation people from the Shenglong Royal Families have moved there and are living at the bottom of the mountain of the Tower of Life. Plus the connection to the Goddess, New Earth is something like a district for the wealthy people in the Universe now. You have no idea how much the housing on New Earth costs now, it can practically shock people to death!”

“Really!?” Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. “How much is it per square meter!?”

“We don’t measure in square meters anymore, we measure in square centimeters now…” The Bureau Chief smiled and said, “One square centimeter costs at least 10,000 Shenglong Dollars.”

“What!?” Hong Dali was instantly astonished. “So high!?” One square meter equals 10,000 square centimeters, doesn’t that mean one square meter costs 100 million!?

“Don’t listen to him talk nonsense.” In the end, Grandpa Mysterious was still more reliable. “What he said was exaggerated, but one square meter does cost at least 500,000 Shenglong Dollars or so. For the young people on New Earth now, as long as they have a house, they definitely don’t need to worry about not being able to find a spouse.”

That’s for sure…

All those with houses are very wealthy now…

“Alright, Boss, let’s go in.” At this moment, the Bureau Chief noticed another large group of people coming from behind them. He knew that Hong Dali was in charge of receiving them and hurriedly said, “The bridegroom will be very busy today!”

“Hahaha, yes yes, let’s go in first. There are many Gods here, let’s go bask in some godly lights too!” The mystery man was obviously in quite a good mood as he led the way in.

After they went in, Hong Dali looked at the next group of people excitedly. “Hahaha, Brother Tianzong!”

This group of people all wore white capes, the person in the lead jumped three feet high and ran over upon seeing Hong Dali. Then, the two of them hugged each other. The person was Yin Tianzong!

“Hahaha! Dali, you’re really impressive, able to hook up to such a powerful Goddess.” The two of them had gone through life and death together, Yin Tianzong naturally knew of Hong Dali’s temper. Upon meeting, they were extremely cordial. He laughed and said, “Oh my, impressive, you have even become a God in such a short time!”

“No matter what I become, aren’t I still your Brother Dali.” Hong Dali beamed with delight and said, “How’re things been in the Milky Way recently? Is everyone okay?” These people from Milky Way were different from the other guests, they were all considered to be from his hometown. At this moment, Jiang Dongliu and the others all hurriedly greeted Hong Dali too. Li Tianxing even felt a bit embarrassed and just laughed foolishly.

“We’re all doing great.” Yin Tianzong smiled and said, “With you protecting us, who dares to bully us? The business in the Milky Way is doing great now and resources are abundant too. Quite a number of youngsters benefited too. I just reached Star Sector-level, haha!”

Hong Dali could see that the spirit and vitality of these people had increased tremendously. Their lives were probably quite good now.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Hong Dali smiled and said, “It’s good as long as all of you are having a good life, hehe.” At this moment, Hong Dali saw Jiang Duxing amongst the group and hurriedly walked up to greet him. “Greetings, Uncle.” Then, he hurriedly sucked up to him by saying, “After today, you will become my father-in-law, hehe.”

“Good, good.” Jiang Duxing patted Hong Dali on the shoulder and said, “I shan’t say too much useless words, just don’t bully my Qianxue.”

“Rest assured, I definitely won’t!” Hong Dali scratched his head and said, “Our relationship is quite good, hehe.”

Just as he was talking, a dark shadow loomed in the sky. Hong Dali looked up and saw that the Zergs were here. He knew that Ji Zining’s relationship with the Galaxy Aristocrats wasn’t very good, so he hurriedly said, “Everyone, please go in, please go in. I have another friend coming, hehe.”

Everyone knew that he would be very busy today and instantly went in.

“Little rascal, just now they were the Galaxy Aristocrats, right?” Once Ji Zining landed, she instantly pinched Hong Dali and asked, “You’re afraid that I will fight with them or something?”

“Sister Zining, look at what you are saying.” Hong Dali laughed dryly and said, “Wasn’t I thinking of receiving you alone…”

“Don’t say these useless words, I’m going in.” Ji Zining directly charged inside, but then she suddenly turned around and said, “Oh right, I found another Golden Emperor Beetle during this period. Just nice, it’s female, able to match yours’. I have already brought it here…” Saying so, she went in…

Sweat flooded down Hong Dali’s head.

Next were the Shenglong Royal Families who were on friendly terms with the Hong Family. Then came a number of Gods that he was unfamiliar with. He received a lot of gifts, but he didn’t remember most of their names…

After another while, Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke brought a large group of Chosen Ones plus the students from Divine College. Upon seeing Hong Dali, Gu Feifei heavily patted his shoulder and said, “Work hard, press on! You can be considered to be my superior now!”

What does she mean by that? Hong Dali looked at Cutie Ke, who hurriedly explained, “Sister Feifei is the Dimension Master of this dimension now. You’re the husband of the Goddess of Wisdom, so you’re naturally her superior.”

What the heck, Gu Feifei has become a Dimension Master?

“Congrats, congrats, haha!” Hong Dali hurriedly congratulated her. “You have already become a Dimension Master in such a short time, you have reached the peak of life!”

“Not as high when compared to you.” Gu Feifei humphed, then smiled and said, “Forget it, I shan’t waste time talking crap with you. These Soul Stones were found by me, it’s for your future children—oh right, I remember Sister Nianwei is already eight months into labor, right? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Don’t you think it’s most mysterious when we only know on the day the child is born?” Hong Dali didn’t mind at all and welcomed them in. “Alright, alright, hurry up and go in, hehe.”

Before going in, Cutie Ke didn’t forget to turn around and say, “Brother Dali, don’t forget to bring your child to my place when the child is older. I have already helped you choose over a dozen young dragons, they can become your child’s playmates next time.”

Yup, alright. This time, even the mounts are ready…

After another short while, Sister Green Phoenix and the Seven-Colored Dragon King came too. There was nothing much that was needed to be said for these two. Belonging to the Sacred Beast-type, their presents were both eggs. Basically, after today’s wedding, Hong Dali reckoned that his house could become a zoo already…

After another hour-plus of receiving people, the guests were finally mostly there, and the wedding was about to start.

In the hall, the God of Evil Ryan majestically raised his powerful spear and loudly presided over the wedding. “Mister Hong Dali, are you willing to marry these six brides as your wives?”

Hong Dali: “Yes, I’m willing.”

The God of Evil: “No matter if they become rich or poor, healthy or ill, will you still be willing to be with them forever?”

At this moment, a God sitting down there objected. “Old fellow, what are you saying? Our Princess will become poor?” The other Gods all followed. “That’s right, that’s right!”

The God of Evil’s old face turned red. “This is what’s written on the script, what can I do…”

Hong Dali hurriedly said, “I’m willing, I’m willing!”

The God of Evil turned towards the six brides and asked, “Brides, are you all willing to be married to the bridegroom?”

Brides: “Yes, I’m willing.” +6

God of Evil: “No matter if he…” Speaking up to this point, he didn’t dare to continue. Forget it, this fellow won’t become poor, anyway.

Then, he hurriedly announced, “I announce now that the Prodigal Hong Dali shall become husband and wives with the God of Wisdom Lasada Masoyalyn, the Goddess of Music Li Nianwei, the Princess Tang Muxin, the Zerg Queen Zhang Yi, the Aristocrat Jiang Qianxue, and the Technological Geek Lin Chuyin! Then, the most awaited last step, enter the wedding room—” Everyone stretched their necks in anticipation. The God of Evil coughed dryly and said, “That’s not possible yet!”

Directly beat him and drag him to death…

The next steps were about the same as the custom on Earth. Everyone ate and drank, mixing around together, and happily enjoying themselves. At this moment, Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi came over, brought Hong Dali to one side, and asked, “Dali, where do you plan to reside after the wedding?”

This was a big problem. They couldn’t be careless about this.

“I have already thought about it.” Hong Dali grinned and looked at his wives beside him. His eyes were as light as the stars at night. “Of course it’s in the Enjoyment Dimension, is there a need to ask?”

“That’s indeed a good place.” Hearing this place, Hong Weiguo nodded, then frowned and said, “But will your money be enough over there? After all, it’s about the same place as Old Earth, it isn’t a good thing to damage the economy there too much.” What Hong Weiguo meant was that it was a good habit to ask the Goddess of Wisdom to create money from nothing.

“Money is definitely enough.” Hong Dali grinned and blinked his eyes. “Very long ago, the System gave me a planet made of diamond. I reckon that I shall just sell a few kilograms of diamonds there when I have nothing to do. I definitely won’t lack money…”

Half a year later.

“It’s born, it’s born!” On the Earth in the Enjoyment Dimension, outside the delivery room of a hospital, a nurse excitedly rushed out and said, “He’s a plump little kid, four kilograms! Both mother and son are safe, the little fellow is very cute!”

It’s born! The originally nervous Hong Dali instantly jumped up three feet in the air and said, “Where is he, where is he? Quick, let me see!” Saying so, he took out a few diamonds from his pocket and stuffed them into the nurse’s hand. “This is just a small gesture of appreciation, please accept it…”

The nurse received the diamonds and muttered, “He actually gave me a few glass stones for such a happy occasion…”

Her words were automatically ignored by everyone. Hong Weiguo excitedly walked around and said, “Plump little kid, haha. Our Hong Family has an offspring now!” Lan Ruoxi also beamed with delight and said, “Little rascal, have you thought of the child’s name?”

“His nickname shall be Tang Dou since he’s born in a honeypot!” Hong Dali laughed and said, “As for his name, he shall be called Xiaobao, Hong Xiaobao. This name is really not bad, very likable!”

“Hong Xiaobao…” Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi looked at one another, then nodded in satisfaction. “It’s easy to remember and likable, it shall be decided on this name then!”

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