Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1315 - Let Ashes Be Ashes

Chapter 1315: Let Ashes Be Ashes

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“Hehe, do you really think I will be of one heart with a traitor like you?” The God of Evil smiled insipidly and said in disdain, “After my old friend came out of the seal, the first thing he did was to find me and tell me his whole plan. If not, you think I will come to join this mess for nothing? Godly Essence? What meaning does the Godly Essence have to me?”

Hearing this, everyone was astonished. Hong Dali’s mouth opened so wide that he could even swallow an egg whole.

This turning point is a bit sudden, my mind can’t turn around…

Firstly, Lakdanath contacted the Plague Master to divert firepower. Then, he contacted Kyle to sneak upon us. But in the end, the person he lastly contacted was actually the God of Evil. Yet, the events that followed obviously don’t seem to be right—once the God of Evil appeared, he killed Kyle first, then killed Lakdanath. What’s going on?

“Your true aim isn’t my Godly Essence, right?” The Goddess of Wisdom stared at the God of Evil tightly and slowly said, “These are all arranged by Nelakusta, right? He has already calculated everything and waited for this moment to ask you to come here?”

Old rivals indeed understood each other better…

“Hahaha, that’s right.” The God of Evil looked around at the sky, laughed, and said, “This old friend of mine came to me first thing after he escaped from your seal. After such a long age, his view of things had already changed.”

Speaking up to this point, the God of Evil slowly explained, and everyone finally understood everything…

One thousand-plus years ago.

The God of Evil was training in his own God’s Realm when a deep voice suddenly sounded.

“Hahahaha, old friend, we haven’t seen each other for so long, have you missed me?” That voice obviously sounded very happy, resonating continuously in the God of Evil’s God’s Realm.

“Nelakusta!? You have come out!?” Upon hearing this voice, the God of Evil opened his eyes and excitedly said, “It’s been a few billion years, right? How did you come out?”

“It’s a long story, partly because my luck was quite good. A small fellow actually came into that space of mine, I have no idea how she did it.” Nelakusta laughed loudly and said, “I used a lot of effort before I finally escaped from there. It was really not easy.”

The God of Evil was naturally very happy that his old friend escaped from there. He smiled and said, “It’s good as long as you can come out. The God of Wisdom’s seal is very hard to break. I wanted to rescue you, but unfortunately, I had no idea where to start. What are your plans now? As long as you say the word, I shall go with you to take revenge!”

During the battle between the Devil and the Goddess of Wisdom last time, the result was the Devil’s body being destroyed and his Godly Essence being sealed. Now that he was out, the God of Evil naturally would think about getting revenge.

But unexpectedly, the Devil didn’t directly agree and instead told the God of Evil about his plan to take revenge.

“You… Is this worth it to you? Self-destroying your Godly Essence!?” Hearing the Devil’s plan, the God of Evil was astonished. He had never thought that this friend of his would actually do such a crazy thing!

“Hahaha, so what if it’s the Godly Essence? I have let go of such things for a long time.” Nelakusta said in disdain, “I’m on my last leg, anyway. Also, we have already lived for so long, don’t you think it’s very boring? Day after day, repeatedly doing the same thing. In our eternal life, there isn’t any excitement or passion. We’re just living for the sake of living, that’s all. Therefore, this time, I plan to play something big. However, old friend, once everything is over, I’m afraid I need to trouble you with something.”

“Alright, say it.” Seeing that this old friend of his was fixed on seeking death, the God of Evil could only sigh. Actually, he could empathize with the Devil very well. Eternal life may look good, but when a person really lived for billions of years, that taste might not be as happy as one might think.

The Devil was right, their life was endless. But it was just repeating their life day after day. Every day was the exact same day, they were doing everything purely for the sake of living on. That was all.

“The last step of the plan will be to seal her Godly Essence. Of course, not forever.” The Devil said, “I will leave a flaw in the seal, a flaw only you can see and use at that time to recover her Godly Essence.”

“This…” The God of Evil asked in surprise, “Why?”

“Hehe, actually, I want to see it too.” The Devil laughed and said, “When her Godly Power is gone, will she really fall in love with a normal human? It’s very interesting, isn’t it?”

“Alright, it’s a very crazy plan.” The God of Evil helplessly said, “Say it, what do I need to do?”

“The last step of the plan is that if I succeed in sealing her Godly Essence, then, the other fellows will definitely lay ideas on her.” The Devil slowly said, “Who won’t want the Goddess of Wisdom’s Godly Essence? Therefore… Old friend, at the most crucial moment, she will need your protection. Sigh, it’s time to end my wretched fate with her.”

“You don’t hate her?” Hearing that the Devil actually wanted him to protect the Goddess of Wisdom, the God of Evil was slightly dazed.

Aren’t the two of them mortal enemies? What’s he doing?

“Hate? Maybe I did hate her in the past, but not anymore.” The Devil smiled, his voice slightly desolate. “In the past, I was indeed the one at wrong. Therefore, it can be considered that I deserved being sealed by her. Therefore, old friend, this is my last request before I leave. Please promise me that you will do it.”

“This… Alright.” Finally, the God of Evil nodded his head helplessly. “I will protect her at that moment, rest assured.”

“Indeed, old friends are still more reliable.” In the end, the Devil smiled and said, “Alright, then. This time, it’s farewell forever. Remember, the flaw in the seal will be on the person whom she will be in love with. The flaw is called the Great Prodigal System.”

As the God of Evil spoke up to this point, everyone had understood the story.

Very obviously, it looked like the Devil was still one step ahead and had planned everything beforehand.

Therefore, all of them looked towards Hong Dali…

“Ahaha, why are you guys looking at me like this?” Hong Dali laughed dryly and then helplessly opened his hands. “I really don’t know where the flaw is, there’s no use in looking at me…”

“Looks like you are that person my old friend mentioned?” The God of Evil looked at Hong Dali with a friendly expression. “Yup, you seem very intimate with the Princess. Looks like your relationship with her is quite good.” They were both born in Esolil, the Goddess of Wisdom was a Princess last time, that was why the Devil and he addressed her as Princess.

“Good, of course our relationship is good. She’s my wife!” Hong Dali grinned, looked at the God of Evil, then said, “However, about that seal, how are we supposed to lift it? You also know that the situation now is very tense, those Gods and Demons and such may come at any moment…”

“Hehe, this flaw is actually very simple.” The God of Evil looked at the Goddess of Wisdom, smiled, and asked, “Princess, I only want to ask you, at this moment, do you still hate my old friend?”

Towards the current Goddess of Wisdom, whether she hated him or not was indeed not that important anymore.

“Forget it, it’s all in the past.” Hearing this question, the Goddess of Wisdom suddenly smiled. The current her only had happiness on her face. “It’s already been so long, let ashes be ashes. He’s already dead and I have found my beloved…”

Hong Dali softly grabbed the Goddess of Wisdom’s hand and beamed with delight, saying, “You finally admit that I’m your husband?”

“Yes.” The Goddess of Wisdom’s voice was soft as the mosquito, but she slightly nodded her head in the end.

Just at this moment, a golden light shot out from Hong Dali’s forehead and enveloped the Goddess of Wisdom’s entire body. And from the Goddess of Wisdom’s forehead, a black light enveloped Hong Dali.

At the same time, the God of Evil laughed loudly and announced, “Very good. Then, today, I, the God of Evil, Ryan Sare Mzdios, shall be the witness. Congratulations Princess on finally finding your true love!”

Everyone present applauded warmly!

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