Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 17 - The Squanderer’s Breakfast

Chapter 17: The Squanderer’s Breakfast

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The servants in the villa were all hysterical when they heard that Young Master Dali wanted soya-bean milk for breakfast.

“Young Master wants soya-bean milk. He’s washing up now. I’ll give you five minutes to buy some hot soya-bean milk. Do you understand?” The old housekeeper adjusted his spectacles. He was in his sixties but stood with his back straight as an arrow as he commanded the servants. “The one with the best driving skills had better set off now. The rest, prepare what Young Master needs for school: his uniform, cell phone, and school bag, and shine his leather shoes. If I see a speck of dust on them, you’d better prepare to pack up and leave. Hurry up!”

With the old housekeeper’s instructions, at least ten servants started preparing everything Hong Dali needed to go to school. Today’s uniform had been handmade by the best tailor, replicating the school’s uniform extravagantly. His socks were from Sheraten and were made with the best natural cotton. Needless to say, his leather shoes were made from crocodile skin from XXXXXXXXX. A pair of Jorden sports shoes were prepared for Young Master Dali as well. Just a simple pair of black shoes cost 14,500 yuan.

Today’s cell phone was a white-gold Pear Phone mounted in diamonds. It was a limited edition luxury cell phone, one of only 50 sets available in the world. The servant sighed while preparing this phone for Hong Dali. If he were in a bad mood, the fate of this 12,500 yuan cell phone would be unknown.

Without exaggerating, Hong Dali was covered head to toe in luxury goods. It might look simple on the surface, but only a professional could tell how much his entire ensemble cost—the amount that a normal person got after slogging for one month would only be enough to cover the cost of one sock.

The soya-bean milk that he wished to drink so badly was truly a luxury item.

The servant with the best driving skills drove the Soaring Angel stretch limousine worth 4 million yuan—Soaring Angel being a more expensive sister company of Prayer Angel—and set off from the villa. Four Loops within Tianjing City was seven kilometers away from the villa. He bought a cup of soya-bean milk from the best breakfast shop, costing a total of one yuan. As he drove back, the car body was scratched by a stone that flew up from the road. From the looks of it, it would cost at least 10,000 yuan to repaint the car.

Hong Dali finally beamed with happiness as he drank the soya-bean milk that cost 10,001 yuan and ate the preserved vegetables prepared by the top chef, biting into a delicious bun.

He was extremely satisfied, further convincing others that he was indeed worthy of his title as a prodigal.

After Hong Dali had his fill, he prepared for school with the assistance of Ling Xiaoyi. He walked proudly to the luxury car that had been prepared and snapped his fingers. “Let’s go!” He did not forget to bid farewell to his parents, who sent him on his way. “I’m going to school now!”

“Dali, ah, be careful in school. Don’t fall down.” Hong Dali’s mother gently adjusted his uniform. “Okay, go, go.”

Hong Dali then started his school life as the first prodigal in history.

On the way, Hong Dali’s mind was occupied with thoughts of school. He had instructed a lackey to find out which class he was in before he had left home. Hence, there were only two Prayer Angels left out of the three leading the way. Of course, the lineup was enough to blind passersby. Some of them commented, “Quick, look, the Hong family’s prodigal is squandering even more excessively!”

“Oh yes, he is. That extravagant squandering, the gods must be blind.”

“We all belong to the same world, yet we are so different.”

“How can we be compared to him.”

Three cars drove along for about ten minutes before stopping at the main gate of Tianjing City’s Private Aristocratic College.

Tianjing City’s Private Aristocratic College was famous for its new style and refined taste.

“New style” here referred to innovation, representing full compliance with the education laws, then standardization by marketing law. “New style” was to differentiate themselves and those that still held strict examination standards as the final target. “Refined taste” referred to high quality, high standards, and efficiency, implying affectionate, good service levels, superior grades, quality technology, high adaptability to the market, and strong personalities.

Naturally, this was all nonsense. Many times, things were not as complicated as they seemed. In short, this was the safest and most expensive school in all of Tianjing City. There was no other school more suitable for Hong Dali than this.

Hence, Hong Dali studied here.

As the driver opened the door, Hong Dali rubbed his nose as he got out of the car. He looked up to see the words “Tianjing College” on the school’s main gate. “It’s not even gold, bad impression!” As to why there were just two words, it was because, in the minds of the commoners, all the expensive private schools were built for the offspring of the rich. It was vastly different from schools meant for commoners. As an expensive private school, it seemed compulsory to shorten the words of the school name. For example, this Tianjing City’s Private Aristocratic College was simply known as Tianjing College, exuding how high class it was.

Right at this moment, the lackey sent to find out about Hong Dali’s class ran toward the cars and whispered into Hong Dali’s ears: “Young Master, the death class is 2nd year, 14th class, also known as the worst class in the whole school. There are 42 people in the class, with 18 males and 24 females. As they are all children of rich families, they are extremely difficult to manage.” After passing the message, he did not forget to express his concern. “Young Master, I can’t be by your side to protect you in a class like this. I’m really worried…”

What is there to worry about? It’s a small matter. I have lived two lives and have seen everything. This is child’s play, easy.

Hong Dali stepped into school with his back straight. “Okay, you may wait here for my instructions. I’m going up to class and will inform you if I need anything.” He then looked at Ling Xiaoyi. “Oh yes, Xiaoyi, remember to purchase the dogs today. I want to see them tonight.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ling Xiaoyi bowed to Hong Dali. “Please do not worry.”

“Um, I’m off now.” Ah, it’s been some time since I was in middle school. I’m back now! Cute classmates, prepare to welcome the world’s number one prodigal, wa ha ha ha ha!

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