Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 18 - Haven't You Heard of Dali's Miracle?

Chapter 18: Haven’t You Heard of Dali’s Miracle?

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As the saying goes, although everyone was claimed to be equal in this world, in the Tianjing College where Hong Dali attended school, one could clearly see the difference between each class. Needless to say, Hong Dali belonged to the highest class, which was also known as the tip of the pyramid.

Once Hong Dali walked onto the school grounds, everyone started greeting him from afar.

“Good morning, Young Master Dali.”

“Young Master Dali, you’re early today.”

“Young Master Dali, do you have time this afternoon? Can we have lunch together?”

Facing such a situation, Hong Dali did what he usually did. He smiled and nodded without saying much.

As he walked on, a delicate-looking girl ran from afar to Hong Dali’s side. “Young Master Dali, quick, come to my class. Master Liu Mingcheng is looking for you all over the place. Do be careful!”

Master Liu Mingcheng? Who is that? And what business does he have with me?

Regardless, Hong Dali’s attention was on the girl—not that he was interested in her, but if there were someone to bring him to his class, he would be able to go there without risking giving himself away. It was very much appreciated.

Hence, Hong Dali hastened his footsteps and followed the girl to class.

As the saying went, out of ten things, eight or nine things usually didn’t go well. Only the bad came true. Just a few meters ahead, Hong Dali heard a chuckle. “Aye, aye, aye, look at you, Hong Dali, why do you look like a lost dog? Where are you rushing off to?” He turned to the girl and said, “Ji Zhiruo, I never thought you would tip him off. How dare you. Get out of my way at the count of three. Don’t blame me for being nasty if you don’t do so!”

This skinny 1.8-meter-tall boy was the Master Liu Mingcheng that Ji Zhiruo had mentioned?

From what Liu Mingcheng had said, Hong Dali was able to make out five things. First, things were not pretty between the two of them. Second, this man had been making things difficult for him all this while. Third, as the young master of the Hong family, to have the guts to speak to him like that, this Liu Mingcheng had to come from a family with a similar status. Fourth, Liu Mingcheng had come prepared today, as Ji Zhiruo had urged him to leave quickly. Fifth, Ji Zhiruo’s family had to be quite different from his or Liu Mingcheng’s families. Otherwise, Liu Mingcheng would not be able to chase her away so easily.

Equipped with this information, Hong Dali had to think of a strategy. At the least, he had to keep Ji Zhiruo with him—who would bring him to class otherwise? Hence, Hong Dali stepped in front of Ji Zhiruo and smiled. “Liu Mingcheng, this is between us. There is no need to involve others. Talk to me directly if you have a problem; I have to rush to class.”

“Um, seems like you’ve changed. How dare you talk to me in this manner?” Liu Mingcheng wavered and thought, What’s wrong with this prodigal today? Usually, he runs away once he sees me. He’s acting very odd today.

Although this was what Liu Mingcheng thought, he was known in Tianjing College for bullying Hong Dali. Both families were at odds—they definitely did not get along well. Hong Dali’s family controlled the Sangle search engine, whereas Liu Mingcheng’s family was in charge of the Turkey chatting platform. Both were of equal importance. Liu Mingcheng’s family had an interest in expanding their business to search engines, while Hong Dali’s family had been finding ways to come up with a chatting platform. Due to these reasons, it was no wonder they were at odds with each other.

Liu Mingcheng said, “Hong Dali, I heard you were quite impressive last night, squandering at the nightclub with Tang Muxin. Didn’t I warn you previously not to go near Tang Muxin? How dare you turn a deaf ear to what I said?”

So this is what it is. Jealousy. Hong Dali picked at his nose nonchalantly. “Squandering is my hobby. It was definitely more fun squandering with someone else than doing it alone. Find a better reason if you want to find fault with someone. Fighting because you’re jealous is so childish. I feel embarrassed on your behalf.”

Just as Hong Dali finished his words, Ji Zhiruo tugged at his sleeve. “Dali, let’s go. You’ll be on the losing end if you don’t leave now.”

Losing end? From a young age, Hong Dali always believed that it was a blessing to be on the losing end. But facing Liu Mingcheng, who was finding fault for no reason, Hong Dali had never lost.

Right at this moment, the classmates crowded around both of them, discussing.

“Quick, look, Hong Dali is up against Liu Mingcheng again.” The bystanders speculated.

“Aye, Liu Mingcheng has the advantage of being tall and strong. He bullies Hong Dali all the time. I can’t continue watching it.” Said someone with a sense of justice.

“Did you realize? Hong Dali looked so cool picking at his nose!” Needless to say, these were the nymphos.

“Master Liu, punch him!” These were clearly on Liu Mingcheng’s side.

Hearing the discussions from the bystanders, Liu Mingcheng wavered.

The reason he was picking on Hong Dali today was that he had heard others speak of Hong Dali bringing Tang Muxin to Ye Lai Xiang nightclub the night before. He had had his eye on Tang Muxin’s beauty all this while, making Tang Muxin the perfect goddess in his heart. Now that Tang Muxin had unexpectedly gone out with Hong Dali, he had become anxious.

He was aware of the complicated relationship between Tang Muxin and the Hong family. In addition to that, Tang Muxin had never been fond of Hong Dali. Hence, Liu Mingcheng had never dared to lay his hands on Tang Muxin. Now, however, the situation was different. Tang Muxin had suddenly gone out with Hong Dali. Liu Mingcheng could no longer sit and watch.

To someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, the woman he was interested in should never be touched by someone else so easily, not even her finger. After hearing this piece of information this morning, Liu Mingcheng was outraged. He had gathered his followers and searched for Hong Dali throughout the school grounds. When Hong Dali had stepped into school, someone had informed Liu Mingcheng, which had led to this scene.

Facing the looks of the classmates around them, Liu Mingcheng was enraged. He walked up to Hong Dali and ferociously claimed. “Hong Dali, even though your name is Dali 1 , that’s only because you were weak when you were born, hence your parents giving you the name Dali. Do you really think you have the strength to oppose me?”

“‘Dali creates miracles.’ Have you not heard that before?” Hong Dali picked a sticky booger from his nose and stuck it to Liu Mingcheng’s chest. “Speak up if you have something to say. My time is precious.”

Hong Dali shocked all the surrounding classmates with his move. Even Liu Mingcheng was stunned.

He had been bullying Hong Dali for such a long time, but he had never seen Hong Dali so bold.

“You!” Fuming with fury, Liu Mingcheng raised his fist. “Do you believe I won’t punch you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Hong Dali collapsed to the ground!

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