Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 24 - Dig a Bigger Pit

Chapter 24: Dig a Bigger Pit

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When the cars approached Tianjing Four Loops, near Ye Lai Xiang, Hong Dali asked the driver, “Do you know which hotels we bought yesterday? I didn’t notice last night…”

The driver wiped his cold sweat secretly. This little brat, he didn’t even bother to look at what he bought. Only he is capable of something like this. Even though this was what the driver thought, he responded, “There were three hotels in total. Young Master, which would you like to inspect?”

Inspect? That’s a nice way to put it. It is indeed different to be cultured. Hong Dali beamed with delight. “We’ll go to the best one, of course. Hurry up, twenty minutes have passed. We’ll be late returning to class if we don’t hurry.” Even though Hong Dali was the world’s number one prodigal, he was considerate enough not to want to be late for class. If he returned late and caused his parents to worry, it wouldn’t be worth it. His parents doted on him so much, after all.

“It’s not far from here.” The driver used the intercom in the car to instruct the other lackeys in the three Prayer Angels. “Young Master wants to have lunch at Hung Lung Hotel. Turn left at the junction ahead, and turn right a hundred meters ahead.”

Via the intercom, the lackeys responded, “Yes, we will abide by the Young Master’s instructions!”

Hung Lung Hotel was one of the most upscale hotels in West Tianjing Four Loops. The interior was luxurious and glamorous, and the location was good. It was a pity the economy wasn’t good, causing the expenses to rise. It was barely surviving and wasn’t making money. Even money in the bank would gain interest. Although it was guaranteed that this huge hotel would not make any losses, the value of the land wasn’t increasing. It only wasted resources. Otherwise, the unfriendly Brother Hong Anbao would not have been in such a hurry to get rid of this place.

To outsiders, perhaps only Hong Dali would buy the place.

None of this mattered to Hong Dali. He had only bought the place for fun and convenience—Hung Lung Hotel was only 300 meters away from Ye Lai Xiang.

They arrived at Hung Lung Hotel and alighted from the car. As Master Hong Dali looked up at the six-story hotel and scanned the two gigantic vases on each side of the door, he nodded approvingly. “The decorations are not bad. My brother from an unknown source sold me such a good hotel, it’s amazing.”

Upon entering the hotel, the floor manager, who had received news that the new owner of the hotel was visiting, welcomed Hong Dali. He bowed and greeted Hong Dali. “You’re here, Young Master Dali.” He turned to Tang Muxin and bowed to her too. “Young Madam, you’re here too.”

“…” Everyone was calling her “young madam” now. Tang Muxin reluctantly accepted the salutation, her face flushed with embarrassment. Since she was betrothed to Hong Dali, it was only right to have the awareness of a young madam to others. It was the least she could do since her family owed the Hong family. Tang Muxin nodded and softly said, “Hello. There’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

“Thank you, Young Madam.” After greeting them, the floor manager asked Hong Dali, “Young Master, what would you like to have today? Our dishes are all very authentic. We’re just unsure what would suit Young Master’s and Young Madam’s tastes.”

The floor manager was asking out of courtesy. In normal circumstances, Hong Dali should politely ask Tang Muxin what she would like to have and find a romantic place to sit down. Both of them would flip through the menu, order a few exquisite dishes, and chat while they waited for the dishes to be cooked by the chefs. Perhaps he could arrange someone to play the zither while both of them got to know each other better.

Clearly, Hong Dali was not a typical person.

Being the biggest prodigal in history, Hong Dali nonchalantly said, “I don’t know what suits my taste either. How about this, ask the chefs to select a few good dishes from the menu and prepare one of each quickly. I’ll try them all before deciding what kind of food suits my taste.”

Tang Muxin: “…”

Ling Xiaoyi: “…”

The driver: “…”

The other lackeys: “…”

The floor manager was sweating profusely and mumbling. “Erm…”

Right at this moment, one of the lackeys rushed to the front and lectured. “If our Young Master says to head east, you will not head west. If he wants you to catch a dog, you will not catch a chicken. If he wants you to prepare one of each dish, you will prepare one of each dish. Try and see what happens if you prepare one less dish!”

Um, this lackey is quick-witted indeed! Hong Dali snapped his fingers. “Well said! Tip him 5,000 yuan!”

The lackey’s face brightened up with joy, and he nodded and bowed. “Thank you, Young Master! Long live, Young Master, may you rule the world!”

The other lackeys were green with envy. How could they have missed such a good opportunity?

The floor manager slowly understood the situation. Whatever Hong Dali said was an imperial decree. There was nothing left to say. He could only instruct the rest to start preparing the dishes quickly.

Hong Dali pulled Tang Muxin to a table beside the window and smiled. “Um, I don’t know what you like to eat either, so I asked them to prepare one of everything. There must be something you’ll like. This aside, what do you think of this hotel? I think I bought it at a good price.”

Although Tang Muxin’s family wasn’t bad, they could not be compared to Hong Dali’s family. Tang Muxin did not come in contact with such things often. Thankfully, she was smarter than most others and knew a bit of everything. She looked around and quickly said, “In a nutshell, this place seems good. But it feels like it’s lacking something…” She thought for a few moments and assertively noted. “The colors seem a bit cold. It doesn’t feel lively.”

“Cold, not lively?” Hong Dali rubbed his chin. “Oh, you’re saying that the colors are a bit cold. Does that mean it’s short on green? Um, that’s a good idea.” He pondered for a moment, then called for the floor manager. “You, come here.”

The floor manager ran over. “Young Master, what can I do for you?”

Hong Dali pointed to the center of the lobby. “Smash that place tomorrow and dig a deeper pit. Construct a pond with an artificial waterfall. Rear a few koi. I’ll come fishing when I have time. Oh yes, plant some flowers and grass around the pond and add some lawn grass. Um, plant some trees as well.” He turned to look at Tang Muxin. “How is that? Does that sound lively?”

Tang Muxin was dumbfounded. She covered her face and said, “Don’t talk to me, you prodigal! Who would dig a pit in the middle of a hotel?! It’s such a disgrace to be seen with you! Pretend I didn’t say anything!”

The floor manager thought otherwise. Was Young Master Dali just trying to make Young Madam happy or was he serious? Should I do it or not? As he pondered, he remembered the lackey that had been tipped 5,000 yuan and decided. Forget it. Since he said it, I’ll just follow his instructions. Judging from his squandering character, he won’t get angry with me.

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