Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 23 - The One and Only, No Others

Chapter 23: The One and Only, No Others

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The scene had attracted the attention of the surrounding classmates, causing most of them to become shocked. They looked on from afar, pointing and talking among themselves.

“That… that looks like Liu Mingcheng’s car.”

“Yes, that’s right, the license plate is correct. It was wrecked just like that?”

“He is indeed a prodigal, to wreck a 700,000 yuan car just like that…”

“We can’t hope to understand how people like him think. Just keep quiet and watch. This is too humiliating for Liu Mingcheng.”

“Yes, to wreck the car in front of the owner in public and in broad daylight, who could take that?”

“Shh… Liu Mingcheng is watching…”

Standing in a corner, Liu Mingcheng was fuming. Even though he had given the car to Hong Dali, it had belonged to him. He didn’t dare to approach Hong Dali even though he was vexed, seeing his car get wrecked in public. Hong Dali had caused such a big scene when he had collapsed earlier. Liu Mingcheng could not bear the consequences of scaring Hong Dali and having him collapse again.

“Master Liu, what… what should we do now?” His underling asked anxiously as he looked at the Poseidon Trident get wrecked beyond recognition. “How about we show him what we’re capable of…”

“You mean, beat him up?” Liu Mingcheng clenched his teeth. “All of you will vanish from the face of the Earth after that! Who would dare to punch such a sickly person? I didn’t even touch him this morning, yet I lost my car to him. You still dare to do anything to him?”

His underlings expressed their disapproval. “What… what can we do, then? Just watch?”

Just as it seemed, Tianjing College could be divided into four cliques. Hong Dali’s Hong family led one clique, consisting mainly of the people from year 2, class 14.

Master Liu Mingcheng led another clique, mainly from year 2, class 6. There seemed to be a never-ending feud between these two cliques. Previously, Liu Mingcheng had always had the upper hand against Hong Dali. Now, the situation had changed. Even without taking into account the 500,000 yuan Liu Mingcheng had given Hong Dali, he was completely humiliated when Hong Dali wrecked his car in front of everyone.

One of the other two cliques was led by year 3’s genius Dou Jianbai. He was a typical prince charming, excelling in both brains and brawn. He was also the ideal lover in the eyes of countless younger girls. The final clique was led by year 1’s Bu Lixue. He was the young master of one of the world’s 500 strongest enterprises. Although his family was on a much lower scale than Hong Dali’s family, there was potential in increasing their worth.

Of these two cliques from year 3 and year 1, year 3’s Dou Jianbai would be graduating and advancing to university soon, so he did not create much trouble in school. Year 1’s Bu Lixue’s economic strength was too far below that of Hong Dali and Liu Mingcheng. Hence, he didn’t dare to go against them, which left Hong Dali’s and Liu Mingcheng’s cliques as the most problematic.

Now, Liu Mingcheng was completely humiliated. He was fuming with anger, but there was nothing he could do. He turned around and said, “I admit defeat today. Let’s go!” He did not miss stealing a glance at Tang Muxin before he left. He did not have the guts to go against Hong Dali today and could only watch Hong Dali wreck his car with Tang Muxin in tow.

A while later, the crowd dispersed.

Hong Dali, who was the center of attention, did not bother much about the conflicts between the cliques. He had already died on Earth and traveled to this world. Such conflicts were just child’s play. As for the reason he had wrecked Liu Mingcheng’s car, all Hong Dali had wanted to gain was joy from hearing it get wrecked. He could not drive Liu Mingcheng’s car, so if he wanted to wreck something, it was the perfect choice. There was no reason to wreck his own family’s cars…

How long did it take to wreck a car? Hong Dali now knew: only three minutes.

In just three minutes, Liu Mingcheng’s luxury car worth 700,000 yuan, equivalent to about 3.5 million yuan on Earth, the cost of a Lamborghini, had become scrap metal. The only thing recognizable from the pile of scrap metal was a crooked trident and the frame of an angel’s wing.

Broken glass was scattered everywhere. Hong Dali snapped his fingers. “Sell the scrap metal. Ah, the sound of the car getting wrecked was soothing and comforting.” He turned to Tang Muxin. “Okay, Xinxin, let’s go for lunch now. What do you feel like eating?”

“Any… anything will do…” Standing beside Hong Dali made Tang Muxin feel lethargic.

“Let’s set off, then!” They boarded the Soaring Angel and, with three Prayer Angels leading the way, headed toward Ye Lai Xiang. There were no obstructions along the journey… until they arrived at a junction. An old man who looked about sixty years old was riding an electric scooter. It seemed like his brakes were not working as he swerved from side to side and crashed into the Soaring Angel—where Hong Dali was seated.

There was a loud sound as he crashed into Hong Dali’s car. Bang! The driver was stunned, and the old man fell off his electric scooter. Hong Dali was stunned too. The side mirror of the car was knocked off…

Seeing the accident he had caused, the old man was completely dumbfounded.

Even though he knew nothing and was farsighted, he knew he could not afford to pay for the damage to a car like this. There was no way he could pay for just the side mirror, no matter what he did.

Facing the situation in front of him, the driver was prepared to get out of the car and lash out at the old man. This was a Soaring Angel, a luxury car worth over 4 million yuan. The side mirror would cost at least 30,000 yuan to replace. Now that it had been knocked off, as the driver, he could not keep quiet.

Before the driver could alight from the car, Hong Dali wound down the car window and looked at the frightened old man sitting by the road. “Old man, why are you still sitting here? Aren’t you going to run away?”

“Ah? Run?” The old man clearly was not able to make sense of what Hong Dali was saying.

“Yes. You knocked into my car, and you won’t be able to afford the damages. You should be running away instead of waiting for me to demand compensation from you.” Hong Dali tilted his head, watching the old man on the ground. “Old man, you’re too ethical!”

Who would care about being ethical or not at this moment? It would be stupid not to run away!

The old man picked himself and his electric scooter up and started running without a second thought. He didn’t look like a sixty-year-old who had just gotten into an accident—more like someone running a competition.

“See how fast he’s going! He must have been a runner in his younger days.” Hong Dali laughed as he wound up the window. “Okay, let’s hurry up and go. I’m hungry…”

“You let him off just like that?” Tang Muxin said frantically. “It’ll cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to replace that side mirror!”

“He wouldn’t be able to afford it even if he sold himself. Forget it. I’m a squanderer anyway. It doesn’t matter. If I don’t squander now, when else can I do it?” Hong Dali laughed. “Why, Xinxin, were you intending to ask him to compensate us?”

“I… I wouldn’t have asked him to compensate us. He’s just a poor old man. I was just curious.” Tang Muxin blushed and lowered her head, thinking strangely, Even though he’s a prodigal, he’s not a bad guy…

What Hong Dali said next made her go nuts. “Since piece is peace 1 , we should celebrate!”

The car’s side mirror had been knocked off, and he hadn’t received any compensation, yet he wanted to celebrate. From the past till now, only Hong Dali would do something like this.

The only and only, no others.

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