Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 28 - The Waves at the Back Overtaking the Waves in Front

Chapter 28: The Waves at the Back Overtaking the Waves in Front

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Since Hong Dali had already decided on a way to squander, he scrolled through his contacts on his mobile phone and found Ji Zhiruo’s number. He decisively sent her a message: [Zhiruo, are you free? Do me a favor.]

Although most people in the class were followers of the tyrant Hong Dali, he rarely sent them messages. Ji Zhiruo took out her mobile phone and got a shock when she saw Hong Dali’s number. She looked over in Hong Dali’s direction and blushed when she saw him looking at her. She quickly typed a reply: [What is it?]

Hong Dali: [Inform everyone to gather at Ye Lai Xiang near West Four Loops tonight at 8 PM. I just bought the place last night. Free for everyone, plus there will be a present for all. Those that turn up today will get a lifetime membership card!]

Ji Zhiruo: [Really? Okay, I will inform them.]

Heh, it had been the right decision to take over Ye Lai Xiang. Just opening it up free for one night would cost about 100,000 yuan. These tyrants in the class were of reputable status too. To give them a VIP card to enjoy themselves at Ye Lai Xiang and the other shops upstairs, that would surely exceed 200,000 yuan. It would be easy to complete the second task then.

The reason why Hong Dali was approaching his classmates was because he knew they all came from rich families. Only kids from rich families would spend money and enjoy themselves without a care in the world. If he were to invite a bunch of normal people, they would come for sure, but they wouldn’t dare to go anywhere other than the first floor. His classmates were different. They were fearless. As long as they enjoyed themselves, they wouldn’t care about the cost.

With Ji Zhiruo acting as the middleman, there was chaos in the class chat group in Turkey—QQ didn’t exist in this world, the only such chat platform was Turkey.

Ji Zhiruo: [Young Master Dali has invited everyone to gather at Ye Lai Xiang near West Four Loops at 8 PM tonight. Those who turn up will receive a lifetime VIP membership card. Young Master Dali has bought the entire place. Mystery presents will be given out too.]

Ling Yi: [Big Bro Dali bought a nightclub? We have to go check it out, then! Bros, everyone has to come tonight!]

Du Xinzhen: [I will be there for sure. Aye, Big Bro Dali said there will be mystery presents. I wonder what they will be.]

Zhu Xiaoling: [Oh, really? I’ll go, I’ll go! Young Master Dali’s place, a lifetime VIP membership, that’s fantastic! And mystery presents too!]

Lang Hao: [Cheh, that prodigal. I’m not going.]

Ling Yi: [Damn! If you keep disagreeing, do you believe we won’t beat you up!?]

Lang Hao: [Okay, okay, I’ll go. But I’ll leave after a quick drink.]

Wen Dongling: [Lang Hao, why are you such a wet blanket? If you continue behaving in this manner, we won’t talk to you in the future!]

Lang Hao: [Nooo. Lingling, I won’t do it again. I’ll go tonight, I’ll go!]

Wen Dongling: [That’s more like it, hehe!]

Hong Dali was not interested in the contents of the Turkey chat group. More importantly, he had just come to this world and wasn’t close with his classmates. Tonight would be a good chance to get to know them better. There was no need to be best buddies, but he should at least know a few of the ones leading the rest so that there wouldn’t be any problems in the future.

As for a more in-depth relationship, once they got to know each other, everything would fall into place.

Time flew and school ended very soon.

When Hong Dali walked out of the classroom, he saw Tang Muxin waiting from afar. At the same time, he heard the surrounding classmates buzzing. “Quick, look, Tang Muxin is waiting for Hong Dali again. Is it possible that they are together?”

“I think that’s possible. I heard that Tang Muxin and Hong Dali were betrothed to each other as arranged by their parents. There must be something between them.”

“Aye, such a beautiful lady, but she’s with a prodigal like Hong Dali. It’s like sticking a fresh flower on a pile of cow dung. Tang Muxin is like a goddess from heaven…”

“Shhh, are you tired of living, speaking nonsense like that?”

Hearing the discussion, Tang Muxin was so embarrassed that she lowered her head so low it was almost reaching her chest. Hong Dali didn’t care at all. He knew exactly what kind of relationship he had with Tang Muxin. He was already a known prodigal and was used to being called all sorts of names, short of being called cow dung.

“You… get away from me!” Tang Muxin wrinkled her little nose. “I’m warning you, don’t come so near me!”

“Oh,” Hong Dali responded calmly, but he still went his own way and walked beside Tang Muxin. “Xinxin, let’s go. I’ll bring you to see the dogs. I instructed them specifically to bring back all the dogs today.”

“W-w-why are you walking so close to me!” Tang Muxin jumped to the side as if she had seen a ghost. “I know, I know, just don’t come so near to me.”

Hong Dali shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “Okay.”

Hence, the two walked about 50 meters apart, though they boarded Hong Dali’s Soaring Angel together eventually…

Tang Muxin sat in the car, looking dejected. She knew that if anything happened between her and Hong Dali, the news would definitely spread like wildfire on the school grounds. But it was not her intention.

In reality, Tang Muxin had indeed underestimated the speed the news would spread at.

On Tianjing College’s official forum, a striking red subject was right at the top: “Goddess Tang Muxin boarded Hong Dali’s car. What kind of shocking secrets are hidden?” In the post, there were photos of Tang Muxin waiting for Hong Dali outside his classroom, them walking out of the school together, Tang Muxin blushing, and a close-up photo of them boarding the car together.

Before long, the followers increased. There were more than 5,000 views and more than 400 comments in less than two hours.

Classmate One: “Ah, my goddess, why did you board Hong Dali’s luxurious ship so easily? Don’t you want my boat anymore?”

Classmate Two: “Goddess, why did you allow yourself to stoop to this level? You should at least find someone tall, rich, and handsome. Although Hong Dali is rich and handsome, he’s not tall, and he is a prodigal. Goddess, why did you do this?”

Classmate Three: “Goddess, don’t go. My heart has broken into a million pieces, and every piece has your name written on it!”

Classmate Four: “Uh, uh, uh, Young Master Dali, although you have won the goddess’s heart, I will not give up. If I cannot have your heart, I want to have you! Wait for me!”

Classmate Five: “Young Master Dali must have had the touch of God today. He defeated Liu Mingcheng in the afternoon and took the goddess away in the evening. Aye, this is truly the waves at the back overtaking the waves in front. Dali is stronger than Mingcheng!”

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