Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 29 - I Will Have This Hill!

Chapter 29: I Will Have This Hill!

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Hong Dali was totally unaware of the upheaval that he had caused in school. He was standing in one of the other restaurants that he had bought from that strange brother and looking at the dogs that were rolling around on the floor.

A hundred Tibetan mastiffs, Chow Chows, Huskies, and Samoyed with varying sizes of big, medium, and small. That’s right, an entire 400 dogs were rolling around on the first-floor lounge of the restaurant. The small dogs were biting other small dogs, and the big dogs were biting other big dogs. The Huskies and Samoyeds were howling, and the fur of the Tibetan mastiffs and Chow Chows were standing up. It looked like they were about to fight.

The entire first-floor lounge was in a mess.

Disregarding the 400 dogs in the center, the east side of the lounge was stacked with boxes that covered the entire wall up to the height of an average man. All of them contained dog food. The west side was similarly stacked with boxes that covered the entire wall up to the height of an average man. Those contained milk.

This was a scene that one might not even have seen in a hundred years. Tang Muxin liked dogs too, especially the silly looking Chow Chows, but looking at this scene, her clear, big eyes almost popped out, and her tender mouth opened to an “O” shape. She maintained that expression for an entire two minutes.

At times like these, it was easy to observe the traits and characteristics of the different dogs.

Tibetan Mastiffs were unquestionably the kings of the dogs. Their heads were held high, and they were occasionally baring their teeth toward the other dogs. When they shouted, it was like thunder rumbling in the sky. Because this type of dog was too ferocious, they were individually contained in big metal cages. If not, the lounge would have already been covered with blood.

Chow Chows tended to be more silly, especially the smaller ones, which were lying on the floor and wriggling around like furballs. One couldn’t help but smile upon seeing them. Of course, only the small ones were cute. Full-grown Chow Chows were quite ferocious. They were the only ones who dared to maintain eye contact with the Tibetan Mastiffs.

Amongst the four types of dogs, Huskies were the most playful and nosy ones. They ran all over the place and bit into everything they saw. Anything plastic or made of cloth was bitable for them, and even the metal table legs were covered with husky bite marks—or rather, husky saliva.

Comparatively speaking, Samoyeds were quieter and could be considered to be the most elegant—if one disregarded the white fur they dropped all over the place.

It was the start of the spring season; the weather was starting to turn warm. It was the time when Samoyeds shed their fur the most. Compounding that with the number of dogs present, the scene was almost similar to a snow scene 1 . A person who didn’t understand the situation might even mistake this for a movie scene of a snowing night.

The attendants of the restaurant were cowering with fear in a corner of the restaurant, whereas Hong Dali was quite satisfied with this scene. He turned and said to Ling Xiaoyi, “Well done, Xiaoyi. This is the kind of scene I want! I shall tip you 5,000 yuan!”

Ling Xiaoyi was standing by his side, dressed in black-colored maid attire. She hurriedly bowed and thanked Hong Dali. “Thank you for your tip, Young Master.”

At this moment, a white furball rolled under Hong Dali’s feet. Looking down, he saw a small Samoyed that couldn’t even walk properly yet. Hong Dali squatted down and stroked the small Samoyed’s furry head, and the small fellow actually looked up and smiled at him. This made Hong Dali very pleased, and he immediately smiled and said, “Yo, this small fellow actually knows how to smile. Haha, I shall pick you, then!” He hugged the small Samoyed, stood up, and looked the small fellow over. Its body was entirely white like snow, without a single odd-colored hair. The pads on its four claws were soft to the touch, pinkish and delicate. Its overall appearance was superb. Hong Dali was quite satisfied. “Yep, I shall call you Xiao Xiao 2 from now on, is that OK?”

Hearing Hong Dali’s words, the small fellow actually smiled again and shouted. “Owooo…”

“Haha, Xinxin has also made her pick.” Tang Muxin had meticulously picked a cute Chow Chow. Hong Dali turned and said to Ling Xiaoyi, “Ask everyone to pick a dog. OK, the three male lackeys shall pick a Tibetan mastiff each. You and the other five female lackeys shall pick a husky each. Let’s go walk the dogs!”

Ling Xiaoyi was at a loss as to whether she should smile or cry. “Yes, Young Master.”

Five minutes later.

The three male lackeys walked at the front, each leading a Tibetan mastiff strutting around, barking at anyone they saw. Hong Dali was carrying his new pet, the Samoyed Xiao Xiao, walking in the center, while Tang Muxin was leading a white-haired Chow Chow and walking by his side. Since she had already thrown so much of her face away, it didn’t matter to her if she threw her face away again. Ling Xiaoyi and the other females were paired with a husky each and were walking behind them. As for the driver, he had gotten a Labrador from who knew where and was walking in the back.

This group of people gained the attention of every passerby as they walked along the streets. People were full of exclamation as they walked past, and the street was filled with sounds like:


“Mummy, look, there are so many dogs there!”

Woof, woof, woof!!!

“Are they walking the dogs or are they planning to use the dogs to bite people? Hurry up and move further away from them!”


“This… are they shooting a movie?”


Hong Dali walked with his legs apart and wore sunglasses, the standard demeanor of a second-generation ancestor 3 prodigal.

Tang Muxin was embarrassed and lowered her head, only focusing on looking at the small white Chow Chow that she had named Xiao Xiaobai 4 and carrying the dog in her arms.

The nine lackeys were very high spirited and full of mettle. The expression and look in their eyes were similar to that of that Uncle Bird who sang “Gangnam Style.” They had an air that seemed to show that they would loose their dogs upon anyone that was not pleasing to their eyes.

Upon reaching the entrance of a barbershop, Hong Dali pulled Tang Muxin along and barged in. Nine lackeys plus the driver, a total of 10 people, stood on guard at the entrance with their dogs. The passersby all moved away, and no stranger dared to approach.

Upon seeing Hong Dali and Tang Muxin enter, the barber immediately came up and welcomed them. “Hi, are the two of you looking for a haircut?”

“Yep, a haircut, but not for the two of us.” Hong Dali kept a straight face, his expression solemn.

The barber was confused. “Then…”

Hong Dali pointed at Xiao Xiaobai, who was in Tang Muxin’s arms. “Make a hairdo for it.”

The scissors that the barber was holding dropped to the floor with a “thud.” It took a while before he recovered and said, “O… OK… May I know what kind of hairdo you want for it?”

Hong Dali reached into his pocket and took out a piece of paper.

Thus, 10 minutes later, Xiao Xiaobai carried the hairdo of a panda and exited the barber’s shop…

What was worth mentioning was that the haircut hadn’t cost any money, because Hong Dali had made a call and bought the shop…

The trip home was even more attention-grabbing. A group of people leading dogs, a beautiful girl carrying something that seemed to be something like a panda… Basically, it was just very classy, cool, wild, and just mind-blowing. The world of the rich was indeed something that a normal person could never understand.

They continued walking west and reached a garden that had yet to be developed. This place was about 700-800 meters away from the restaurant that housed the dogs and was a mountainous region that had yet to be developed. By the road was a flat patch of grass. Further in was a small hill about 50-60 meters high. Trees grew lushly on the hill, and what was rare was that a river passed the foot of the hill and flowed into Fengyuan Lake, which was about 200 meters away. Perhaps it was because of this reason that this place did not yet have any buildings, causing the environment here to be quite good.

Hong Dali looked left, right, up, and down, then suddenly snapped his fingers. “I will have this hill! Next time when we walk the dogs, let’s just come here!”

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