Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 31 - I Want to Be the King of the Mountain

Chapter 31: I Want to Be the King of the Mountain

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The world of business was like a battlefield. A boat traveling against the current could either go forward or backward. Although Mu Yuxi belonged to a middling section of the Hong family, she was extremely talented. She was only 24 years old, but she owned nearly 76 million yuan worth of assets. It was highly likely that after the family meeting, she would be able to double her assets. She was bound to have a brilliant future.

Mu Yuxi sighed inexplicably. “Ai….” The image of Hong Dali when he had been a kid came to her mind. Stumbling behind her, he had loved to cling to her leg looking like a small, playful monkey.

The Hong Dali then had had unpredictable potential. He had been the shiniest star in the Hong family. Almost all the distant relatives of the Hong family had wanted their daughters to marry Hong Dali—that would have promised them enough riches to last for generations.

It was a pity that the fights among the families were brutal. If one didn’t move forward, they would fall behind. There was no hope for Hong Dali now, it seemed. Mu Yuxi couldn’t bear to see him in this situation, but she could only softly mutter that nothing could be done. Even Hong Dali’s parents weren’t able to do anything; she was just an outsider, what could she do?

“Dali,” Mu Yuxi said warmly after considering the matter. “I know you’re not interested, but I have to remind you that the family meeting is in two months time. Do you really intend not to prepare for it?”

Family meeting? What is that? Hong Dali had just arrived. He obviously did not know what it was about. From the way Mu Yuxi had said it, it seemed like it was an important meeting?

It was not a good idea to pretend to understand what Mu Yuxi was talking about. Hence, Hong Dali chose to respond with what matched his status the best. “Not interested. I’m only interested in squandering.” He could find out more about the family meeting later. The important thing was to get rid of these two people first. He could not risk exposing his transmigrant identity. He most definitely did not want to get caught and be treated like a lab rat.

“Okay, I understand.” Mu Yuxi sighed again, giving up her last hope. She turned around swiftly and left, taking a last glance at Hong Dali before boarding her car. When he graduated from university at 20, he would have to enter the business. If he continued to squander, he would disappoint everyone, and everyone would lose all hope in him. That would be the end of him. Perhaps this was his fate, and nobody could change it.

Watching as the red luxury sports car drove away, Hong Dali rubbed his chin curiously. It seems this family meeting is very important. What exactly is it?

“Young Master.” The driver was a senior in the Hong family, after all. He knew most things in the family. He had to know something about the family meeting too. “This family meeting affects how much inheritance each person will get in the future. Does Young Master truly not want to participate?”

So, it had to do with the distribution of assets among the children in the family. In this case, it was based on the increase of each individual’s profit to determine how much capital they got. It was no wonder that Mu Yuxi had said just now that Hong Ancheng only earned 300,000 yuan a year and shouldn’t dare to speak a word. Did that mean that this Mu Yuxi was better at business? How much did she earn a year? Twenty million? Thirty million?

Why does it matter to me how much she earns? Hong Dali pouted disdainfully. I’m not even fully familiar with the situation I’m in. I couldn’t participate in the family meeting even if I wanted to. The important thing now is to squander more to earn more attribute points to increase my health stat. There is nothing without health. Once I get my health maxed out, I can add attribute points to my sexual capability! Everything else of a man can be small, just not his penis! Anything at all, but definitely not in that aspect!

A thousand thoughts flashed through his mind in just a moment.

At this moment, Hong Dali said what was most suitable for his status. “What has that got to do with us? I don’t care about that. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Let’s go take a walk around this mountain. Oh yes, Xiaoyi, remember to inform my family. I’m taking this mountain. It will be nice to come for a tan when we’re free in the future!”

The driver sighed helplessly, thought about it, and decided not to say anything.

What situation was Hong Dali in? The driver knew everything inside and out—he had been the driver for the Hong family for over twenty years, after all. Hong Dali had been born sick and weakly. To put it another way, nobody knew if he could stand up again if he accidentally fell down. As a man, he had insufficient sexual capability and naturally would not be able to court anyone he liked. If the driver were in Hong Dali’s shoes, he would probably squander like Hong Dali—there was no chance of having any descendants, so what was the point of earning money?

The driver quickly nodded in agreement at that thought. “Yes, yes, this is indeed quite a nice place. The surroundings are exquisite, and there aren’t many passersby. This will be a good place to escape from summer.”

“Uncle, Dali is fooling around. Why are you fooling around with him?” Tang Muxin wrinkled her nose. After Mu Yuxi and Hong Ancheng left, she had gone back to standing beside Hong Dali. “Such a big piece of land costs so much. You’re just buying it to build a summer resort?”

“Young Master likes it, and we are only working under him. Of course, we have to agree.” The driver didn’t say more. He had worked for the Hong family for more than 20 years. Hong Weiguo had never picked on him. He kept his silence usually, but earlier, Young Master Dali had been angered by Mu Yuxi and Hong Ancheng. His natural reaction was to cheer his Young Master Dali up.

Hong Dali laughed ungratefully, nodding furiously. “Still, Uncle Driver knows me best, hehe.”

It was decided.

Seeing how the situation had developed, Xiaoyi, who was standing beside them, hurriedly took out her cell phone. She reported the situation to Hong Dali’s father, Hong Weiguo. Hong Weiguo responded, “Since Dali likes it, we’ll buy it. I’ll visit the Land and Resources Bureau to find out the price of that mountain tomorrow. I’ve seen that place; it is indeed a nice place. Let Dali know that we will buy it. Oh yes, check with him where he intends to build the resort. I could visit it in the future too, keke.”

After hanging up the phone, Ling Xiaoyi reported, “Young Master, Old Master has agreed to buy this land for Young Master to build a summer resort. Where do you intend to build the resort?”

Relatively speaking, this might seem like a small mountain. But in actuality, the mountaintop and its slopes were at least a few hundred acres of land. Plus, there was a small river at the foot of the mountain. It would be a nice place to build a huge summer resort or a high-end hotel.

But Hong Dali responded curiously, “Why are we building a summer resort? I didn’t say anything about that.”

The crowd was speechless. Tang Muxin exclaimed. “Then what do you want to buy this place for?”

“Didn’t I say? I want to be the king of the mountain!” Hong Dali sniffed. “Build a village here and name it Marshes of Mount Liang 1 !”

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