Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 30 - Mu Yuxi

Chapter 30: Mu Yuxi

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After hearing Hong Dali speak about buying a mountain, Tang Muxin weakly said, “Why do you want to buy this mountain? It is so scenic here. Do you wish to level the mountain and build houses?”

As though the Tibetan mastiff was responding to Tang Muxin, when she finished speaking, it barked twice. Arf Arf. Later, he dragged the lackey along with him, running all over before settling at the bottom of a tree, leaving a mark…

Hong Dali was overjoyed looking at it and started singing. “Year 2014, that day in spring~gg~, there was a Tibetan mastiff~ on the Tianjing Mountain in heaven, it peed in a circle~ee~~~. That was certainly fate, fate! This mountain shall belong to me. I will be the king!”

“…” Tang Muxin was left speechless.

Lackeys: “Young Master, this song is a stroke of genius—mighty and forceful!”

The crowd was walking the dogs happily when the sound of an engine starting suddenly roared. A red luxury sports car halted before the crowd. The car had a streamlined body, though it was short. Rather than calling it a sports car, it was more a piece of art. Especially those wings with the letter “G,” clearly announcing that this was one of the best sports car in the world—Gentley.

To come at this time, for a car like this to stop where it did, even a fool knew that it had come for Hong Dali. Not being able to tell if it were an enemy or a friend, the nine lackeys stood in front of Hong Dali with the dogs at once, guarding tightly.

The car door opened and a couple exited the car. The man’s face looked young; he should be barely 18 or 19 years old. He was handsome, but his stare was cold, the corners of his mouth expressing disdain. He certainly didn’t look friendly.

The woman looked about 23 or 24 years old. She had a beautiful but expressionless face, though it exuded a slight charm. Chilling yet charming, both combined beautifully on her, with nothing looking out of place. She was tall. In Hong Dali’s eye, she should be at least 1.7 meters tall. It was nothing surprising for a woman to be tall. What was different was how well proportioned she was. Her round and slender long legs and her body had the golden leg-to-body ratio. Complemented with black lace and black heels, she almost looked lethal.

Hong Dali wasn’t sure who these two people were. However, the driver seemed to have seen them before and hurriedly bowed to them. “Wang Mingyu greets Master Hong Ancheng and Miss Mu Yuxi.” He might be greeting them, but subconsciously, his body was leaning toward Hong Dali. After working in the Hong family for more than 20 years, he knew exactly who harbored ill intentions toward Hong Dali.

The couple completely ignored the driver’s greetings. Hong Ancheng grinned as he walked toward Hong Dali, scanning him up and down. “On the way here, I was wondering who could have created such a scene, bringing so many people to walk dogs. Seems that I was right, it was indeed the prodigal Hong Dali. Haha.”

Hong Dali knew immediately that this man had to be another person from the Hong family who was jealous of him. Naturally, Hong Dali did not treat him kindly. He stuck out his little finger and started picking at his nose. “How does it concern you how I squander? You had to stop your car to take a look? Why? Did you have your eyes set on one of my dogs? You can take it if you want, I don’t mind. If it’s not enough, there are 400 more there. You can take your pick.”

Hearing Hong Dali say he had more than 400 dogs, Hong Ancheng roared with laughter and started slapping his thigh. “More than 400 dogs? Hahaha, my brother Dali, you can sure come up with new ways to squander. I’m not as capable as that.”

Although Tang Muxin looked down on Hong Dali and couldn’t stand to be near him, she did not hesitate to side Hong Dali at this moment and angrily claimed. “Dali can do whatever he wants. Who are you to make fun of him?”

“Aye, who are you, then? Why are you walking dogs with my brother Dali?” Hong Ancheng stared Tang Muxin up and down before suddenly coming to a realization. “Oh, I know. You’re the lady from the Tang family, the one that is betrothed to Hong Dali, right? Aiyaya, you’re quite pretty. It’s a pity you have a tough life. Such a pity.”

“I’ll do what I want. Who are you to care?” Tang Muxin said in her sweet voice, though she raised her eyebrows in anger. She still had the little white Chow Chow that looked like a panda in her arms. It looked slightly comical with her expression.

Hong Dali secretly stuck his thumb out toward Tang Muxin. Hehe, good job Xinxin, I didn’t dote on you for nothing. He coughed and said, “Would you just speak your piece? My time is very precious. Every minute costs a few hundred thousand.”

Hong Ancheng laughed again. “You mean you squander a few hundred thousand every minute?”

The tall and beautiful Mu Yuxi couldn’t stand to watch the conversation between Hong Ancheng and the rest. She frowned and stopped Hong Ancheng. “Enough. We did not get out of the car to allow you to talk rubbish. All you’ve earned this year is only about 3 million yuan. How much better are you than Hong Dali?” Her tone was as cold as her expression, but her words were powerful. Hong Ancheng stopped smiling and obediently backed off.

Mu Yuxi looked at Hong Dali among the crowd and sighed quietly.

When Hong Dali had been born, he had created quite the stir in the Hong family. Hong Weiguo was the first genius in hundreds of years within the Hong family when it came to earning money. His wife, Lan Ruoxi, was a godsent lady. Within five years, they had created a huge split between the families within the Hong family. But the heavens had played a joke on them: they had had difficulty conceiving a child. After being married for 5 or 6 years, there had been no news from Lan Ruoxi. That had been quite upsetting to everyone in the Hong family.

It was only in the 7th year after they had gotten married that Lan Ruoxi finally had a child. The entire Hong family had been overjoyed, and the celebrations had gone on for a month. On the day that Hong Dali had been born, almost all the influential families had sent their congratulations. Everyone under the Hong family regarded Hong Dali as a lucky child. Almost everyone had given him their most humble smile, trying their best to get into his good books.

But the good times didn’t last. Hong Dali was born weak and sickly. He lacked in his studies. When he grew older, he wasn’t good at business either. His only interest was squandering, squandering in all sorts of manners.

Once upon a time, Mu Yuxi, who was part of the Hong family, had envied Hong Dali’s position.

But it seemed that Hong Dali was on a different level now. Judging by Hong Dali’s performance in recent years, he was probably only at the bottom half of the list. Sure, his parents would take care of him and leave him a fortune, but it wouldn’t mean anything. From the way he was squandering, it would only take 10 or maybe 20 years before he became a pauper with nothing.

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