Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 8 - The Outcome of Squandering

Chapter 8: The Outcome of Squandering

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Facing the situation in front of him, the nightclub boss was sweating profusely. Although he was also considered someone of high status, he had never been caught in a situation like this. He had never dared to consider himself to be on the same level as Hong Dali. At a moment like this, he felt beneath Hong Dali and carefully asked, “Young Master Dali, it’s like this. I’m not sure… if I could speak to you for a moment?”

“Oh? Why so secretive?” Hong Dali finished his drink and turned back to look at the 3 lackeys, tilting his head.

This time, the lackeys caught the hint and walked up to the nightclub boss and searched him from head to toe. Finding nothing suspicious, they reported to Hong Dali: “Young Master, it is safe.”

The nightclub boss did not know whether to laugh or cry. This young man was certainly cautious…

In reality, Hong Dali did not think the nightclub boss would dare to play any tricks—Hong Dali just wanted to show him who was the boss. Observing the nightclub boss and seeing how there were not many customers in the nightclub, Hong Dali knew that the boss had definitely come to him for a reason.

Just as Hong Dali thought, after everyone had left the scene, leaving only Tang Muxin and the nightclub boss, the nightclub boss carefully asked, “Young Master Dali, the business at our nightclub has been lackluster due to inefficient management. It is rare that Young Master Dali visits us, so I just wanted to check if Young Master Dali has any intentions of taking over the nightclub. If so, if Young Master Dali intends to hold any parties or organize any events, it would be more convenient…”

“Oh?” The boss had approached to have him directly take over the nightclub? Hong Dali thought, Is he so anxious to get rid of the nightclub? Seems like they are losing a lot of money every month. This is a rather good opportunity to fulfill my mission as a prodigal. Although this was what came to his mind, he was not the same prodigal as before. He was a prodigal who had aspirations. Hong Dali considered, smiled, and then replied, “Although I am a prodigal, your place is rather expensive. Look at the interior and the building. I might not be able to afford it.”

The nightclub boss wiped his sweat. “A-actually… it is not that expensive. Just 1.5 million for the entire building, including the decorations and the parking lots in front of the building. What’s your decision? Young Master Dali only needs to discuss this with Mr. Hong. This is a place with prospects.”

“Just 1.5 million?” Hong Dali touched his chin slightly. “This way, I could squander quite a big sum of money. I like it!”

Hearing him muttering to himself, Tang Muxin, who had been standing beside him all this while, gave him a sharp kick. “You wastrel! Why don’t you think before acting?! This place is outside of Four Loops; the land is cheap! This building is worth at most 700,000. Asking for 1.5 million is playing tricks on you!”

Xinxin, this is what I’ve been waiting for—to hear you say this! I might be a prodigal, but I am not a sucker!

Hong Dali was over the moon, although appearing to object to her sudden speech. “If I don’t spend so much, how do I show others that I’m different from other prodigals?” Upon hearing this, the nightclub boss grinned. However, Hong Dali then turned back on his words. “But 1.5 million is indeed asking for too much. Even though I get all the support from home for being a wastrel, I can’t possibly have so much money on hand. How do we do this?”

Although Tang Muxin was only Hong Dali’s fiancée in name, she went against him. “Hong Dali! Don’t you dare! Otherwise, I will hit you unconscious and drag you out this moment!”

“All right!” Hong Dali admitted defeat. “I won’t do it this time, okay?!”

Just as he said this, the nightclub boss started to panic. The boss had invested 6 million in this nightclub. He had been in business for three to four years, and as the nightclub was simply too far from the city area, the customer volume had been low; it was barely surviving. After all, being situated at a place like this, consumer spending was low. Without sufficient consumer spending, there was no way the nightclub could make money. With the number of customers decreasing, if the boss did not make use of this opportunity to sell the nightclub, when would a better chance come along?

It wasn’t every day that the famous prodigal Hong Dali came along. If he didn’t grab this chance, he might as well knock his head against a piece of tofu and die. The moment he heard Hong Dali say no, the nightclub boss anxiously lowered his price. “I understand that the price is on the high side. How about this, I’ll give you 20% off. Let’s make it 1.2 million. How does that sound?”

Hong Dali shook his head assertively. “Hm, 1.2 million? That’s still a little too expensive. No, no.”

“Young Master Dali, how much do you think would be appropriate?” The nightclub boss was sweating profusely. In the entirety of Tianjing City, only someone like this prodigal would buy the nightclub. Anyone else would not pay anything more than 600,000 yuan.

Hong Dali rubbed his chin and waved to Ling Xiaoyi, who was standing at the side. “Xiaoyi, come here. I have something to ask you.”

“Coming.” Ling Xiaoyi was quite obedient and promptly but respectfully approached Hong Dali. “Young Master, is there something I can help you with?”

See how well this young lady can speak! Hong Dali asked, “The boss of this nightclub wants to sell me this place. Help me evaluate how much this place should cost.”

The nightclub boss looked at Ling Xiaoyi with hope before suddenly breaking down.

Ling Xiaoyi monotonously responded, “This place is outside of Four Loops. It costs about 1,000 yuan per square meter for a normal home and about 2,500 yuan for a shop. This nightclub takes up about 6,000 square meters of land, and the building takes up about 2,000 square meters. As such, the building should cost around 5 million. However, only level one of the nightclub brings in money. The restaurants and lodging are not worth much. Even including the car park outside and the decorations of the shop front, it should cost around 6 million.”

The nightclub boss was on tenterhooks. He had invested exactly 6 million yuan three years ago. Now that three years had passed, this place was still evaluated at 6 million yuan. Did this not mean that his efforts had been in vain?

That was not all. What Ling Xiaoyi said next was even more ruthless. “Young Master, the houses around this area all belong to commoners with little to no spending power. Those with spending power will not come to this area. If there are any mishaps, it will be barely enough to keep this place open. If business is bad, there should be an average loss of about 4 to 5 thousand monthly. It is not worth it.”

“If that’s the case…” Hong Dali looked at the nightclub boss, amused. “Eh… Boss, this is indeed a good place for losing money…”

Having spent so much effort and money on a place and having had others call this a good place for losing money, the nightclub boss felt conflicted. He could only cautiously reply, “Young Master Dali, it would not be possible to sell this place for 6 million yuan. Look at the location. This place, when the city expands in the future, will definitely be worth more than that…”

“I don’t need you to tell me this.” Hong Dali took a deep breath. “What I’m interested in is the convenience of squandering money here. That’s all. Whether this place will develop in the future, what has that got to do with me?”I have such a strong backing, to be able to conclude this transaction is nothing. Hong Dali was not afraid of anyone’s objections.

“…” The nightclub boss was speechless.

When it came to manipulating others’ thoughts, Hong Dali had not spent two years in psychology school for nothing. He grinned. “But I would not be me if I didn’t squander. I will take over this nightclub and give you another 2 million yuan. That’s 8 million yuan in total. I’ll take it if you wish to sell it. It would indeed be more convenient for me to hold any gatherings in the future.”

This feeling of squandering was simply out of this world. Hahaha! With this additional 2 million yuan, my attribute points will shoot right up!

Eight million yuan, that would mean earning 2 million yuan over a period of three years. That was not a bad deal. The nightclub boss quickly agreed. “Deal. I’ll take Young Master Dali’s word for it and sell you this nightclub!”

Tang Muxin clenched her teeth with anger. “Eight million yuan! Eight million yuan, gone just like that… What’s the use of buying such a lousy place! He maddens me so much!”

“Decisive! I like it!” Hong Dali laughed. “But I have one condition. Since I’ve given you an additional 2 million yuan tip, shouldn’t you do something for me? How about this, I’ll pay you 8 million yuan by installments over two years. If you agree, we’ll sign a contract. If not, the deal is off.”

Hong Dali had a motive for this suggestion. First, paying 4 million yuan a year would be about 350,000 yuan a month. That should be enough to pay off using his own money. Second, the money supposedly had to be spent directly with his own hands in order to earn attribute points. If his family paid for it because the amount was too big, it might not count. It didn’t seem possible that he could just sign a huge bill for the family to pay and earn all the attribute points at once.

“Two years?” The nightclub boss was slightly reluctant. But considering that this was the best price anyone would offer, he clenched his teeth and agreed. “Okay! I agree! Let me prepare the contract now!”

Just as the nightclub boss stepped out, Tang Muxin angrily gave Hong Dali a kick. “You wastrel, who does things like that? I can’t take it anymore! Are you so mad as to just give away an additional 2 million yuan just like that?”

Hong Dali pulled Tang Muxin to his side and gave her a peck on her cheek. “Aiyaya, don’t be so angry, just wait and see. It is also a skill to squander money!”

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