Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 9 - The Unfriendly Brother

Chapter 9: The Unfriendly Brother

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“Go to hell, what skill!” Tang Muxin had been mild-mannered before she had met Hong Dali. However, she soon realized that her blood boiled every time she spoke to him.

That did not bother Hong Dali at all. He was just squandering. The most important thing now was the attribute points given by the system. Money was nothing!

What could squandering earn him? Endless attribute points! Health points! Without health, he could die at any moment, even if he only tripped and fell. What was the use of 10 billion, 100 billion, or 1 trillion? Health was the capital for squandering. An actor once said: “the worst thing is dying without spending money.”

Tang Muxin stood in the corner pouting. That same thought of rejecting this arranged marriage had run through her mind over and over again. On the other hand, Hong Dali had picked up the pen and was ready to sign his name on the contract, ready to hand over 400,000 yuan to the nightclub boss.

Everything was settled. Just at this moment, 48 minutes before midnight, a cold, mechanical voice resounded in Hong Dali’s mind:

“First mission for the host: First squander completed. One bonus attribute point. Total amount squandered: 298,088 yuan, two attribute points can be redeemed. Do you wish to redeem?”

Yes, of course!

Hong Dali added all three attribute points to his health without a second thought. A faint glimmer of light flashed by, and the tight feeling in his chest loosened up. It felt like he had immersed in a tub of warm water—comforting. After a brief moment, Hong Dali felt more energetic.

Wa ha ha ha ha, this system is good! Let’s continue squandering!

At the same time, the same mechanical voice resounded again:

“New host mission: Squander 1 million in a week. Reward: Five bonus attribute points.”

Hong Dali had already bought the nightclub. This was an easy mission for him. He noted that he had to think of a good idea for getting this huge sum of money from his parents.

The crowd started to flow into the nightclub. After all, Hong Dali had announced to the customers that he would foot the bill, and they should invite everyone over. Who would miss such a good chance?

The news spread like wildfire. When Hong Dali finished signing the contract, the entire nightclub was bustling with people. There were at least two or three thousand people in the crowd!

This was the desired scene, the desired effect!

Hong Dali strutted up to the stage with his nine lackeys and grabbed the microphone, yelling, “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go crazy tonight! Everything is on me! Scream my name!”

The crowded roared: “Hong Dali!” “Hong Dali!” “Hong Dali!”

Hong Dali pursed his lips and put his hands behind his ears, implying dissatisfaction. “Is that all? What kind of person am I? Tell me! You are too soft, I cannot hear you!”

The crowd cheered once more.

“Young Master! Young Master!”

“Super prodigal!”

“You are the sun in our universe, the light that leads us through the darkness!”

Hong Dali beamed and waved his hands. “In the future, this place will be mine. From now till next week, everything will be free of charge! Free! What is everyone waiting for? Don’t hold back!”

Free for the whole week! This was some excitable news! The crowd cheered and roared.

“Long live Young Master Dali!”

“Young Master, we love you!”

Now, Hong Dali was satisfied. He waved arrogantly. “Lackeys, let’s go upstairs to take a look!”

Tang Muxin kept her distance from Hong Dali. It was simply too embarrassing to be seen with this wastrel.

This place belonged to Hong Dali now. He decided to look around. Suddenly, a strange voice echoed. “Oh, I was wondering who could have caused such a scene. It is indeed my beloved brother. Haha.” The voice was cold and dripping with sarcasm. Hong Dali turned his head to see a young man in a silver-gray suit walking toward him accompanied by two guards. “Brother, it’s been two years, yet you are still the same, ha ha ha.”

Looking at the young man, several thoughts came to Hong Dali’s mind. His tone is so rude, so we must be on bad terms. To have the guts to speak to me arrogantly, he must be from the same family. I wonder how we are related. We haven’t met for two years, yet he greeted me with such scornful words. Seems like he is jealous. Hmm, look at his shifty eyes scanning Xinxin; this rascal seems to be quite perverted too.

Hong Dali chuckled at his own analysis in such a short moment. He casually replied, “I haven’t changed. How could I miss such a good opportunity to squander? I didn’t expect you to be here, though. Are you here to enjoy the free food? Don’t worry, I already said everything is on me. One more of you won’t make a difference. I just didn’t expect you to be here for the free food.” There was no need to be polite. This young man was certainly not a friend. He might even be an enemy.

To turn up after Hong Dali had announced that he would foot the bill, Hong Dali could at least relegate this man to being a freeloader. Hong Dali’s ambiguous tone made the young man awkward. He froze for a minute before chuckling. He then looked at Tang Muxin, attempting to change the topic. “Ha ha, this young lady is rather pretty. Dali, your taste is unexpectedly good. How should I address you?”

“My fiancée, Tang Muxin.” Hong Dali pulled Tang Muxin into his arms, blocking the young man’s vision. “She has nothing to do with you.”

“Tang Muxin? Your surname is Tang? Are you Tang Ruisi’s daughter?” Learning her name from Hong Dali had distracted him. Tang Ruisi’s father and the Hong family’s ancestors had been friends in life and death. He did not have the guts to touch someone like that. Judging from the awkward situation, he could only make something up. “Um, since she is Tang Ruisi’s daughter, it is certainly none of my business.” The young man moved closer to Hong Dali and grinned. “I’m just here to take a look at this place. At the same time, I have a business proposition for you.”

“Oh? A business proposition? You and me?” Hong Dali was shocked. “What is there to discuss between us?”

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