Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Buy These For Me

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The girl’s voice was deep, and it had a casual tone to it. She continued to spin her phone in her hands.

She did not have the usual cuteness a teenage girl has. Even with her eyes slightly squinted, her orbs were still as black as that of a black diamond. A glint of sharpness and wickedness flashed past it, and although it was for a brief moment, Su Jiu was sure that he saw it.

Her gaze left him deeply stumped. He was always out for international competitions, hence he did not have many chances to see her.

But that did not mean that he didn’t care about Su Huiqing before.

He had almost exploded in sheer anger all because of Su Huiqing. Because that idiot fell head over heels for Zhang Mingxi even though he and Shen Anan made a fool out of her.

Because of that, he brought Su Huiqing to the Chu Family’s military base to train. However, it had only been a week in the base and she decided to leave. She even dared to complain to Su Lun that he had mistreated her!

From then on, Su Jiu stopped caring for her.

But the person standing in front of him, who had a pair of sharp eyes, seemed like an unfamiliar person. She was not the idiot he once knew.

What happened while he was away? It had only been a month and she was already a changed person?!

“Hmm.” Su Jiu fell into deep thought before offering him a faint reply. Despite being very confused, his face remained void of expression. “Xiangyang, who did you hang out with last night?”

Yu Xiangyang was very quick-witted, and he had slightly raised his head to meet Su Huiqing’s eyes.

She stopped spinning her phone and it landed on her fingertips. She broke into a smile and stuffed one of her hands into her pocket. She met eyes with Yu Xiangyang and gave him an indifferent gaze.

Yu Xiangyang was not stupid. He knew that this was his chance to promote himself to her.

Being the smart person he was, he maintained a stoic expression as he answered. “I was with Qingqing. Well, you know how much she admires you. The moment she knew that you came back, she sneaked out in the evening and asked me to bring her to watch you compete.”

Upon hearing Yu Xiangyang’s reply, the hopeful expression on Su Jiu’s face immediately disappeared.

‘Su Huiqing…’

Although he refused to admit to it, this niece of his was indeed a useless piece of trash. Racing? And those spectacular skills? Anyone could be a suspect, but just not her!

Su Jiu was a little disappointed. He finally found a clue, only to know that it wasn’t her.

“Alright, both of you can leave now.” He took out his sunglasses from his pocket and wore it. Before he left, he had glanced at Su Huiqing. “If you want to watch me compete, just tell me. It’s not safe to go to the racing track with just the two of you. Criminals are rampant here in Green City these days.”

“What are we going to do now?” Yu Xiangyang looked at Su Huiqing and smiled as though he was her lackey. He hadn’t realized yet that he’d been instinctively listening to her orders whenever she was around.

Su Huiqing slowly took out a packet of chewing gum.

She turned around and slightly squinted her eyes. “Let’s go home.”

She had only said three words and Yu Xiangyang immediately nodded his head, and he unknowingly took a glance at her. He could not help but think that the current Su Huiqing was becoming more mysterious as time goes.

Ten minutes later, they reached the Su Residences.

Uncle Chen looked at Yu Xiangyang with a bright smile. “Young Master Yu, do join us for lunch!”

Upon hearing that, Yu Xiangyang shamelessly followed Su Huiqing.

“Did you skip lessons again?!” Su Lun looked at Su Huiqing and immediately threw the document in his hands onto the table. He glared at her. “I will check your progress next week. If you still cannot read financial statements, then forget about having pocket money for the rest of the year!”

Su Huiqing threw her bag on the coffee table and sat on the sofa. She then switched her phone on. “Oh.”

And she even did it ever so casually! Although Su Lun thought she looked charming while doing it, her lazy attitude still caused him to hit the ceiling.

“What do you mean by ‘Oh?’” He hit Su Huiqing’s head. “Are you even listening to me?”

Su Huiqing looked up and raised her eyebrow. “I know. You told me to learn how to interpret financial statements, right?”

It stumped Su Lun. There she goes again! Why did he suddenly feel that this brat was shocking him in ways she never did before?

Yu Xiangyang, who was sitting at another corner, looked at Su Lun with admiration. How did he even have the guts to hit Su Huiqing’s head? It was as though he was hitting a cat!

After lunch, Su Huiqing was about to go upstairs when Uncle Chen stopped her.

“Missy, Young Master Yu is not any worse from Young Master Zhang.” Uncle Chen looked at Su Huiqing in all seriousness. “I am very happy that you’re hanging out with the people in Green City now, but you must remember not to offend Young Master Yu. He might lend a helping hand in the future. After all, the more friends you have, the more options you will have in life.”

With that said, he turned around to leave.

“Uncle Chen.” Su Huiqing stuck her leg out and blocked his path.

Uncle Chen turned around in bewilderment.

Su Huiqing took out her identification card from her pocket and gave it to him. She then slightly curled her lips up as she said, “Help me register an account with the stock exchange bank.”

Her tone was very faint, but it sounded like an absolute order. Before Uncle Chen could even react, she had already turned around to walk up the stairs.

She continued walking casually with her hand placed on the railing. Her expression looked a little strange.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Xiangyang curiously asked while walking beside her.

Su Huiqing side-eyed him before taking out a key from her pocket with her slender fingers. In a lazy tone of voice, she said, “He told me to suck up to you.”


Yu Xiangyang was not careful and fell on the stairs.

“Young Master Yu, are you okay?” Uncle Chen asked in a worried tone of voice.

Yu Xiangyang quickly stood up. “I am fine.”

Suck up to him? Did she even need to do that?

She could already surpass all the heirs in Green City with her current capabilities. All the heirs are on their way to start their careers. But Shen Anan and Zhang Mingxi, the outstanding ones of the bunch, were better than the others.

Su Huiqing, on the other hand, had already surpassed them by a large mile. She even surpassed Su Jiu when it came to racing.

Everyone in Green City was all praises that Shen Anan was incredibly smart and gifted. They even claimed that she was more of a Su Family predecessor than Su Huiqing. Who would have known that Su Huiqing, who everyone labeled as a useless piece of trash, might not even be taking them seriously, too?

“What are you doing?” When they reached Su Huiqing’s room, the warm ambiance surprised Yu Xiangyang. The room indeed seemed strikingly different from her personality.

Su Huiqing sat on the chair with her legs crossed.

With her eyes lowered, she wrote something down on a piece of paper.

The exact moment Yu Xiangyang finished his sentence, she had already finished writing her last word as well. She spun the black fountain pen. “Do me a favor.”

She raised her head and squinted her eyes.

“Of course.” Yu Xiangyang patted his chest.

Su Huiqing stuffed the paper into his hands and threw the pen onto her study table. She stood upright and said in a faint tone of voice, “Buy these for me.”

Upon reading the contents on the paper, Yu Xiangyang felt a little stumped.

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