Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Playing in the Stock Market

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Chu Xuning leaned over to take a look, but he could only see a blurry figure.

“So, you find this familiar?” He pointed at the screen where they could only see a tuft of black hair. He almost laughed out in sheer bewilderment.

It was just a bunch of black hair, yet he could recognize the person?

Yu Shijin raised his head. His eyes were extremely black and had a cold glint in it.

“However…” Chu Xuning paused for a moment and passed over the investigation file to Yu Shijin. “The Yu Family definitely has some form of connection with her.”

“Yu Family?” Yu Shijin leaned on the chair and his long fingertips slid down the white sheet of paper. He squinted his eyes.

“Relax, Young Master Yu. Even if I have to flip the whole of Green City over, I will find this person for you in three days!” Chu Xuning promised Yu Shijin.

But Yu Shijin merely glanced at him and did not speak. He only had his finger pressed on the space bar.

The car drifted beautifully, and it dangerously drove past the arc!

To be able to control the car and execute such a technique, and even casually snatching his subordinate’s phone…

If this person truly wanted to hide from him, Chu Xuning may not be able to find out who she was, even with the influence of the Chu Family. He did not dare tell him that.

The Yu Family’s white car drove on the road.

Inside the car.

Su Huiqing leaned against the backseat and played with her phone.

Yu Xiangyang had thrown his backpack on the front passenger seat, but he still sat at the back. With a cautious look, he told Su Huiqing, “Let me tell you something. Brother Mingxi is planning to cancel his engagement with you.”

The atmosphere immediately turned grim after he spoke.

Su Huiqing had her head lowered, but she then tilted her head towards his direction. Her face was naturally exquisite, and she was staring at him with a calm gaze and with a casual smile.

However, no matter how he looked at her, Yu Xiangyang felt that the current Su Huiqing was quite dangerous… despite her soft smile. It seemed to bring about a sinister intent.

“I… I know that you like brother Mingxi.” Yu Xiangyang’s body trembled and he gulped down his saliva. “So I’m only telling you this in advance such that you can give Grandpa Su a heads-up and take preventive measures. As long as Grandpa Su does not relent, it will not be easy for the Zhang Family to turn down the marriage.”

“Why must I tell grandpa?” Su Huiqing had raised her brow before she lowered her head to continue playing on her phone. Her eyes were cold and stern as she spoke word by word. “I can’t wait for him to turn down the marriage.”

Even if he did not want to turn down the marriage, she had her ways to make him turn it down!

Despite her words, Yu Xiangyang did not believe her. “It’s okay. Tell him that the racing car driver he saw last night was you, and for sure he won’t turn down the marriage. I know that you are sad since you even jumped in the river for him…”

Su Huiqing glanced at him and narrowed her gaze. “Shut up.”

Her voice was very soft—extremely soft—but Yu Xiangyang’s body trembled in fear, and he curled into a ball at the side of the car door.

‘Damn! Such a strong presence! And tyrannical as well!’

He had indeed gone blind in the past!

Su Huiqing rolled down the car window, and she hung a hand out while her other hand continued to play with her phone. By then she had lowered her eyes, and with the sun shining on her, the rays outline the beautiful features of her side-view.

She might look indifferent, but Yu Xiangyang knew deep down how dangerous this person was and that her two hands had an explosive strength.

At the same time, he knew why no one had noticed this side of her before. It was all because her pretense was too… perfect.

Yu Xiangyang took out his phone and played with it for a while. When he lifted his eyes, he noticed a bunch of red and green on Su Huiqing’s phone screen. “What are you doing?”

“Casually looking,” Su Huiqing said with a laid-back attitude.

Yu Xiangyang leaned over. “You are looking at stocks! Do you even understand what is going on?!”

He swore that there were no hints of despise in his tone of voice and that he was merely just expressing his shock since everybody knows that Big Missy Sue did not understand a simple financial report.

Yet, she was looking at stocks! Did she even understand the candlestick chart? Did she know what black crows were? Golden Pillar Stocks? Long term and short term? Golden Cross?

‘Of course not!’ He did not dare to say it out since he was just a high-school student and was not entirely knowledgeable about such things. Also, he feared that Su Huiqing might subdue him.

Su Huiqing did not mind his tone and instead, switched her phone off before spinning it once more in her hands. She then squinted her eyes.

“When did you start looking at stocks? Are you in need of money?” Yu Xiangyang recalled Su Ruohua’s words on Su Huiqing’s card being frozen at the car park that day.

“I am indeed in need of money.” Su Huiqing pulled a gentle laugh. The body she was in was too weak, and she needed cash to buy all the things she required.

Yu Xiangyang looked at her and said, “How much do you need? I can lend you the money.”

He knew his place and behaved well, thus the Yu Family naturally did not freeze his card and he had an abundant asset that he could freely use.

“You do not have enough money, but…” She stopped spinning her phone and gripped his hand in a swift motion. “But you can lend me some money to play and I will return double the amount.”

Yu Xiangyang took out his phone. “How much do you need? I will transfer it over to you. Forget about returning the money, for I don’t have as much hope for any returns from your investment! I can only pray that you do not mess up the stock market and disturb those shareholders.”

Su Huiqing told him her account number and remained quiet after hearing his words.

‘Not to mess up the stock market?’ Su Huiqing narrowed her gaze. If she wanted to play in the stock market, she had to play seriously.

It had been eight years since she last played in the stock market.

It was around the age of the body she was in as well.


The car suddenly came to a stop!

With a calm demeanor, Su Huiqing did not budge at all and calmly leaned against the backseat.

On the other hand, Yu Xiangyang bumped into the car front and clutched his head in pain. “Ouch! Damn it! I’m going to go and see what is happening!”

After he got down from the car, the car door of the car that had blocked their way also opened. A long and slender leg extended out, followed by maroon-colored hair. As he took off his sunglasses and looked towards Yu Xiangyang, he had exposed his handsome features.

Yu Xiangyang swallowed his words back into his throat and stuttered. “Su… Su… Ah! God Su?!”

It was Su Jiu. He placed his sunglasses into his pocket and moved his gaze to the person sitting at the backseat. “Who is in there?”

‘Who is in there? Is she not your niece?’ Yu Xiangyang was momentarily stumped before a light bulb went off in his head. He recalled the incident that had happened last night.

Did Su Jiu find out?

The gears in Yu Xiangyang’s brain started turning in a desperate attempt to find an excuse.


At that moment, someone opened the car door of the backseat.

A figure leaned out. She had long black hair with slightly squinted eyes, and she was spinning her phone with one hand. Against the sunlight, one could not clearly see her features.

After she had alighted from the car, she placed her phone into her pocket and turned her head towards them.

She smirked and slowly said, “Little Uncle.”

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