Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Do You Need Help?

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Yu Xiangyang glanced at Su Huiqing. She had lowered her head, which made it difficult for him to see her expression.

However, he noticed her tightly gripped fingers on her school bag and knew that she was getting annoyed.

The group of girls had hatred in their eyes. The short-haired girl coldly scoffed, “Move? We’re here to warn you that a useless piece of trash like you should act like one. If you play any tricks on Anan again, we will not spare you even if you belong to the Su Family!”

Yu Xiangyang silently stepped back and threw a pitiful gaze on the group of girls.

Su Huiqing slowly placed her schoolbag on the corner of the stairs, and she tilted her head.

The group of girls had already surrounded her and the short-haired leader reached out to grab her hair.


The short-haired girl was quick, but after Su Huiqing had spent a night cultivating and soaking in the ancient jade’s holy energy, her eye vision improved drastically.

She looked at the girl with squinted eyes before raising her right hand to grab the short-haired girl’s wrist!

Everyone witnessed the scene in shock. Su Huiqing gripped the short-haired girl’s wrist with her right hand while her left hand was still stuffed in her pocket.

The girl was in disbelief and pain!

The short-haired girl wanted to raise her other hand, but Su Huiqing had already loosened her grip. She stepped on the girl’s chest and then bent down. In an indifferent tone, she said, “One can be dumb, but one cannot be brainless.”

“I can’t blame you for your lack of judgment, and it’s fine if you’re only using me as a target. But the baseline for all of this is you shouldn’t provoke me.” She moved away and bent down to grab her school bag with a finger. Then she stepped back and left.

“Oh, right…” Before she had completely gone away, she tilted her head and pulled a gentle smile. Despite the gentleness, there still was a hint of evilness to it. “Don’t ever make me hit you because there are two outcomes. One is death…”

Her voice was soft, yet her presence was especially oppressive. When she spat out the word ‘death,’ it made all the girls’ hairs stand on end!

“The second is…” Su Huiqing narrowed her gaze on them and her indolent eyes instantly turned furious. “You will end up being as good as dead.”

With that, she stretched. When she tilted her head once again, her face had reverted to her usual nonchalance.

She unwrapped a piece of chewing gum and gripped her school bag before walking up the stairs.

The person with such a strong presence was Su Huiqing?!

That lazy girl who had stunned them with just a few words was Su Huiqing?!

The girls who stood at the second level stairway all broke out into a cold sweat. Recovering from their shock, they blankly stared at each other.

Su Huiqing walked to her class and entered.

Class sixteen of the fifth level was the weakest class among all the third-year classes. It consisted of students who lived each day idly. By then, it was already the period for exam preparations, and yet rowdy noises still filled the classroom.

Only when a certain person stood at the classroom entrance, did the class hushed down.

It was as though someone suddenly pressed a stop button.

Su Huiqing scanned the classroom. Her face was as white as snow, and she had distinct features. Her long eyelashes fluttered, but her gaze and expression remained cold. There was even a hint of laziness to it.

She quickly spotted her seat at the last row and lazily walked towards it.


The way she had placed her school bag on her desk shocked her seatmate, Qu Yan, who was playing her game with much enthusiasm.

Between both of them, one was a useless missy while the other was a parvenu and a missy from the Qu Family. The class looked down on both, and so sitting next to each other deemed fit.

Qu Yan raised her head. She had her mouth wide open in shock as she looked at Su Huiqing. “Did you sit in the wrong place?”

“If this is Su Huiqing’s seat…” Su Huiqing took out her books, and then she tilted her head towards the girl. She continued, “Then I sat at the right seat.”

When she spoke those words, everyone in the class drew a sharp, icy breath.

Su Huiqing did not bother with their gazes and merely took her books out one by one.

Qu Yan noticed her peculiar actions. She leaned over before she said in a hurt tone, “Qingqing, have you set your mind to study well? And not be my companion anymore?!”

Su Huiqing did not answer her. After she had stacked her books properly, she leaned over her desk and slept!

She was busy the entire night and thus did not have a good night’s sleep. As such, she needed to catch up on her sleep.

“So you’re just trying to sleep? You scared me! I thought you…” Qu Yan patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Huiqing suddenly opened her eyes and coldly stared at her. She then spat out two words: “Shut up.”

Despite the soft tone, Su Huiqing had said those words imposingly. It thoroughly surprised Qu Yan that she immediately kept quiet.

As she played a game on her phone, she glanced at Su Huiqing from time to time. She started getting engrossed in her game that she started to shout profanities. After being killed in-game, she even banged her head on the table to express her frustration. “F*ck! Why did I die again? What kind of stupid…”

Qu Yan muttered and furiously hit the desk.

Her voice was too loud.

Su Huiqing pursed her lips and raised her head. She looked at Qu Yan with a deep gaze and then snatched her phone with one hand, while her free hand unwrapped a piece of chewing gum.

Qu Yan was still muttering when Su Huiqing snatched her phone away. She then stared blankly at Su Huiqing.

Her fair fingers tapped on the screen. Ultimate skill, buff, cooldown…


She passed the level that Qu Yan was stuck at!

Qu Yan’s heart took a dip. She was a proficient gamer. Since the developer of the game she was playing was the International Association, only a few passed that certain level. But for some reason, Su Huiqing passed the level so easily?!

She was not even done yet!

She quickly passed the following level as well!

Finally, she was at the last level where only several people in the country passed!

‘Oh my god! Su Huiqing, what are you trying to do!?’

When she passed the last level, Su Huiqing spat out the chewing gum in her mouth. She threw the phone on the table with a ‘bang’ and turned her head towards Qu Yan. She raised her brows. “Can you stop interrupting my sleep now?”

“Oh.” Qu Yan blankly nodded her head.

She then looked at her phone screen which exploded with friend invitations and glanced at Su Huiqing, who by then had slumped over her desk again.

She had only helped her win the game because it interrupted her sleep?

The last lesson was physical education. Thus, Qu Yan messily packed her bag and stared at Su Huiqing with a worshipping gaze. “Qingqing, let’s skip school and I will treat you to a barbecue!”

Su Huiqing glanced at her. She had stroked her chin before nodding her head. “Sure.”

Qu Yan was one of the few friends that Su Huiqing had in the past.

“After this road, there is a barbecue stall that sells delicious food. I found out about it recently.” Qu Yan brought her down a small alley. “You will want to buy again from that stall…”

Qu Yan suddenly stopped talking.

Su Huiqing lazily raised her head. A few young men stood at the alley entrance. They had bleached yellow hair and cigarettes in their mouths, and they seemed to look like a hooligan.

When they saw Qu Yan, one of them spat out his cigarette and patted her shoulder. “Parvenu, spare us a little money? We need money to take back our turf.”

Qu Yan silently pushed Su Huiqing behind her and took out her school bag. She then cautiously asked, “How much do you need? I will give it to you.”

It seemed like she was used to being extorted for money.

Su Huiqing could only see Qu Yan’s back view. Seeing as this was the first time someone stood in front of her, she gently sighed.

She reached out and took away the money that Qu Yan had just taken out.

At the same time, a soft laugh was heard from behind. “Missy Su, do you need some help?”

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