Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: We Can Work With the Su Corporation

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Su Huiqing turned her head slightly and saw a slender figure standing not too far away from her. He had handsome features, and he was holding a phone in his hands.

Upon seeing that Su Huiqing was looking at him, he curled his lips up to form a faint smile.

It was Chu Xuning.

After she had taken a quick look at him, she then casually shifted her gaze away.

“Are you an idiot? How could you not know me?” Huang Mao retracted his smile and gave Su Huiqing a harsh look. With disdain coating his tone of voice, he berated, “Are you not aware that Green City isn’t safe to roam around nowadays? Corpses would pop out now and then!”

Qu Yan’s face turned pale, and she could not help but bow down. “Sorry, Brother Biao! My friend didn’t mean it. Sorry, sorry!”

“Qingqing… apologize to Brother Biao now!” Despite her words, Su Huiqing still stood rooted beside her, seemingly unmoved. Qu Yan suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

Huang Mao’s lackey took a knife and maliciously pounced onto Su Huiqing.

“This girl is so stubborn.” Chu Xuning’s heart skipped a beat. He stowed his phone away and was about to go up to them.

Even if he did not know Su Huiqing, he would still help her whenever she faces such a situation.

“There’s no need.” He was just about to raise his feet when a deep voice drifted into his ear.

Chu Xuning turned around in bewilderment. “Brother Yu?”

Yu Shijin turned his head around to look at Su Huiqing. His eyes looked especially black while his features looked outrageously noble and handsome. His delicate hair cast a faint shadow on his forehead, making his face seem more mysterious than ever. “Her posture shows it all. Regardless of which angle she attacks from, her posture gives her an absolute advantage. Didn’t you say that she attended the military training organized by the Chu Family before?”

Upon hearing that, Chu Xuning looked at Su Huiqing again, seemingly in disbelief. “Well, she attended the training before, but she made the instructor so angry that he chased her out!”

Yu Shijin did not carry on the conversation, only looking at Su Huiqing with a deep gaze.

Su Huiqing remained as indifferent as ever. With a stack of red notes in her right hand and her left hand stuffed in her pocket, she squinted her eyes towards the crowd.


In a split second, she sent the man holding the knife flying to the ground with a raise of her leg.

Nobody knew what had happened. No one saw how the situation unfolded.


A shadow flashed past them. The cigarette between Huang Mao’s fingers dropped.

‘Peng! Peng! Peng!’

One minute later, Su Huiqing still stood at her original spot. Her eyes looked as indifferent as ever, but it looked especially beautiful and innocent.

She flicked through the stack of red notes before tilting her head and curling her lips up. In a cold voice, she said, “Apologize.”

“Sorry, Miss Qu. I won’t do it again!” Huang Mao and the others knelt on the ground.

“I—It’s fine…” Qu Yan was a little flustered by the situation.

Su Huiqing had stuffed the money into her pocket before pacing over.

She picked Huang Mao up by his shirt and took the knife away from him with her left hand. She lightly patted the edge of the knife on his face and narrowed her eyes at him. The smile on her face looked more sinister than usual. “If I see you extorting money from people again, you will get it from me! Do you understand?”

Huang Mao’s knees turned wobbly, and as Su Huiqing lifted him from the ground, goosebumps sprang up to his entire body.

“My goodness! I won’t ever dare to do it again! Please spare me!”

All the people lying on the ground immediately went on their knees.

“It’s good that you understand.” Su Huiqing retracted her gaze and let go of him.

Huang Mao landed on the ground with a thud.

He muttered a quick ‘thank you for sparing us’ to her before helping his terrified men up. He then scurried away with them.

They even fell a few times in the process.

Qu Yan finally snapped out of her trance after a long time. She looked at Su Huiqing with wide-opened eyes, seemingly in disbelief. “Qingqing?”

Su Huiqing took the money out again and turned around. She looked at Qu Yan and squinted her eyes. “How far are we from the barbeque shop?”

Her expression was indifferent, and her slightly squinted eyes only made her seem more lazy than usual. Even her voice sounded very casual.

It was as though it was very normal to beat hooligans up into a pulp for her.

Qu Yan became stumped again.

“Xuning, you can disperse your forward intelligence teams from now on.” Yu Shijin turned around and his gaze darkened.

Chu Xuning gave a light chuckle and in a deep voice, he said, “My teams? I am afraid that she deceived the whole of Green City. A useless piece of trash? How is her illegitimate sister even better than her? All I can say is that she’s a mysterious person indeed.”

Yu Shijin did not carry on the conversation and lit up a cigarette. With the smoke masking his eyes, nobody could read what he was thinking behind his pitch-black eyes.

How can a dumb person have such superb control over her body? Not to mention that intense gaze of hers.

“Take extra precautions for the next few days,” said Yu Shijin in a faint tone of voice. By then, the smoke from his cigarette covered his cold and handsome face. “More fugitives escaped, and they are all heading towards Green City.”

“Although that person is already dead, the mercenary regiment is still around. How are there so many fugitives?” Chu Xuning furrowed his eyebrows.

Yu Shijin did not reply to him, only blowing smoke out of his mouth. “We can work with the Su Corporation.”

With that said, he stepped on the butt of his cigarette on the ground and left.

Su Huiqing and Qu Yan finished their barbeque and headed back to the Su Family.

She had just reached home when she immediately saw a middle-aged man sitting in front of Su Lun. He had very distinct features and it was obvious that he was a handsome lad in his younger days.

Upon noticing Su Huiqing’s presence, that person immediately stood up as her presence had surprised him. However, her presence only made his blood boil, and he looked at her with an icy gaze. “You are so heartless.”

“Zhixing.” Su Lun coughed. “Qingqing did not do it on purpose. Let’s not blow things up.”

Although Shen Zhixing was furious, he decided to keep his anger in since he was in somebody else’s house. He looked at Su Lun. “Dad, we shall not talk about this now. But why did you end Anan’s contract?”

“There was something wrong with Shen Anan’s proposal.” Su Lun slightly furrowed his eyebrows. “This has nothing to do with Qingqing. It was my decision.”

“Nothing to do with her?” Shen Zhixing scoffed and his expression turned a little distorted. “Ever since she was young, Su Huiqing did so many bad things to Anan and you know it! Why must we always give way to her?”

If it was in the past, he definitely would not be so stubborn. However, his daughter turned out to be a genius. He naturally had to stand up for her. “If this carries on, I definitely wouldn’t ask Anan to help Su Huiqing again.”

Su Lun did not know how to answer him. After all, the main point was that he had to compensate her. Hence, he took out a card which he had prepared long ago.

“The Su Corporation is willing to compensate Anan. Take it.”

Su Huiqing stood frozen to the ground and a realization struck her.

So, it seemed that this person in front of her was her bastard daddy. No wonder he looked at her as though he wanted to eat her up.

It seemed that he was seeking justice for his precious daughter.

Ask Shen Anan to help her? Did she even need help?

Su Huiqing curled her lips up to form a cold smile.


She threw her bag onto the table and calmly walked towards Su Lun. She slightly bent down and took the credit card away from him.

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