Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: A Life of Overturn

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Three people sat on the sofa. On one side was Su Lun.

The other two were Zhang Zheng and Zhang Mingxi.

When they saw who had arrived, the three of them, especially Zhang Zheng, froze.

The girl who stood not far away wore a simple blouse and had her unzipped school jacket placed over her shoulders. She had her eyes slightly lowered as she threw them a cold stare. Her eyes were so deep that one could not see the end, and that made Zhang Zheng’s heart clench in fear.

But once he stared at her again, the girl returned to her lazy state.

It was Su Huiqing?

Zhang Zheng was a bit hesitant, but he recalled his agenda for coming over. He said, “It is great that you’re back. Grandpa Su, can we have a proper discussion about breaking off the engagement now?”

“Your old master and I agreed on the marriage. Even everyone in Green City knows about this marriage. Are you aware of the extent of the consequences it will cause to the Su Family if you break it off?” Su Lun’s face morphed into an ominous expression and his eyes turned bloody cold. It was unlike the gentle and warm expression Su Huiqing was used to seeing.

“The Zhang Family will rightfully compensate the Su Family,” Zhang Zheng said in a calm tone. “For the project in the South, I will increase my investment funding to help you settle your requirements. If it is not enough, then we will give another 10,000,000 yuan. If you still do not agree, then our Zhang Corporation will withdraw our investment.”

The Su Corporation had opened up a development zone on the south side and invested all of their liquid funds and real estate properties. If the Zhang Family withdrew its investment, the Su Family would suffer great losses!

Zhang Zheng was so ruthless!

“You?!” Su Lun was so angry that his face was fuming red. He patted his chest as he entered a coughing fit. He couldn’t believe that the man he was looking at was Zhang Zheng!

“Grandpa.” A voice resounded from the top.

The voice was calm yet laced with a coldness. Su Huiqing’s insouciant attitude usually outraged Su Lun, but he never thought that her words would easily comfort him when needed.

It was as though the person was his backbone.

“Su Huiqing!” Zhang Mingxi, who had kept mum the whole time, finally stood up. He looked at Su Huiqing in disdain. “When will you break off the engagement?! I’ve already told you that I don’t like you. Whenever I see you, I feel utterly disgusted! We are way too different from each other! If you won’t break it off, then I will make a way for it to happen!”

“Isn’t it just breaking off the engagement?” Su Huiqing poured a glass of water for Su Lun. When she heard those words, she raised her head to look at Zhang Mingxi and pulled a smirk. “I agree to it, then.”

With that, the entire living room entered a state of silence. Then they raised their heads and looked at Su Huiqing.

With her eyes lowered, no one could see her the emotions it held.

“Qingqing…” Su Lun gripped her hand, and he said in a quivering voice, “What are you saying?”

He knew how much this child liked Zhang Mingxi.

“Since Qingqing agreed…” Zhang Zheng stood up right away as he feared that Su Huiqing might regret her decision in the next second. He said, “Then we will leave the matter like this. I will hold a press conference soon.”

With that, he brought Zhang Mingxi out of the Su Residences without hesitation. The longer they would stay, the more the Su Family would not let them leave.

“Zhang Zheng!” Su Lun stood up in anger.

“Let them leave.” Su Huiqing stood still with squinted eyes, and she had her hands in her pockets.

Her eyes showed an obvious distinction between black and white, while her voice had a hint of coldness.

Su Lun turned back to look at Su Huiqing. He looked as though he had aged by ten years, and his wrinkled face was filled with guilt. “Qingqing, grandpa failed to protect you…”

Hearing that, Su Huiqing raised her brow and patted Su Lun’s shoulder before pulling a gentle smile. “Grandpa, the Su Corporation will flourish even more in the future. As for Zhang Mingxi, with his attitude, one could tell that he’s not a good person. Please be rest assured that I have already seen through him and will not pursue him.”

“You…” That sentence made Su Lun freeze on the spot. He raised his head to give a look of shock at Su Huiqing.

She lazily stood there with a calm demeanor. Her black eyes showed no sadness and only had a coldness in it.

“What do you know?” Her look made Su Lun regain his usual energized look. “How can this matter be so simple? Haven’t you ever thought about how you will marry in the future if you break off this engagement?”

“About this matter…” Su Huiqing took out her phone and tilted her head. She then raised her brows. “The less you should worry! People who like me are enough to go one round around the earth.”

“You cheeky brat,” Su Lun chided.

After Su Lun had calmed down, Su Huiqing kept her phone and proceeded upstairs.

But when she turned around, the calmness on her face disappeared.

After Uncle Chen saw her expression, he silently sighed. Despite Young Missy saying that she did not care, it probably still made her sad.


Su Huiqing sat before the computer and leaned against her chair.

The light from the computer cast a shadow of her body, and such lighting made her look slender and exquisite. Her fingers were as smooth as jade, and it tapped on her keyboard.

She was indeed pondering over a matter, but unlike what Uncle Chen thought, she was not thinking about the Zhang Family’s matter.

People such as Zhang Mingxi had a minor effect on her. Sure, in Zhang Mingxi’s eyes, Su Huiqing was far too different from him. But then again, it was the same in her eyes as well. Even if the Zhang Family did not start that conversation, she would make them willingly propose breaking off the engagement.

Instead, she was thinking about the International Association.

She had personally caught ‘Wind’ before and placed him in jail. However, he escaped. So what about the others?

What was happening in the International Association now?

Su Huiqing pursed her lips. She should not be pondering over such matters since she was no longer the Su Huiqing of the past. She didn’t need to undertake such matters.

The incident that happened earlier on made her aware that she was Su Huiqing, the young miss of the Su Family in Green City.

Su Huiqing sat up straight and her fair and long fingers tapped on the black keyboard.

Slowly, she erased Su S syllable by syllable.

And keyed in four words.

‘A Life Of Overturn.’

The bathroom was shrouded in mist.

Su Huiqing wiped away the mist in the mirror and it revealed a fresh and beautiful face. It was an exquisite and pretty face, and it also looked innocent—just like how seventeen-year-old girls are supposed to look.

The Zhang Residences.

“Did both of you go to the Su Residences to break off the engagement?” A madam, dressed in a black cheongsam, asked. She was wearing a frigid expression as she saw two men coming over.

“Mom, it is not as if you don’t know Su Huiqing, that good-for-nothing! Do you want her to ruin my entire life in her hands?” Zhang Mingxi’s face turned grim. “Anan is better than her by ten thousand times, so why are you always protecting that useless good-for-nothing?”

Madam Zhang raised her head and looked at her husband and son before sighing. “Trust is the most important quality for businessmen. How would others look upon our Zhang Family now?”

“Would people look at me in a better light if I married that useless good-for-nothing?” Zhang Mingxi was so frustrated that his disgust for Su Huiqing grew.

“Mingxi…” Madam Zhang looked at her son with a serious look on her face. She was at the cafe today and saw Su Huiqing and Su Zhi. She was a cheerful child. “I hope you will not regret the decision that you made today.”

“What is there to be regretful about?” Zhang Mingxi mocked. “I can’t wait to tell this piece of news to the world!”

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