Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Surname Su, A Single Letter S.

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The entire scene turned silent.

They never thought that the slender girl would be so calm.

Was she too confident or too dumb?

Chu Xuning and the group of the men in black suits behind him furrowed their brows.

They hated it whenever civilians such as Su Huiqing got involved with their missions. They’re the type who are so dumb they could not differentiate what is important or not!

The person in front of them was a fugitive from the International Association. Despite being in Green City for a few days, it was only then that they had tracked him down. This was proof of his capability.

“Piece of sh*t!” Chu Xuning’s face darkened. He cursed, “Did you think that you became smarter? Do you not know when to give in? Did you think that you have nine lives by defying us?!”

Chu Xuning’s men had already brought Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan to the back. Both then looked at the murderous look on the group of men and Chu Xuning’ agitated look.

Both of them had a change in expression. No matter how dumb they were, stopping Chu Xuning’s men was not easy.

Within that group of people, only Yu Shijin had no change in expression. Instead, he changed his posture and his black eyes stared at Su Huiqing’s hand.

Not only did Su Huiqing shock Chu Xuning and the others, but it even stumped the skinny fugitive as well.

He stopped strangling Su Huiqing’s neck. ‘This expression and tone!’

‘It was so familiar!’

At that moment, Su Huiqing turned her head and the vital energy within her body rushed to her right arm!

She reached out and harshly hit the man’s chest!

She then tilted her wrist to raise her schoolbag in the air. Afterward, she threw it to his head.

Her movements were swift and sharp, such that regular people would not be able to escape from her.


The fugitive reacted by reaching his two hands out at a speed so fast that normal people lacked!

He pounced towards Su Huiqing!

“I have not formally introduced myself.” Amid his swift attack, Su Huiqing held her school bag with one hand while she stuffed her other hand into her pocket. She calmly looked towards the fugitive.

“My surname is Su.” She then smirked, and she said syllable by syllable, “And my name is S.”


The fugitive’s swift motion suddenly stopped. He was not even 3 centimeters away from Su Huiqing’s neck!

He froze for a second before he snapped back to his senses. He wanted to run away afterward.


A tall man appeared in front of Su Huiqing, and he kicked forward.

The fugitive fell to the ground while the man stood before Su Huiqing. His body was against the light from the street lamp post.

The feeling of cold loneliness yet nobility exuded from him.

Su Huiqing raised her brow. Her punch did not affect the fugitive. But with one kick from the man, she did not expect that the fugitive could not even get up from the ground.

“May we have a pleasant cooperation.” Su Huiqing tilted her head and met Yu Shijin’s eyes for the first time. She smiled and complimented, “You have pretty good skills.”

Yu Shijin stood up straight and looked towards her with deep eyes. Then, with a deep voice, he said, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Although it was a simple conversation, Yu Shijin knew the schemes the other had in that quick minute.

Not only did she predict that he would save her, but she also calculated the timing right. She knew how he could take the fugitive down with just one blow. On the other hand, this was Yu Shijin’s first time having such good chemistry with another person. Su Huiqing casually subdued the tough fugitive.

Su Huiqing gave him a soft smile. She then took her school bag before dawdling towards the exit.

Chu Xuning and the group of men unknowingly opened up a pathway for her.

All were blood-thirsty men. But this was the first time a person, other than Yu Shijin, stumped them.

“I heard there’s an ongoing investigation about the mercenary regiments’ leaders’ death. Without that person in the International Association, all these fugitives went crazy!” After Su Huiqing left, a few men in black suits caught the fugitive and sighed. As they saw the fugitive’s broken ribcage, they got a shock. “Who was that person earlier? She cooperated well with Young Master Yu! Why was she around here?”

Yu Shijin did not speak and merely played with the lighter.


A light blue fire rose and cast a shadow over him. He looked especially mysterious.

“You may not believe me…” Chu Xuning replied, “That person is the famous useless piece of trash in Green City.”

“What?” One of the men almost fell. “Useless? Chu Xuning, I didn’t hear it wrong, did I?”

Chu Xuning shook his head. “Don’t ask me! I think I have gone crazy, too!”

A useless piece of trash worked with Yu Shijin? They even easily caught a famous fugitive from the International Association! If this was not something worth being crazy about, then what was?

Su Huiqing was not aware that she was the major topic of discussion by a line of people who stood at the pinnacle of success and influence. She continued to trudge down the streets.

Beside her were Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan.

Behind them followed two cars. One black and the other white. They drove very slowly.

The fugitive earlier was not strong, but he had a talent for fast speed. His nickname was…


Many mercenary regiments and special force teams were under his command.

And the human lives in his hands were even more!

She knew this fugitive. Not only did she know him, but she sent him to jail in the International Association before.

However, she was far from being his match. Hence, she could only wheel and deal.

Her name was simple. It was just a word, Su.

There was also a person in the international arena who added an S at the back.

‘Su S!’

It was a mere two-syllable name, yet it was well known in the International Association. Whenever people in the International Association hear her name, they would think twice before making trouble!

Hence, after Su Huiqing said her name earlier on, the fugitive named Wind momentarily froze. That allowed Yu Shijin an opportunity to knock him out.

But now…

Su Huiqing paused her footsteps and squinted her eyes. She then slowly tidied her hair.

The two cars, along with Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan, stopped as well. They blankly stared at her, confused as to why she abruptly stopped.

“It’s nothing.” Su Huiqing patted both of them on the shoulder with a calm expression. “You must be hungry. Let’s go home and eat.”

The Su Residences.

Su Huiqing got down from the car and carried her school bag. But once she raised her leg, she stopped. She had her eyes lowered and her lips curled into a faint, icy smile.

“What’s wrong?” Qu Yan peeked out.

“It’s nothing.” Su Huiqing tidied her hair and tilted her head. “Uncle, please send Miss Qu home safely.”

In the Su Residences, there were a few people on the sofa. And the ambiance was rather unpleasant.

A middle-aged man with a square face placed the teacup down. He said in an arrogant tone, “Old Master, you should be well aware of how your young missy looks. From head to toe, there is nothing on her that is worthy of Mingxi. I don’t want my son to suffer. As with such excellent qualities, he honestly deserves better.”

The entire scene turned silent.

At that moment, a ‘bang’ resounded.

The sound was a little loud and everyone looked towards the direction of the noise.

Su Huiqing casually threw her school bag on the table. She then turned her head towards the sofa before smiling.

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