Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Are You Sure You Want to Get In My Way?

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The two of them stood at a corner not too far away from the training room.

Yu Shijin was wearing a black dress shirt. With his head slightly lowered, his delicate hair cast a shadow on his eyes that made him look mysterious. His fingers looked especially fair and slender as he played with a green object in his hands. In a casual tone of voice, he said, “It is pretty interesting.”

“Young Master Yu, are we going to see Professor Luo now?” asked Xie Zhengyuan in a deep voice.

Yu Shijin did not continue the conversation, only slightly leaning against the car while looking at the crowd ahead.

There were a bunch of rich kids crowding right in front of them. They were currently pushing at each other on the door. It was as if they refused to leave the place.

“I am a fan of Su Jiu. He mentioned before that there were distinct ranks at the International Association! Everything there is simple yet cruel and they had to depend on themselves. Just look at the car behind that man. It’s a black car with no brand nor plate number, but they painted an orchid on it.” A young man spoke as he could not hide the excitement within him. “Although I don’t know him, that special symbol must mean that he is from the International Association!”

Once he had finished his excited speech, Zhang Mingxi and Shen Anan met eyes with each other’s shocked gazes.

Although they had no idea who the person in front of them was, judging from Xie Zhengyuan’s reaction, they knew that he wasn’t just a normal citizen.

Considering that they were one of the most reputable people in Green City and that they had the ambition to enter the International Association, they definitely would not give this chance up. As such, both of them walked towards the black car.

When they were about two meters away from Yu Shijin…


Two bodyguards blocked them!

The bodyguards looked very cold and their eyes gave off a sharp and murderous vibe.

Being met with such a situation, both of them could not help but take a step back.

Yu Shijin did not pay them any attention and leaned against his car door and played with the object in his hands. He casually gave a few light knocks on his car door and slightly lowered his eyes. With the sunlight seeping through the leaves and onto him, one could see his distinct features. He also exuded a lazy yet mysterious vibe.

Suddenly, he raised his head and a sharp glint flashed past his pitch-black eyes.

He looked towards the crowd and slightly narrowed his eyes. “Miss Su.”

He then casually threw the object in his hand over to her.

It drew a perfect semi-circle under the sun.

A slender figure was slowly walking through the crowd. With her backpack casually placed over her shoulders and her hand stuffed into her pocket, she lazily strode past everyone.

However, she stopped walking all of a sudden.

Yu Xiangyang, who was then babbling, stopped and looked at her in confusion.

Su Huiqing curled her lips. She put her hand out to catch the object that was thrown towards her.

With squinted eyes, Yu Shijin witnessed her catch the object with accuracy. She then turned around to look at him with a raised eyebrow, and the contrast between the black and white parts of her eyes became especially glaring under the sun. The gentle wind blew against her unbuttoned coat, revealing her snowy white blouse.

He slightly froze, and he said, “Your thank you gift.”

‘Thank you gift?’

Su Huiqing combed her hair and immediately understood him. She lazily waved at him. “It’s a small matter.”

“Qingqing, what is it?” Yu Xiangyang was a little curious when they were in the car.

Su Huiqing placed her hand on the car window and peeled off a chewing gum wrapper. She turned around and raised her eyebrows. “Chewing gum. Haven’t you seen one before?”

Yu Xiangyang was speechless. Well, he had seen one before. But who in the world would give out a piece of chewing gum as a thank you gift?

“Go to the herb store.” The car had already driven to the main road. Su Huiqing propped her chin in her palm and looked out of the window.

Five words. Simple and clear.

Yu Xiangyang had already figured Su Huiqing’s personality out by then. He was well aware that she did not like to do things sloppily.

Hence, he told the chauffeur, “Go to the Yu Family herb store headquarters.” He then gave him the address.

Upon hearing that, it bewildered the chauffeur.

Although he was Su Huiqing’s personal chauffeur, he knew that where they were headed was the Yu Family headquarters—the base of all Yu family businesses. Was Yu Xiangyang planning to take Missy there just like that?

Young Master Yu was such an ill-tempered, mischievous teenager, but he became as obedient as a dog in front of Missy.

The chauffeur looked into the rearview mirror.

Much to his surprise, Su Huiqing happened to be looking at him too. Although there wasn’t much emotion seen in her pitch-black eyes, it sent a chill down his spine that he quickly drove off without a word.

At the Yu Family herb store headquarters.

The storeroom was the Yu Family’s lifeline. There were various medicinal herbs in the storage room and these herbs would be shipped off to the International Association. As such, even though the Yu Family only sold herbs in the country, they had a superior status in Green City.

This was also the first time Yu Xiangyang brought an outsider in.

“These are the herbs that we have.” Yu Xiangyang directly brought her to the storeroom. While some herbs were being preserved under the sun, they also froze some herbs to maintain their freshness.

Su Huiqing casually took a few herbs while she walked down the aisle.

Yu Xiangyang glanced at her. It was clear that she was just casually picking, for she wasn’t even looking at the herbs.

However, every stalk she took was the oldest herb of its kind.

“Rascal, I heard that you brought someone into the herbs’ storage room!” A loud voice drifted into their ears. “Don’t you know what kind of place this is? You are becoming more daring, aren’t you?”

“Grandpa.” Yu Xiangyang turned around. “Aren’t herbs meant to be used?”

“You! Unfilial grandson!” An old man, who only had a few strands of white hair, came in. He was so angry at his grandson that he kept glaring at him.

“How am I…”

Su Huiqing dug her ear. Before she turned around to face them, she took a herb and then raised a brow. “Yu Xiangyang.”

It was only three syllables, but the way she said sounded so indifferent.

Strangely, Yu Xiangyang stopped talking.

Old Master Yu looked at Su Huiqing as though he had seen a ghost. He then looked back at Yu Xiangyang.

He knew his grandson very well. He was very arrogant and ill-tempered from a young age. Once he was on a rampage, nobody could calm him down.

However, with just three syllables, he became obedient?

If he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it!

“Hey! Hey! Hey! That’s my violet flame flower that you are holding! I have preserved it for over ten years!” Not even having the time to figure the situation out, he suddenly rushed forward and bellowed.

Su Huiqing slightly bent down. She went on to take a block of ice that had been preserved for a long time.

Old Master Yu rushed over as fast as he could and took the block of ice from her. He then looked at her with a wary gaze.

Su Huiqing raised her head and looked at Old Master Yu. Her eyes were very dark and deep. With her lips slightly curled up, she looked colder and sinister than ever.

She reached out and snatched the block of ice away from him.

Although she did not say a single word, dominance filled her every action and gaze.

White smoke rose from the ice block, which then masked her fair as a jade face.

“Grandpa Yu, I am a very impatient person and I don’t have a good temper either. I only save people once.” Su Huiqing gave the medicinal herb to Yu Xiangyang so that he could pack it for her. Upon seeing that he had left, she threw her backpack over her shoulders and stuffed a hand into her pocket. She then turned around to face Old Master Yu. “Even so, are you sure that you still want to get in my way?”

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