Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: One More Photo and I Will Punch You to Death, Understand?

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“Qingqing, my grandpa didn’t say anything offensive, did he?” After Yu Xiangyang had packed the medicinal herbs into a bag, he eagerly looked at Su Huiqing, who had just come out of the storeroom.

Su Huiqing took the herbs from him and stuffed it into her bag. She slightly raised her eyebrows. “Why didn’t you stay just now?”

Yu Xiangyang scratched his head. “I was scared. Didn’t you know that my grandpa often practices boxing techniques and that he is very good at it?”

“Alright.” Su Huiqing took her bag from the ground and turned around. In a casual tone of voice, she said, “We’ll talk about it again if you’ll push through, and if you wake up every day at 5 a.m. for a morning jog.”

Looking at her departing figure, Yu Xiangyang pumped his fists up and gave her a determined look.

“Is that Su Huiqing?” Old Master Yu sauntered towards him and a glint flickered in his eyes. He then narrowed his eyes at her.

Yu Xiangyang nodded his head. “Yup. Please don’t listen to the rumors. Qingqing is not a good-for-nothing. More than anything else, I feel very lucky that I could stay by her side. So I hope that you won’t interfere with our friendship.”

Old Master Yu had raised his head and rolled his eyes before he went into deep thought. “She is indeed different from the rumors. She seems like someone…”

“What?” Yu Xiangyang did not manage to hear him since his voice was too soft.

“I said that you are indeed very lucky.” Old Master Yu placed his hands behind his back and turned around to return to the warehouse. “I wonder how the Zhang Family would feel about that now that they’ve broken off their engagement with her.”

Yu Xiangyang shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows?”

“Stay by her side and we won’t interfere with your friendship with her anymore.” Old Master Yu walked into the house and looked at where he used to place the oldest medicinal herb that she had taken away. “The top three wealthiest families in Green City had tried so hard to enter the International Association for so many years, but nobody succeeded yet. The Zhang Family even had a fall-out with the Su Family so that they could increase their chances of getting into the International Association…”

His blurry eyes flickered with wisdom.

It was rumored that Professor Zhou chose Shen Anan as his disciple, and because of that, this illegitimate child overshadowed the Big Missy of the Su Family.

Professor Zhou was a famous economist in the country, and he was once invited to the International Association. Since Shen Anan caught his attention, this would mean that she was one step closer to entering the International Association.

As such, everyone in Green City thought highly of her.

It was just that Miss Su, the legendary good-for-nothing in everyone’s eyes, wasn’t quite the person the rumors said her to be. She seemed more like a long-standing leader who could actually stun Old Master Yu with a sentence.

No matter how he looked at it, the Su Family definitely has a higher chance of entering the International Association than the Zhang Family.

The Su Residences.

“Qingqing isn’t up yet?” Su Ruohua placed her newspaper down and massaged her temples. She chuckled. “I knew it. It would be a miracle if she managed to go for a morning jog for a week.”

The situation at the Su Corporation took a turn for the better these few days and Su Ruohua’s troubles lessened quite a bit.

Su Lun sighed. “She locked herself in the room ever since she came back from the predecessor training the other day. Perhaps, she heard some rumors. Let her rest.”

Since the Su Family and the Zhang Family broke off the engagement, and rumors about it spread like wildfire, Su Lun knew that Su Huiqing definitely didn’t feel very happy about it.

“Good morning grandpa, mom.” Speaking of the devil, Su Huiqing lazily staggered down the stairs.

She tied her black hair into a loose ponytail and casually draped her uniform over her shoulders without even pulling the zipper up.

Looking at the lazy expression on her face, it was obvious that she did not seem sad at all.

She took her school bag, which was placed aside, and threw it over her shoulders. She then accurately threw something into Uncle Chen’s hands. “Uncle Chen, please pass this to Grandpa Yu.”

“Grandpa Yu? Which Grandpa Yu?” Uncle Chen was a little stumped.

Su Huiqing took two steamed buns as well as a packet of milk before walking to the door. Upon hearing Uncle Chen’s words, she lightly chuckled. “Who else would it be? Yu Xiangyang’s grandpa, of course.”

With that said, she strode out with a bun stuffed in her mouth.

Everyone in the room was stumped.

“Grandpa Yu?” Su Lun was a little taken aback. The Yu Family was well-known for having a weird temper. Since they were associated with the International Association, the Zhang Family continuously tried to get into their good books, only to no avail. “Since when did she become so close to them?”

Yi Zhong High School.

Su Huiqing was drinking her milk as she waited downstairs. She then slightly raised her head and looked at the building ahead of her, and since the sun shone directly on her, she squinted her eyes.

She felt as if she was in a dream.

Suddenly, she reached her hand out.

“Ah!” A boy screamed, “Y—you! What are you trying to do?”

After she had finished her milk, Su Huiqing casually and accurately threw the packet of milk into a dustbin that was around ten meters away from her.

“Delete it.” Su Huiqing picked him up by his shirt. She then turned around to face him and gave him a cold smile.

Two words were all she said.

The boy trembled. “Delete? What am I supposed to delete?”

Su Huiqing did not speak further and directly snatched the camera away from him.

The camera showed a photograph which was taken not too long ago.

A young girl was standing on the ground level of the school building while her bag was casually thrown behind her back. With a straw in her mouth, she slightly raised her head and squinted her eyes.

Her uniform was loosely draped over her shoulders while the ends of her slightly messy hair curled.

The morning rays kissed her face, making it look as though a layer of gold was added onto her perfectly distinct facial features.

Anyone who had seen that photo would have been stunned by her beauty, but Su Huiqing deleted it without batting an eye.

“Don’t try to take pictures of me again.” Su Huiqing passed the camera back to him and walked towards the stairs after she had taken her school bag.

The boy looked at her with pitiful eyes. “Why did you delete it? It was such a nice photo.”

Su Huiqing raised her hand and placed it on the railing of the staircase. Her fingers were very slender and were as fair as a piece of jade.

Five fingerprints could be seen on the stainless steel railing.

“Did you see that?” She casually smoothed her hair and turned around to face him while curling her lips up. “One more photo and I will punch you to death. Do you understand?”

The boy looked as though a lightning bolt had struck him. Upon seeing the expression on his face, her spirits were immediately lifted and she proceeded to her classroom.

Everyone was chatting noisily in the classroom.

Qu Yan was arguing with another boy, and she was so angry that her ears even turned red.

“What’s wrong? So I can’t talk about the engagement or that good-for-nothing?” The boy raised the piece of paper in his hands. “Shen Anan is just that brilliant of a person! She could even compete with the people in the International Association. What about that good-for-nothing?!”

“Wo Ri! Come back here!” Qu Yan jumped up as she wanted to snatch the paper back.

Both of them got into a heated argument.

“It’s time for the morning reading, please remain quiet.” Gu Li stood up with a ‘peng’ and scanned the classroom.

Gu Li was the class monitor and he was a good student, as well. He had always ranked within the top ten of the level, and as such, most students obeyed him very well.

Qu Yan immediately kept quiet at the sight of him and went back to her seat. The boy who was arguing with Qu Yan also sat down and waved the paper at Qu Yan in triumph.

Qu Yan gritted her teeth with anger.

The boy smiled in triumph once more before analyzing the paper with his deskmate.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared before him.


Someone had snatched the paper away from him.

Qu Yan shouted at the same time, “Qingqing, don’t look at it!”

The boy raised his head and a figure was sitting on his table with her legs crossed. With her school bag on her shoulder and the paper in her hands, she lowered her eyes to carefully read the contents on the paper.

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