Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: He Only Takes Orders From One Person

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At that moment, no one dared to make a noise.

Everyone blankly stared at Su Huiqing.

She placed one hand on the table and held the chopsticks with her other hand. She ate with a calm expression as though she wasn’t the person who poured a dish of food on Cheng Yue.

Even if she was just sitting there in silence, it was enough to stump everyone around her.

Everyone within five meters of the premise did not dare to speak.

Yu Xiangyang picked on his food, but he did not eat.

Su Huiqing said one thing right. If Shen Zhixing was that noble, or if Shen Anan had a backbone, they would not use the Su Family’s money.

Shen Zhixing used the Su Family’s money to invest in the Shen Corporation. The achievements Shen Anan had and the training she had since she was young, in which way was it not related to the Su Family?

Su Ruohua even brought Shen Anan to a few ceremonies just to pave a way for her.

Although the Su Family prioritized a way for Su Huiqing as well, one should not gloss over the things the Su Family did for Shen Anan.

But what did Shen Anan and the rest do?

Not only did they snatch away Su Huiqing’s fiance, but they even betrayed the Su Family and intermingled with the Zhang Family. It was an act of being ungrateful to the people who had helped them!

“Qingqing, I apologize for my actions in the past.” Yu Xiangyang was very apologetic. “I have an impulsive nature and didn’t know the truth. I’m sorry!”

“I know,” Su Huiqing replied in a calm tone. When she saw his stunned look, she raised her brow. “If you weren’t aware of the truth, do you think you can still sit near me without offending me?”

Yu Xiangyang immediately recalled her tactics and an icy chill ran down his spine.

Luckily, he stood on the right side. If not, he would not even know how he would die!

Three figures walked out of the cafeteria.

As they walked, everyone opened up a pathway for them.

“Class monitor, I admire Su Huiqing a little now.” The person beside Gu Li entered deep thought. “And Qu Yan. She fiercely stood beside Su Huiqing earlier on, and she seemed a little righteous and cute.”

Gu Li stared at the back view of the three people with a constant gaze. “How simple can a person who subdued Yu Xiangyang be?”

The person beside him froze and a light bulb lit up in his head. He did not expect such a possibility.

When he saw Gu Li walking out, he hurried behind him.

On the other hand, Shen Anan looked a little displeased. This was the first time other students looked at her with suspicion.

Her fingernails dug deeply into her palms and the grievance that she suffered was screaming!

Everything that she had was because of her exceptional talent. What right did Su Huiqing had to deny her effort?!

The Su Family… Even without the Su Family, she could still get to where she was!

“Anan, ignore that b*tch! You probably angered her! That lunatic! Others are wholly aware of your talent.” Cheng Yue came back after washing away the grease on her face. She had hatred spelled all over her face, but she had to comfort Shen Anan first. “I thought that Old Master Su was smart, but I never expected that the entire Su Family was so shameless! Su Huiqing, that useless good-for-nothing… The Su Family will certainly have no predecessor. There will come a day where they will beg you on their knees!”

“Don’t be sad, Young Master Zhang is here for you.” Cheng Yue wanted to continue talking, but once she saw the handsome man standing at the cafeteria entrance from the side of her eye, she immediately pushed Shen Anan towards him.

Zhang Mingxi leaned against the car door. He wore a silver top and had several buttons unbuttoned. He looked especially domineering.

He sucked in a puff of smoke in frustration.

He saw Su Huiqing earlier.

The young girl walked out of the cafeteria with one hand in her pocket. Her free hand carried her school uniform. As she calmly walked, she confidently tilted her chin up and a golden ray of sunshine enveloped her.

He was right in front of her, but she did not even spare him a glance, as if he was a stranger in her eyes. Seeing that, Zhang Mingxi squinted his eyes.

How did she end up transforming into a completely different person?

“Brother Mingxi.” Shen Anan walked to Zhang Mingxi’s side and forced a smile on her face. “I finally understand that normal people can never beat those with power and money. Life is always unfair.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Mingxi furrowed his brows and put out the cigarette. “Su Huiqing angered you again?”

Shen Anan smiled bitterly. “I was planning on letting the Su Corporation take part in this Project S, but it seems like it displeased her.”

“What does she know?! Since things have gotten to this stage, you don’t have to care about the Su Family anymore. All these years, you have contributed a lot to the Su Family.” Zhang Mingxi coldly laughed. “But since they are seeking death for themselves, why do you even want to help them? When the time comes, don’t bother about them if they come begging for help!”

Indeed, he should not possess feelings for a useless good-for-nothing!

In the Yi Zhong School library, it had a shocking amount of book collection. It could be compared to Green City Library.

Qu Yan muttered, “I am bad at studying. Why would I come to such a place?”

Su Huiqing slowly looked around the bookshelves.

On the other hand, Yu Xiangyang was very excited. It was because the book section that Su Huiqing sauntered to was about breathing exercises and techniques, which he was deeply invested in.

Su Huiqing glanced at the books. She then bent down and closed the book that he was currently reading.

“What is wrong?” Yu Xiangyang scratched his head in confusion.

Su Huiqing said nothing and merely bent down before taking out a book from the shelf.

Yu Xiangyang took it from her and looked. It was a very thin book. “Crouching Tiger Technique?”

“Don’t look down on those old techniques.” Su Huiqing leaned against the bookshelf and turned her head to look at him with raised brows. “After all, it possesses thousands of years of history. Being passed down for so many years is not without a reason.”

Yu Xiangyang fully believed Su Huiqing.

Grandpa mentioned that she was a person who would achieve grand things in the future. Thus, nothing would go wrong if he were to cozy up to her.

Although the book ‘Crouching Tiger Technique’ made him… caught between laughter and tears.

“Remember to run with weights after you get back home. Put sandbags on your legs.” At the intersection at the fourth level of the school building, Su Huiqing stopped her footsteps and squinted her eyes. “It can increase the strength of your muscles. I will check your progress after a month.”

After she had received Yu Xiangyang’s solemn vow, she turned around and walked towards the fifth level.

“Qingqing, what kind of ancient techniques am I suited for?” Qu Yan finally understood what both of them were up to, and so she pestered Su Huiqing with questions.

She recalled the time when Su Huiqing casually took away the cash from her hands and easily made Huang Mao beg her on his knees… It was so cool!

Su Huiqing bent down and took out a mathematics textbook from a bunch of books. She then threw it on the table.

Then she leaned back and casually said, “This book.”

Qu Yan was in distress. “Qingqing, you are being biased! I want those about fighting.”

Su Huiqing glanced at her and ignored her.

“Those about fighting!”


This voice had no signs of stopping.

Su Huiqing raised her head and tidied up her school uniform before flashing a smile at her. The curl in her lips was scary. “Shut up.”

The two words were very simple.


Qu Yan had never seen Su Huiqing like this before and was so frightened that she fell to the ground. She recalled that Su Huiqing mentioned that she had a case of bad temper and patience, thus she would not repeat a sentence thrice and no one should provoke her unless necessary!

She did not believe her words in the past, but as Qu Yan touched the sweat on her face, she finally believed it. Su Huiqing was not joking!

Green City Base.

“Is there no way to find their whereabouts?” Chu Xuning scratched his head. “Then what will happen to Doctor Luxe? How are we going to send him safely to the International Association? The assassin is very skillful and it is very easy for them to find our whereabouts.”

“I don’t know.” Xie Zhengyuan shrugged his shoulders. “I am a mere financial analyst. The other party consists of hackers who escaped out of the International Jail. Their skills are the best in the world. Your mission this time is very dangerous unless…”

Xie Zhengyuan suddenly stopped.

Chu Xuning followed up with a question. “Unless what?”

“Unless he is willing to help us.” Yu Shijin entered the room. He threw a bunch of documents to Chu Xuning and walked towards the window with lowered eyes. “The father of hackers from the International Association—Chi Yue. However, he only takes orders from one person.”

“Who?” The father of hackers from the International Association. How powerful was he? It made Chu Xuning raise his brow in curiosity.

Xie Zhengyuan glanced at him and slowly spat out a word. “Su!”

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