Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Do All Of You Understand?

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The room was quiet since most people knew what was written on the paper.

At first, it was Su Huiqing’s reaction that they waited for. But after seeing how she looked, no one dared to speak up.

In the silence, Su Huiqing lowered her eyes and pursed her lips while a gentle breeze caressed her hair.

She was smiling wordlessly, but that made people tremble in fear.

Especially the boy who arrogantly proclaimed himself as the best. He held in his breath.


Su Huiqing casually threw her school bag on her desk in precise accuracy.

She curled her lips upwards and turned her head to look at the boy.

Her insouciant stare exuded a sense of devilish fierceness.

Su Huiqing was a well-known moron. She could not even protect her marriage agreement with the Zhang Family when Shen Anan interfered.

However, the person in front of them had an intense presence even without speaking a word. She was poles apart from what the rumors depicted her to be!

The boy seemed a little terror-stricken as he stared at Su Huiqing with an indiscernible gaze. When he caught the coldness in her eyes, his entire body trembled in fear.

“Don’t be scared.” Su Huiqing curled her lips and patted his shoulder. Then, she retracted her gaze, and she said in a casual tone, “I’m just going to ask you one question. Where did this come from?”

Her voice was soft, but it made the boy feel an icy shiver run down his back. “It is the interview script for the news…”

Su Huiqing retracted her hand and returned to her seat with an indifferent expression.

After she had placed that piece of paper under her books, she squinted her eyes as she leaned against the chair and rested her hand on it.

That look was her usual look.

But it was only Qu Yan, who sat next to her, knew how tense the atmosphere around Su Huiqing was.

Physics lessons had always been Qu Yan’s nap time. But during the entire lesson, even without Su Huiqing’s reminder, she did not sleep and merely stared at the person beside her.

Su Huiqing supported her head with a palm, and she spun a pen with her fingers.

Qu Yan had never seen someone who could spin a pen so beautifully like how Su Huiqing did it.

Suddenly, she stopped and pressed the tip of the pen onto the white sheet of paper.

Su Huiqing lowered her eyes and slowly wrote a word.

After she did so, she took out the piece of paper that she had stuffed underneath her books. She darted her eyes downwards and her lips curled up into a faint, frosty smile.

“Project S?” As Su Huiqing stared at the contents on the white piece of paper, she gave a light chuckle and said in a low voice, “How is this worthy of being called Project S? Or worthy of being mentioned in the International Financial Center?”

Her voice was very deep and close to muttering, but Qu Yan caught what she had said.

“Qingqing, don’t let others hear your words when you are outside!” She pulled Su Huiqing, and she nervously said, “This is the Project S that Shen Anan and the Zhang Corporation drafted. I know that you are still feeling bummed that Zhang Mingxi broke off your engagement, but you can’t do stupid things now!”

Su Huiqing glanced at her, and with that, the icy air dispersed. She took out a piece of chewing gum from her pocket and unwrapped it.

A mere ‘Project S’ could make the Zhang Family thoroughly break off their engagement with the Su Family, and they made most of the reputable families stand on Zhang Corporation’s side.

If the people in the International Association knew about it, they would probably laugh.

Yet, this ridiculous ‘Project S’ placed the Su Family in a tough spot.

“It is a pity that…” Su Huiqing tossed the chewing gum into her mouth and slowly clenched her fingers into a fist. Her long fingers crumpled the paper into a ball and she casually threw it away. With a devilish smile, she said, “Out of everybody, they wanted to provoke the Su Family.”

‘Screech!’ She stood up and kicked the chair.

“Ah! Qingqing, what are you doing?!” Qu Yan nervously exclaimed.

Su Huiqing bent down and took out her meal card. With one hand in her pocket, she turned around. “Eat.”

Only then did Qu Yan realize that it was time for lunch.

In the cafeteria, Yu Xiangyang had already arrived and ordered two set meals for them. He then sat on one side to wait for them.

As a Yu Family young master, the entire school knew about his impulsive nature. Hence, no one dared to make him queue while ordering his food.

Together with Qu Yan, Su Huiqing slowly walked through the crowd in the noisy cafeteria.

Yu Xiangyang chose a table near the window, and that particular table was next to the table where Shen Anan and her group of friends occupied.

Shen Anan finally returned after a week of recuperation. A group of young girls, who looked like exemplary students, surrounded her. When they saw Su Huiqing, they muttered and shot her looks of despise from time to time.

And though the cafeteria was noisy, clusters of students sat on separate tables so no one could eavesdrop on their conversations. Even the girl on Shen Anan’s table spoke in hushed tones.

But since Su Huiqing was a cultivator, her five senses were nothing like that of a normal person.

She could hear their conversation.

She did not bother about it since it was just a competition between children.

But suddenly, she stood up and an icy glint flashed past her black eyes.

She slammed her chopsticks on the table.

Qu Yan and Yu Xiangyang, who were chatting happily together, froze and blankly looked at her.

At the table beside them, Shen Anan sat next to the girl who came to accompany her at the hospital before, and they chatted. “A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. Their entire family is shameless! Su Huiqing knew that Young Master Zhang liked our Anan, yet Su Huiqing snatched him from you?! She probably learned this from her shameless mom! Anan’s dad and mum were childhood sweethearts, but Su Ruohua leached on the fact that the Su Family was more reputable and their family business was bigger. Thus, she forced Anan’s dad to marry into the Su Family. I have never seen a person more shameless than her! Uncle Shen did not like her…”

“Cheng Yue.” A melodious voice drifted from above.

It was soft, but it made Cheng Yue stop her chatter. When she raised her head, she met a pair of deep, black eyes looking at her.

Su Huiqing had one hand in her pocket while her other hand picked up a dish in front of her. In a split second, she poured the contents of the dish on her head.

That very commotion suddenly became the center of attention, and the ambiance turned still.

Everyone looked at her in shock.

“Big sister, what… what are you doing?” Shen Anan was the first to snap back to her senses.

Su Huiqing tilted her head and flashed an icy smile at her. “Can’t you tell that I’m teaching her how to treat someone with respect?!”

She threw the empty plate on the table and tidied her shirt. Then, she bent down and placed her fair arm on the table. “Miss Cheng, you can always scold me. If you think that is not enough, you can challenge me. Although I don’t think you can win.”

“But…” Su Huiqing reached out to pinch her chin and squinted her eyes. “Who gave you the guts to talk about my mom?”

Cheng Yue was a little frightened, but a wave of anger brewed deep inside her. “Did I say anything wrong? Who isn’t aware of what your mom did?! She’s a damned dog who uses her authority to bully others! Can you even live until this day without the Su Family?!”

“Your family is unique…” Su Huiqing tilted her head to look at Shen Anan and raised her brow. “Why didn’t you talk about how your investment developed into the Shen Corporation despite having so little money? Which things you own and use do not belong to the Su Family? On one hand, you blatantly use our things. Yet, on the other hand, you pretend to be so noble! As for my mom, no one is clearer about what truly happened but Shen Zhixing! If he’s so great, then stop using our money!”

Her voice was not loud, but it made everyone in the cafeteria speechless.

Su Huiqing let go of her and took out a tissue from her pocket before wiping her hands clean.

“I will put my words here.” She threw the tissue into the trash bin and returned to her seat. As she sat there, she lowered her eyes and looked very carefree. “Please have some brains! If you want to scold or hit me, feel free to come at me.”

She took her chopsticks and calmly ate her vegetables before looking at Shen Anan and the others again. “Do all of you understand?”

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