Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Why Are You So Shameless?

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Missy Su, who was rumored as a fool, reached the VIP room at the 25th level.

Su Huiqing was sauntering to the room when she suddenly stopped her footsteps and narrowed her gaze at something. She placed her hands in her pockets and exuded an aura of dominance which made Yu Xiangyang, who had walked in front of her, feel that something was strange.

He turned back and saw Su Huiqing standing still with a calm expression, yet her slightly curled up lips looked so evil.

“You… What are you trying to do now?” Yu Xiangyang recalled her high damage ability earlier and could not help but touch his arm, which had a layer of goosebumps on it.

Su Huiqing chewed on a piece of chewing gum and glanced at Yu Xiangyang. Seeing as how he had cowered under her gaze, she patted his shoulder and said, “Nothing is wrong. I just feel that someone is badmouthing me.”

‘Badmouthing you? With your reputation, is there anybody in the whole of Green City who did not badmouth you!?’

Despite his thoughts, Yu Xiangyang’s legs went wobbly with just a simple pat on the shoulder.

Hence, Yu Xiangyang told himself to be more courageous. She was just a renowned useless trash in Green City, so why should he fear her?

However, despite his thoughts, his body responded honestly by cowering every time she patted him on the shoulder.

When Zhang Mingxi fished out his phone, he saw how a girl had easily taunted Yu Xiangyang that he could not even stand straight. Yu Xiangyang was the most unruly grandson of the Yu Family, so it was a rare sight to see him in a restrained state. Hence, Zhang Mingxi curiously looked towards that girl.

In Green City, only a few could subdue Yu Xiangyang into such a pliant state.

The girl had straight, black hair, and her long bangs on both sides covered half of her face. He could only vaguely see her light-colored thin lips that somehow could induce one’s fancy thoughts.

“Brother Mingxi.” Once Yu Xiangyang saw Zhang Mingxi, he morphed his facial expression into a serious one while his gaze moved towards Su Huiqing. He was aware of how much Su Huiqing liked Zhang Mingxi, thus he feared that Su Huiqing might lose control of herself with his presence.

However, he did not expect Su Huiqing to just calmly chew on her chewing gum. She turned a blind eye towards Zhang Mingxi!

On the other hand, Zhang Mingxi… did not seem to recognize Su Huiqing and then walked away to answer his call.

In the hospital room.

A girl sat on a chair beside the hospital bed. She was cutting an apple while gritting her teeth. “Who does she think she is? She can’t even compare to a finger of yours, yet she is the young miss of the Su Family?! Anan, how did Madam Su give birth to such a daughter? With that brain of hers, she could dream of replacing you! She may not even know what would lead to her demise!”


The room door was suddenly kicked open from outside.

Su Huiqing took out a fresh piece of chewing gum from her pocket and placed it into her mouth. Her black eyes then stared at the girl who sat on the chair. She then suddenly smiled with a raised brow. “Student, do I owe you money?”

She had lowered her voice by several octaves. And though her face looked like it was exquisitely carved out from a jade, it still gave one a feeling of flaunting and vibrancy. With just a glance, it made one unable to move their gaze away!

‘There was a person who was even prettier than Anan!’ That was the immediate reaction of the girl who sat on the chair.

Shen Anan, who leaned on the hospital bed, did not have any reaction and merely stared at Su Huiqing in a daze.

“Anan, don’t you recognize her? She is your elder sister, Su Huiqing.” In fear that these two people would anger Su Huiqing, Yu Xiangyang immediately reminded her.

What was happening now?!

It was fine if Yu Xiangyang did not explain, but once he did, Shen Anan and the other girl became completely stumped!

‘She’s Su Huiqing? How could that be!?’

Everyone knew that Su Huiqing was an ugly girl who did not inherit Madam Su’s beautiful looks at all!

However, the girl in front of them was bright and beautiful. Even Shen Anan, who was dubbed as one of Green City’s most beautiful women, paled in comparison to her! How could she be Su Huiqing?

Su Huiqing sauntered forward and stopped in front of the girl who sat on the chair. She lazily spat out, “Speak up.”

Her tone did not allow one to interrupt her.

The girl snapped back to her senses and with a pale face, she said in a quivering voice, “No… you don’t owe me money…”

“Did I hit you then?” Su Huiqing pulled a chair over and slowly sat down. She placed one hand on the chair while the other supported her chin, and she then stared at the girl with a cold gaze.

“No, you didn’t…”

“Since that is the case…” Su Huiqing blew a bubble and popped it. She then flashed her a smirk. “Between you and me, who do you think will die first?”

Su Huiqing had a domineering presence and the girl trembled in fear. She was so frightened that her face went as white as a sheet of paper!

This person with such a strong presence was Su Huiqing?!

“Big sister.” At that moment, Shen Anan finally came back to her senses and smiled. “Qianqian did not mean to offend you on purpose.”

“Don’t let me hear those words again. If I hear it again, I might get bored and you may just end up in a sorry state one day. Do you understand?” Su Huiqing knocked on the chair and the ‘dong dong’ sounds reverberated in the room.

The girl on the chair immediately nodded her head and Su Huiqing turned her attention towards Shen Anan—the girl who everyone claimed was more like Su Family’s missy.

She looked a little pale as she leaned against the hospital bed. She had long hair that reached her waist, and she had raised her eyebrow and fury filled her eyes. Her arm had a white bandage around it and because of her injury, she carried a small sense of pitifulness.

Su Huiqing turned her head towards her, and she slowly said, “My mum will come tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to tell her that you fell down the stairs by yourself.”

“Su Huiqing!” She had not finished speaking yet when a furious voice rang from outside.

The voice was so loud that Su Huiqing covered her ears. She had tilted her face down and her black eyes shot a cold and sharp glint. In the next moment, the harsh look she had on her face disappeared and was replaced with a lazy one. She then stood up and sauntered towards the entrance.

Seeing that sight, Yu Xiangyang trembled in fear. Was Su Huiqing going to explode in madness again?!

The whole room entered a state of silence and they looked at Su Huiqing as they withheld their breaths.

Su Huiqing’s footsteps rang in the room and every step made Yu Xiangyang’s heart clench in fear.

Su Huiqing pulled a gentle smile and spat out the tasteless chewing gum before taking out another piece to eat.

By then she had lowered her eyes. No one could see the piercing cold gaze it had.

Zhang Mingxi had overheard their conversation and knew that the person in front of him was Su Huiqing. Despite being mentally prepared, he still momentarily froze.

Before, Su Huiqing was a useless trash, an abandoned child in his eyes. Looks, talent, intelligence, capability… she had none of them!

But today, he suddenly thought that Su Huiqing was indeed useless. Her face was the only feature likable about her.

It was a pity that her beauty was her only saving grace and none of her other aspects were worthy of merit!

Zhang Mingxi’s gaze gradually turned icy-cold and filled with disgust. He then moved his gaze away.

After confirming Shen Anan was fine, he looked at Su Huiqing again with a gaze filled with disdain and mockery. It was as though he was looking at a piece of trash. “Anan fell down the stairs by herself?! Su Huiqing, how could you be so shameless?”

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