Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: You Have to Know Where You Stand

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With Zhang Mingxi’s words, Yu Xiangyang, who stood near Su Huiqing, drew a sharp breath.

He had always known that Zhang Mingxi had feelings for Shen Anan. Who wouldn’t when Shen Anan was capable? Even children from reputable families who had been nurtured since they were young were not as capable as Shen Anan. With this quality, Shen Anan was a dazzling one.

However, even if he liked Shen Anan, Zhang Mingxi was still Su Huiqing’s fiancé, and yet he had used such a disgusted gaze on her.

Although he might not have said it out loud, Yu Xiangyang believed that Su Huiqing did not push Shen Anan down the stairs. If she wanted to deal with Shen Anan, Shen Anan would not have suffered such a small injury. That was one thing that Su Huiqing said right.

Thinking until that point, Yu Xiangyang looked at Su Huiqing. She had her head lowered and he suddenly pitied her.

“Brother Mingxi, she may not have done it.” Yu Xiangyang furrowed his brows and looked at Zhang Mingxi. “Could there be a misunderstanding somewhere?”

“Misunderstanding?” Zhang Mingxi coldly laughed. His sharp eyes glanced at Yu Xiangyang and recalled the scene he had seen outside the hospital room earlier on. His gaze had a slight sense of probe. “Xiangyang, didn’t you unconditionally believe that she had pushed Anan?”

Yu Xiangyang felt a little embarrassed because he believed that such an incident had happened. But after what he had experienced earlier on today, his mind suddenly shifted to the thought that Su Huiqing was not as bad as what he thought her to be. All the things she did before was just an illusion she created.

She could fabricate anything, but her righteous appearance could deceive no one.

Su Huiqing did not care about what the other two were thinking and only squinted her eyes.

Who was she?!

She was an uncrowned queen in the world of mercenaries. She was the only person to pass the world-class purgatory training!

She would proceed to any places in battle, and the side that she took part with always turned the tide around despite their weaker forces!

No one knew her limits. Even the number one assassin in the world respectfully called her ‘great-aunt.’ Because of her reputation, even the big shots in the world would turn pale at the mention of her name.

She never expected that the moment she opened her eyes again, she became a young miss who was a ‘laughingstock’ in high society.

Whenever she thought about that, Su Huiqing would pull a soft laugh. She took out her phone and played with it. At the very least, she was clear that she was at a hospital in Green City and not the international battlefield!

Her fair slender fingers continuously spun the black phone. At that moment, the phone had already become a black, blurry, circular arc. It made Yu Xiangyang, who saw that scene, had his jaws wide open!

At that moment.

The phone which she was spinning into a round arc suddenly received an external force. It swiftly left her hands!



It all happened in an instant! Yu Xiangyang could only rub his eyes before looking at Su Huiqing in disbelief. That black phone was still being spun in her hands.

It was as though everything that happened earlier was just his imagination!

But, in front of her, Zhang Mingxi was kneeling on one knee and his brows were in sharp pain. He looked disoriented.

Su Huiqing stopped her hand movements. Thus, the spinning of the phone also stopped. She placed the phone back into her pockets and stretched. She then sauntered over to Zhang Mingxi with her thin lips curled into a devilish smile. “Su Huiqing’s fiancé had a secret affair with her younger sister. Zhang Mingxi, what do you think of this news headline?”

After her words left her mouth, Shen Anan, who lay on the hospital bed, already had her face as pale as a white sheet of paper!

On the other hand, Zhang Mingxi continued to kneel on the ground. It was not because he did not want to get up, but his legs were still numb that he could not stand up at all.

At that moment, when he heard Su Huiqing’s words, his pupils constricted!

Zhang Mingxi never cared about Su Huiqing before. Because they were childhood sweethearts, no one knew Su Huiqing better than him. She was a useless piece of junk and was dumb beyond hope. She could not even distinguish the company’s regular accounts, and at any instance of a little praise, she would feel elated. With such a dumb personality, Shen Anan would trample her to the ground sooner or later!

Hence, how could such a dumb person say such words?

Su Huiqing walked to Shen Anan’s bedside and slowly bent down. She squinted her eyes and whispered into Shen Anan’s ear with a voice both of them could only hear. “Shen Anan, I have very little patience and a bad temper. My mum is coming soon, so know your place. If not, I will let you know what it means to be as good as dead.”

Startled, Shen Anan turned her head to look at Su Huiqing. She then embarrassingly and tightly gripped the snowy white bedsheets. She only loosened her grip after a long while.

At that moment, the hospital room door was pushed open.

A black figure walked in.

Grace, luxurious, beautiful. This was the first impression that Su Huiqing had when she saw this woman.

“Didn’t you say that you were coming tomorrow?” Su Huiqing took out a piece of chewing gum and put it into her mouth. She placed one hand in her pockets and her other hand a stool over for this woman. “Mom, please sit.”

“Stand properly!” Su Ruohua furrowed her brows, and though she looked gentle, she still had a hint of sternness to her. “Look at what you have become with this undisciplined attitude!”

This was the first time a person had ordered Su Huiqing around like that, and she felt a little strange. She glanced at Su Ruohua and saw the helplessness hidden in her eyes and froze.

Hence, the wanton and unrestrained queen of mercenaries, who never listened to others, stood straight for the first time!

If this news was made known to others, a bunch of people might drop their glasses!

“Auntie.” At that moment, Shen Anan’s weak and tender voice rang. “Sorry, I fell down the stairs by myself. It had nothing to do with big sister.”

Damn! Was she sure that she did not mean the other way with her tone?

Su Huiqing’s eyes dangerously narrowed. Few only dared to go against her in secret!

“I know. All of you, please head out. I want to discuss something in private with Anan.” Su Huiqing never expected for Su Ruohua to have such a calm reaction, and she even had no intention to blame Su Huiqing. She turned to face Su Huiqing and said, “Wait for me at the car park downstairs.”

Four people walked out of the hospital room. Zhang Mingxi tried to bear the numb feeling in his legs and walked towards Su Huiqing. He looked down at her and coldly smirked. “Su Huiqing, you must know where you stand! Don’t even mention the Shen Corporation for the Su Corporation will never end up in your hands in the future! Seeing as how Auntie Su fancies Anan, do you think you still have a place to stand in the Su Corporation? There will come a day where you will regret how you treated Anan today!”

With that, he observed Su Huiqing’s face. She kept a calm demeanor and was not the least startled.

‘Pui!’ She was indeed dumb to not even think of such a smart point!

Zhang Mingxi could not be bothered with Su Huiqing and proceeded to the lift straight away.

After he had left, Yu Xiangyang came back to his senses as well. He glanced at Su Huiqing, and he could not help but blurt, “Brother Mingxi is not entirely wrong, for life is full of ups and downs. With how intelligent Anan is, she will definitely inherit the Shen Corporation. She will also hold shares in the Su Corporation. You should remember how much your family’s Old Master cares about talent. And with that, won’t it be… a bad idea to treat Anan like how you did earlier on? If she remembers these incidents in the future, you won’t have anyone to protect you and your life may end up in a terrible state.”

“You’ll never know who will have the last laugh. How can you be so sure that Shen Anan will inherit the Shen Corporation and Su Corporation?” Su Huiqing patted Yu Xiangyang’s shoulder and slowly left.

Not only does Shen Anan want the Shen Corporation, but she is also eyeing the Su Corporation?

Su Huiqing curled her lips. She would make her spit out everything she ate from her!

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