Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: I Will Seek Revenge Myself (4)

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Master Si was shocked upon hearing “Yunxiao Sect.” The Yunxiao Sect was renowned as a large, powerful sect with highly skilled disciples such that any disciple was strong enough to overturn the imperial court!

“I have heard about it somewhat.”

Ye Qingtang laughed and said, “So, does Master Si know why Yunxiao Sect took a fancy to her?”

Master Si stayed silent for a moment. “I heard that Ye You has a supreme-grade spirit root.”

The news of Ye You being selected by Yunxiao Sect had long been circulated around Lin Town. Even more so, it was the Great Elder of the Ye family who let out the news of Ye You’s supreme-grade spirit root.

She let out a burst of laughter suddenly, of which had an indescribable hint of sarcasm. “That spirit root was originally mine.”

Master Si was taken aback for a moment. That spirit root was Ye Qingtang’s?

She lifted her shirt up a little, showing her abdomen. Although it was only the size of two fingers, a hideous scar was painfully obvious on her fair skin.

“It was Ye You who personally cut open my abdomen, dug out my spirit root, and put it into her body. All of this was the Great Elder’s intention. In order to let his granddaughter obtain a supreme-grade spirit root, he did not hesitate to harm me. Then, in order to snatch the position of the family clan master, why would he let a stumbling block like me off?” She put her shirt down indifferently as she spoke calmly as though she had not personally experienced all that misery.

This sight completely shocked everyone in the hall.

Cutting open the abdomen to dig the spirit root!

What cruelty!

The spirit root was the root of every powerful person’s ability to stay safe and pursue their goals, as well as the source of their energy. To dig out another’s spirit root and use it for oneself was not just despicable but also prohibited even to the evilest person.

Who would have thought that such an act actually happened in the Ye family?

Master Si took a deep breath. At this instant, he finally noticed that the reason Ye Qingtang came to the Si family was to find a way out for her and her father.

Given how the Great Elder was in complete control of the Ye family now, it seemed that both father and daughter would be in danger in days to come …

With bright and clear eyes, she looked at Master Si and continued. “These two prescriptions can help Third Young Master to get out from his predicament and is a display of my sincerity. Not only can I let him be free from pain, but I can also make him be as healthy as normal people and ensure he lives up to hundreds of years old.”

Her words struck Master Si’s weak spot.

He had put in so much effort only to let Si Bai live longer.

“What do you want the Si family to do for you? If you want us to stand up for you, I’m afraid that is impossible. If we could harm the Ye family, I would’ve destroyed your entire family long ago,” Master Si replied.

Ye Qingtang chuckled. “I’ll stand up for myself and seek revenge myself. I just need the Si family to help me with a favor.”

“You may ask anything as long as it does not involve the internal fighting within the Ye family,” promised Master Si.

A trace of laughter flashed across Ye Qingtang’s eyes. What she wanted was exactly this promise.

“I wish for Master Si to refer me to someone.”


“Mu Su.”

Master Si’s expression changed, and he looked at Ye Qingtang weirdly.

Mu Su was the City Lord of Fallen Stars City. His name was well known all over the city, and his skills were immeasurable. He was an extremely powerful person of high status who had close relations with many sect masters. Even the monarch had to lower his head whenever he saw Mu Su.

The Si family and Mu Su had close connections. However, only a handful of people in the Si family knew about this. Where did Ye Qingtang find out about it from?

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