Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Just Have A Baby (1)

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Master Si wore a weird expression.

Of course Ye Qingtang knew about the relationship between Mu Su and the Si family. In her previous life when the Si family was destroyed by Ye You, Mu Su had sought revenge for the Si’s. Had Ye You’s master not come in time, Ye You would have been killed by Mu Su.

Mu Su had both a special identity and a high rank. He was Ye Qingtang’s real target. Only a shockingly powerful person like Mu Su had the ability to recommend her to a sect!

And only through entering a sect would she be able to have the capital for a showdown with Ye You!

“Do… do let me consider this. I need to ask for Lord Mu Su’s opinion.” Master Si hesitated. This was not a decision he could make himself.

“I can wait,” laughed Ye Qingtang. She believed that the Si family would do their best to persuade Mu Su for Si Bai’s sake.

Nodding his head slightly, Master Si responded, “I will pass your message to Lord Mu Su, but I can not guarantee he will be willing to meet.” Master Si remembered to add on, “I will do my best.”

“Thank you, Master Si, in advance!” Ye Qingtang replied.

“This is a must. You saved my third grandson. The Si family will return any favors owed,” said Master Si.

Ye Qingtang smiled. She knew the Si family’s teaching. Otherwise, she would not have gone there so assuringly.

Although she could not obtain the item to let Si Bai live up to hundreds of years old in such a short time, the two prescriptions that Ye Qingtang gave were enough to get everyone in the Si family worked up.

Master Physician Xu took this opportunity to discuss the two prescriptions. In front of Ye Qingtang, the master physician was extremely respectful and eager to seek new knowledge.

Seeing as how she had already achieved her goal, Ye Qingtang stood up and said, “It is late already, I should leave now.”

Nodding his head lightly, Master Si specially ordered the housekeeper to see Ye Qingtang out.

As he looked at the back of the leaving Ye Qingtang, Master Si wore a thoughtful look.

Why was it that the Young Lady of the Ye family was different from the rumors? Such boldness and calm composure were definitely hard to find amongst people her age. When he finally turned back around, he saw his grandson, who was seated in a chair with a hand supporting his chin, looking back at him with a faint smile.

“If I remember correctly, grandfather has always wanted a granddaughter, yes?”

The younger generation of the Si family only had 3 males.

Master Si frowned slightly and chided, “Do not talk nonsense!”

Si Bai chuckled and looked down as the image of Ye Qingtang’s neither humble nor disrespectful figure appeared in his mind.

Ye Qingtang… is interesting.

After leaving the Si family, Ye Qingtang went straight back to the Ye family. Ye Ling saw his returning daughter and was filled with curiosity. Yet, he kept his composure and did not ask her anything.

Ye Qingtang went directly back to the room to cultivate. The restoration of her spirit root was indeed precious, yet if she cultivated at such a slow pace, she would not be able to achieve anything. As such, she needed to make full use of her time for cultivation.

As darkness fell, Ye Qingtang went to sleep after cultivating her spirit root for a while. However, she was in such a deep sleep that she did not notice a black aura surging from within the Heart of the Demon God. The aura which had helped Ye Qingtang rebuild her spirit root flowed from her heart and out of her body.

That black fog, which emerged from the Heart of the Demon God, slowly formed into a small black ball above Ye Qingtang’s body and quietly laid on her chest, rubbing itself against Ye Qingtang comfortably.

Under the moonlight, two mighty figures appeared outside the door of the Ye family.

Mu Su looked at the Ye residence before him and hesitated for a moment before turning to look at the aloof and handsome man beside him.

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