Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2228 - Evil Fruit (2)

Chapter 2228: Evil Fruit (2)

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Ye Qingtang’s vision instantly turned blurry!

It felt like something was about to burst out of her heart. That kind of piercing pain was enough to make Ye Qingtang break out in cold sweat.

“The Divine Phoenix seal… is about to disappear…” Ye Qingtang’s brows were tightly furrowed. Cold sweat dripped down from her face.

She had already previously sensed that the Divine Phoenix seal would soon dispel. And today, the feeling had grown in intensity.

By now, she could more or less confirm that in less than a month, the Divine Phoenix seal would completely disappear. By then, she would not be able to control the Heart of the Heavenly Dao…

“I need to find the Evil Fruit as soon as possible.” Ye Qingtang took a deep breath to suppress the intense pain in her chest.


The Evil Fruit was the main reason why Ye Qingtang had come to the Evil Soul Forest.

In her previous life, although Ye Qingtang had never been to the Evil Soul Forest, she had heard many legends surrounding it.

This was where the fiendcelestial died and a place feared by all in the Second Domain. But danger and opportunity were two sides of the same coin. Where the fiendcelestial fell, all his Dharma treasures were buried along with him.

The precious treasures of a fiendcelestial were enough to drive people mad. Everyone only knew that the treasures were inside the Evil Soul Forest. But this place was expansive and filled with danger no matter where you looked. Few people dared to step into such a place.

For many years, the various major factions in the Second Domain had tried to get the fiendcelestial’s hidden treasures. Spy Cloud, which Ye Qingtang had encountered earlier, was probably here for the fiendcelestial’s treasures.


The fiendcelestial’s treasures were not critical to Ye Qingtang now. What she needed was a type of fruit which grew inside the Evil Soul Forest, the Evil Fruit.

In her previous life, in the stories told about the Evil Soul Forest, Ye Qingtang heard that although the fiendcelestial died, its resentment remained in this Evil Soul Forest, transforming this place into a land of grievances.

In addition, other countless bitter souls were buried here. The fiendcelestial’s grievance enshrouded the place, tainting the entire forest. The resentment of the fiendcelestial and those bitter souls nourished this vast piece of land, producing a strange fruit.

It was called the Evil Fruit.

Legend had it that the grievance concentrated inside the Evil Fruit was enough to suppress everything. It could suppress even the most fearsome demon in the world.

When Ye Qingtang first heard of this Evil Soul Forest, the idea had already formed in her mind. Unfortunately in her previous life, she had been homeless and desolate, how could she compete against those major powers from the Second Domain? To get at the treasures in the Evil Soul Forest?

But in this life, Ye Qingtang had the first mover’s advantage. She had come to the Evil Soul Forest way before those factions, just to see if she could have the chance to find the Evil Fruit, and use it to seal up the Heart of the Heavenly Dao…


Ye Qingtang recollected her encounter with Spy Cloud yesterday. It was clear that the major factions in the Second Domain had never given up their exploration of the Evil Soul Forest.

Now that Spy Cloud had dispatched so many men here, it must be because they had discovered something. And Spy Cloud could not possibly be the only one who knew. Unfortunately… quite a number of major factions in the Second Domain had probably also joined this venture.

“Don’t tell me they’ve already found the fiendcelestial’s treasures?” Ye Qingtang really couldn’t figure it out. Would Spy Cloud send so many men if not for the fact that they had discovered the fiendcelestial’s hidden stash?

It was hard for Ye Qingtang to be sure. But after night fell and Qin Feng and the rest returned, they more or less confirmed Ye Qingtang’s surmisation.

“Boss, guess who saw this afternoon?” Nangong Lie asked mysteriously the moment he saw Ye Qingtang.

“Who?” Ye Qingtang asked.

“Void Door and Falling Water Pavilion,” Nangong Lie answered.

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