Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2229 - Evil Fruit (3)

Chapter 2229: Evil Fruit (3)

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These two were very powerful factions in the Second Domain. They were even more powerful than the Crimson League!

First Spy Cloud, and now, Void Door and Falling Water Pavilion…

All three of them appearing in the Evil Soul Forest at the same time. It couldn’t possibly be just an aimless treasure hunt.

Ye Qingtang believed that she had guessed correctly earlier.

“How many people were there?” Ye Qingtang wanted more confirmation.

“Quite a number. We didn’t dare to reveal ourselves and only managed to observe them from afar. At least a thousand from each side.”

Ye Qingtang frowned slightly..

Two major factions dispatching so many men at the same place…

“Did you hear anything?” Ye Qingtang asked.

Nangong Lie and the others shook their heads, but Mu Ziying suddenly spoke up. “I thought I heard them say something about some treasure.”

What? Ye Qingtang was taken aback.

Yun Chen looked at Mu Ziying strangely. “Little Senior Sister, how did you overhear that?”

Mu Ziying was not the most powerful in the group. Even Qin Feng didn’t manage to overhear those men. How did Mu Ziying manage to know?

The girl lowered her head to look at the puppet in her arms.

“It heard them.”

Mu Ziying could now control her puppet within a one-mile radius. Unlike humans, the puppet had no aura or scent. It could go near those two factions without being detected.

“Did it hear anything else?” Ye Qingtang asked.

Mu Ziying took some time to think about it.

“They seem to have found something but it also appears that there is some conflict. Everything was very unclear.”

Mu Ziying’s words gave Ye Qingtang’s heart a slight jolt.

It looked like she had guessed correctly.

But in her previous life, the Evil Soul Forest’s secret was only completely exposed 200-300 years later. Why… why had they already discovered the location of the treasures now?

But Ye Qingtang soon understood the situation.

Discovering the location of the hidden treasure didn’t mean that they could get at it. The fiendcelestial’s tomb was full of dangers and even after knowing its location, the various factions probably spent hundreds of years before they could finally achieve their goal.

On top of that, there were the demons and Night Soul Beasts in the Evil Soul Forest as obstacles. It was only natural they wouldn’t obtain the treasure so fast.

At this thought, Ye Qingtang hurriedly said to Mu Ziying and the rest, “For the time being, don’t go out over the next few days.”

It was likely that the various factions had just discovered the location of the fiendcelestial’s tomb. Lei Yan and the rest had just come to train. Who knew what would happen if they bumped into each other.

Luckily Ye Qingtang had already taken some precautions. She did not let them go near the core of the Evil Soul Forest, and so it was less likely for them to be discovered by the other factions.

Even so, Ye Qingtang didn’t wish to encounter any of the factions. Once the fiendcelestial’s tomb was discovered, the Evil Soul Forest would become a major battlefield for the various factions.

“Pack up your things today. I will lead you out of the Evil Soul Forest tomorrow night,” Ye Qingtang said solemnly.

“Huh? We are leaving now? But that Night Soul Beast…”

“You have soaked in the blood enough now. It will be fine,” Ye Qingtang answered.

Just in case, they had no choice but to temporarily halt their training. Ye Qingtang didn’t wish for this bunch of brats to get embroiled in the fight for the fiendcelestial’s treasure.

After hearing Ye Qing’s words, conflicted feelings arose in the hearts of Lei Yan and the rest.

But they didn’t say anything. Since Ye Qing had instructed them to do so, they would comply. The brats pondered over this matter for a few more seconds before going to settle the spoils of today’s battle.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingtang’s heart grew a little heavier.

She had to get that Evil Fruit as soon as possible.

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