Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Pavilion of Treasures (3)

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The waiting staff, who had not come over despite Ye Qingtang standing there for so long, went forward immediately upon seeing Duan Tianrui waving his hands.

“Third Young Master of the Duan family, you’re here?”

Duan Tianrui nodded his head slightly and pointed to the Flower Moon Stone at the counter. “Take this Flower Moon Stone out.”

The waiting staff instantly took it out and said, “This Flower Moon Stone only arrived yesterday. In this world, it would be difficult to find a piece with better quality than this.”

Duan Tianrui was very satisfied as he looked at that gemstone, and after admiring it, he eyed Ye Qingtang.

“How much does this Flower Moon Stone cost?”

The waiting staff replied, “This Flower Moon Stone is selling at 30,000 gold.”

The waiting staff reported the price loudly and the hefty “30,000 gold” instantly attracted the attention of the other customers in the Pavilion of Treasures.

A Flower Moon Stone that was about the size of a soybean actually cost 30,000 gold!

30,000 gold was not an amount that ordinary people were able to earn in their entire lifetime.

Even a child from a large family clan may find it difficult to fork out such a huge sum of money.

“30,000 gold… Lady Ye, do you still want it?” Duan Tianrui looked at Ye Qingtang. He had long known that Great Elder of the Ye family had taken over the family master Ye Ling’s power and that Ye Qingtang’s position as Young Lady of the family was an empty and powerless one. The Ye family was then controlled by Ye You’s grandfather, the Great Elder, so there was no way Ye Qingtang could to fork out such a huge amount of money.

Ye Qingtang narrowed her eyes as a cold light flashed in them.

Many surrounding customers watched the two people, one from the Duan family and the other from the Ye family, fighting over a Flower Moon Stone. However, once they saw that the person from the Ye family was Ye Qingtang, they could not help but quietly shake their heads.

Although Duan Tianrao’s annulment of engagement was not put into effect yet, the rumors had already been circulated throughout Lin town. Now that the Third Young Master of the Duan family was fighting with Ye Qingtang in public, the rumor must more or less be verified.

There were many rumors of the Ye family within Lin Town, and everyone had heard that Young Lady Ye was not as noble as before.

How was she going to fight with Duan Tianrui?

A servant following his master, who was picking a jade at a corner, heard the commotion and was shocked when he looked in the direction of the noise. He hurriedly turned towards his master and said,

“Third Young Master, it is Lady Ye!

Si Bai placed the white jade in his hands back onto the counter and turned to look in the direction that his servant was pointing at, where he saw a tiny figure in the crowd.

“Ye Qingtang?”

“Third Young Master, Lady Ye seems to have gotten into a conflict with the Duan family. Should we go and take a look?” asked the servant concernedly.

Si Bai was not anxious to reply and watched the young girl who was standing alone from afar. Glancing at the trace of a smile in her eyes, he immediately laughed and shook his head. “There is no need, she has a way.”

How familiar that smile was. When Ye Qingtang was dealing with his grandfather at the Si family, she had the same look of full confidence.

However, Si Bai did not look away; he was curious about how Ye Qingtang was going to resolve this conflict.

On the other side, Duan Tianrui played with the Flower Moon Stone in his hands as he evilly admired Ye Qingtang’s embarrassment.

Duan Tianrui had long been dissatisfied with the engagement between Ye Qingtang and Duan Tianrao. How could his handsome and talented brother marry such an ugly woman? Good thing that the engagement was canceled, severing any relations the Duan family had with her. Now, Duan Tianrui would not need to be polite to Ye Qingtang.

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