Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Lythrum (1)

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There was no hint of sadness on Ye Qingtang’s face. Instead, she wore a smile and looked towards the waiting staff. “Call your manager here.”

The waiting staff was slightly taken aback. “If there is anything, you can tell me…”

“If you want the Lythrum, call someone of power here.” Ye Qingtang’s eyes turned cold.

Her glare made the waiting staff feel numb all over suddenly. However, the word “Lythrum” ran through his mind like a flash of shocking lightning!

Duan Tianrui did not know what Ye Qingtang had up her sleeves and only felt that she was inviting humiliation. Looking at the waiting staff, he said, “Go ahead and look all you want, I…”

Before Duan Tianrui could finish his sentence, the waiting staff had left frantically to search for someone.

Just a moment later, a middle-aged man nearing fifty rushed back along with the waiting staff.

“Are you Lady Ye? I am the manager of Lin Town’s Pavilion of Treasures.” The middle-aged man looked towards Ye Qingtang and continued. “I heard that Lady Ye mentioned the Lythrum just now, I wonder… if Lady Ye knows anything about it?”

His tone was stable, yet anxiety filled his eyes.

The Lythrum was an item that the Pavilion of Treasures’ pavilion master desired. He had looked all over the world and placed a notice in every branch of the Pavilion of Treasures of a 100,000 gold reward for finding it yet had no clue up until today.

“I know the place that has the Lythrum,” Ye Qingtang said.

A sneer emerged on Duan Tianrao’s face upon hearing her words.

Ye Qingtang was only fifteen and had never left the city of Lin town up to this day. How would she know where the Lythrum was?

The manager’s eyes glistened. “Lady Ye, as long as you provide us with the location of the Lythrum, the Pavilion of Treasures will definitely express our gratitude with hefty rewards.”

Ye Qingtang replied, “The Lythrum is at the Dead Leaves Forest outside Lin Town.”

At this instant, Duan Tianrui was really about to laugh.

The Dead Leaves Forest was close to Lin town. Although there were quite a few medicinal herbs, they were all common ones. Amongst all the precious medicinal herbs, the Lythrum was extremely hard to find. Ye Qingtang must have been crazy to recklessly make up a lie that the Lythrum was in the Dead Leaves Forest.

Not a single person would believe her words.

The Pavilion of Treasures’ manager did not think that Ye Qingtang would actually mention the Dead Leaves Forest. The excitement in his eyes vanished as though a flame was extinguished by a bucket of ice water, and his expression hardened.

“Lady Ye, please do not joke around. How would the Dead Leaves Forest have Lythrum?”

“What if there really is?” Ye Qingtang continued, “Have someone prepare a pen and some ink. I will draw out the exact location of the Lythrum.”

Initially, the manager had thought that she was unreliable. However upon seeing her calmness, he could not help but frown. After hesitating for a while, he asked someone to prepare a pen and some ink.

Ye Qingtang drew a simple drawing quickly and indicated on the picture the location of the Lythrum.

The manager passed the drawing to his henchman doubtfully.

After seeing a staff leaving the Pavilion of Treasures with the drawing, everyone was curious.

No one knew where Ye Qingtang’s confidence came from.

Despite the fact that Ye Qintang was rumored as an unreliable person, the manager still had a tiny glimmer of hope. Having heard from the waiting staff that Ye Qingtang and Duan Tianrui were fighting over the Flower Moon Stone, the manager told Duan Tianrui, “Young Master Duan, I hope you can wait a while for this issue to settle.”

Duan Tianrui laughed. “I’m not in a rush. I, as well, hope that the Pavilion of Treasures can obtain the Lythrum.” Then, he looked at Ye Qingtang sneeringly.

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