Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Floating Pagoda (3)

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Although people did not know the use of the Floating Pagoda now, news of it being able to nourish the spirit root would spread a few years later. The Floating Pagoda was one of the few treasures in the world that could nourish the spirit root. While its current price of 1000 gold was expensive, the price shot up so rapidly upon the circulation of the news such that one Floating Pagoda was very difficult to be bought even with 10,000 gold.

Hence, how was it a bloody loss to Ye Qingtang? She more than profited!

“I’ll trouble you to let me purchase all the Floating Pagodas if there are any in the other branches of the Pavilion of Treasures,” Ye Qingtang said with a smile. The Pavilion of Treasures had stores all over the world, and if she could work with all of them, she would not need to worry about the supply of the Floating Pagodas.

However, the manager looked incredulous.

Is Young Lady Ye crazy?

The manager did not dare to agree straight up and merely said he would consider while he made a mental note of Ye Qingtang’s obsession towards the Floating Pagoda. Seeing as to how she bought such huge amounts, could it be that the Floating Pagoda had other benefits?

Ye Qingtang was not in a hurry as well. Ten Floating Pagodas were enough for her to use for a while.

Other than accumulating the Floating Pagodas, Ye Qingtang also purchased a scale of the Fiery Sunset Beast.

The Fiery Sunset Beast was an extremely fierce spirit animal active in places covered with magma, and its scales were especially resistant against fire. However, due to the unparalleled large size and shockingly heavy weight of the scales, it was very difficult to build an armor out of it. Hence, only a few people would buy it.

The manager trembled upon seeing Ye Qingtang’s consecutive purchase of two invaluable items. He really could not figure out why she liked to only pick junk!

To store the huge Fiery Sunset Beast’s scales, Ye Qingtang also bought a space ring from the Pavilion of Treasures and stored everything she bought in it.

Mu Su, who was observing her from a dark place with Han Cangming, was perplexed as he watched Ye Qingtang’s face full of happiness after buying a pile of junk.

“Your Highness, uh… Lady Ye’s taste is really special…” Mu Su’s lips twitched a little as he carefully took a look at Han Cangming.

He did not purposely do Ye Qingtang dirty with all those junk; it was Ye Qingtang who bought them herself! He should not be blamed for this.

Han Cangming did not respond to Mu Su’s attempt to prove his innocence and merely looked at Ye Qingtang meaningfully.

Ye Qingtang, who had used her rebirth to her advantage to obtain a heap of treasures, was deeply satisfied. After looking around the Pavilion of Treasures, she did not see anything she needed and was ready to leave. Just as she walked to the door of the pavilion, she suddenly saw Si Bai and his servant, who were about to leave as well.

It just so happened that Ye Qingtang was preparing to visit the Si family to check the condition Si Bai’s body. Now that they have bumped into each other, it was convenient as they left the Pavilion of Treasures and headed towards the Si residence together.

“…” Mu Su silently watched Ye Qingtang and the good-looking young man talking and laughing as they left. He turned around to look at His Highness…

Han Cangming was expressionless.

Mu Su secretly pulled a long face. Your Highness, you should watch out!

He mentally decided that he must find an opportunity to bring Ye Qingtang to his highness the next time he sees Ye Qingtang.

If you want to have a baby, shouldn’t you take some action?

“I saw you buying quite a few Floating Pagodas and the scales of the Fiery Sunset Beast just now?” Si Bai asked Ye Qingtang along the way to the Si residence. He was quite curious about Ye Qingtang’s stance when she was buying large quantities of the items in the Pavilion of Treasures.

Si Bai had heard of the Floating Pagoda and scales of the Fiery Sunset Beast but really did not know what was so special about them.

“Yes,” Ye Qingtang replied with no intention of hiding.

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