Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Floating Pagoda (2)

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Ye Qingtang, who was still seeking treasures in the Pavilion of Treasures, seemed to not notice that a pair of deep eyes were monitoring her every action from the highest floor.

In the dark room of the Pavilion of Treasures, Mu Su accompanied Han Cangming to stand and monitor Ye Qingtang with a heart full of curiosity towards the alluring-looking girl.

So this was whom the Heart of the Demon God was in?

Mu Su could not help but recall the question Han Cangming asked him when they were leaving the Ye family yesterday night.

His Highness wants to have a child with this kind of girl… Cough…

Mu Su secretly glanced at Han Cangming, who had his eyes fixated on Ye Qingtang and did not realize what his subordinate was thinking at all.

There were countless of precious treasures inside the Pavilion of Treasures. Since Ye Qingtang helped the Pavilion to find the Lythrum and even got a mouth-watering discount, she would not hold herself back.

The manager, who received Mu Su’s orders, was personally accompanying Ye Qingtang to take her pick. He had originally thought that Ye Qingtang would take this opportunity to choose a few valuable treasures, yet Ye Qingtang actually stopped in front of a counter nobody cared about.

“Is this the Floating Pagoda?” Ye Qingtang asked while pointing at the emerald object, which was about the size of a cobblestone, displayed in the counter.

Looking in the direction, the manager nodded his head.

The Floating Pagoda was produced from a rank 5 spirit animal of which had an extremely strong combat power and needed a few hundred people to take it down successfully. However, the Floating Pagoda itself was of little value.

Its hardness was such that it was difficult for weapons to cause it any damage. Furthermore, due to the difficulty in killing a rank 5 spirit animal, the Floating Pagoda had a hefty price tag. Up to this day, no one knew what the Floating Pagoda could be used for, and, thus, it was used as a decoration even though it was not as dazzling as gemstones. Other than a few family clans who would buy a few of this only to boast their wealth, nearly no one cared about the Floating Pagoda.

Yet, Ye Qingtang was deeply attracted to those few Floating Pagodas.

This item may be useless to others, but to her, it was extremely useful!

“How many Floating Pagodas do you have here?” asked Ye Qingtang.

The manager did not understand why Ye Qingtang was interested in the total number of Floating Pagodas and dismissed it as an act of her curiosity. “There are more than ten of them in stock.”

This item was extremely hard to sell. The Pavilion of Treasures barely sold one every year and, thus, had large stocks of them.

Touching her chin, she said with a glint of happiness in her eyes, “I want them all.”

“…” The manager’s eyes almost popped out.

She wants all of them?

“Lady Ye, each one of these Floating Pagodas would cost 1000 gold. Are you sure about this?”

Ye Qingtang nodded.

“…” A look of confusion was etched on the manager’s face.

He had thought that after obtaining a twenty percent discount, Ye Qingtang would buy some valuable things back. Yet, who would have thought that this Young Lady wanted nothing but the Floating Pagoda, which was no different from a stone!

All of these Floating Pagodas would cost over 10,000 gold!

Buying a pile of useless rocks was simply a bloody loss!

Before the manager was able to persuade her, Ye Qingtang placed 10 gold bricks on the counter. Now, he could not even utter a word.

Helpless, the manager could only force himself to order people to bring out all the Floating Pagodas in the Pavilion of Treasures.

A total of seventeen Floating Pagodas amounted to 17,000 gold, and with Ye Qingtang’s discount, it would cost 13,600 gold in total. Perhaps the manager thought the Floating Pagodas did her dirty, he generously rounded down the price to 13,000 gold.

Even so, he still felt he was doing Ye Qingtang dirty.

However, Ye Qingtang was full of smiles upon receiving the Floating Pagodas.

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