Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Annul the Engagement (1)

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Ye Xun held her fists tightly as she watched the Hunyuan Pills being sent to Ye Ling. However, remembering what Duan Tianrao said, all her worries were gone, and she smiled gently.

“How’s Tang Tang these past few days?” Duan Tianrao’s eyes flickered. It seemed that he was waiting for the right opportunity to open up.

Ye Ling did not sense anything. He sighed and said, “How could she feel alright after her spirit root was broken? The child is always very considerate. She never shows any signs of pain in front of me. It’s very heartbreaking to see her in this state.”

Ye Ling raised his eyes and said to Duan Tianrao, “Tianrao, you’re Tang Tang’s fiancé, and the two of you grew up together. It’d be great if you could spend more time with her. I’m sure she would be more relaxed.”

Duan Tianrao smiled but did not respond directly.

Ye Xun who was standing at the side lowered her head slightly. She pulled Duan Tianrao’s sleeve discreetly, and in response Duan Tianrao gently patted her hand to comfort her.

At the same moment, a skinny silhouette slowly entered the hall and greeted Ye Ling who sat on the main chair.


Seeing Ye Qingtang, Ye Ling’s eyes reflected deep love and care.

“Tang Tang, you haven’t recovered fully yet. Sit down first.”

Ye Qingtang, who was wearing the veil, sat beside Ye Ling quietly. However, her eyes did not even look towards the direction of Duan Tianrao, who sat below.

Ye Ling did not notice how indifferent Ye Qingtang was towards Duan Tianrao. He smiled and pointed towards the things on the table to show Ye Qingtang.

“Tang Tang, all these are given by Tianrao to help you recover. He even brought Hunyuan Pills for you. He truly does care for you.”

Ye Qingtang’s took a glimpse towards the tonics stacked on top of each other like a mountain on the table. She then glanced at Duan Tianrao who sat below. Her sight was extremely cold without any expression of fascination or gratitude.

“Thank you, Young Master Duan, for your effort.” Ye Qingtang spoke lightly.

Young Master Duan?

The other three all froze for a second. In the past when Ye Qingtang met Duan Tianrao, she always called him Brother Duan. Why did she distant herself today?

Duan Tianrao frowned slightly. However, remembering the purpose of his visit today, he did not bother anymore.

Ye Ling thought that Ye Qingtang was in a bad mood as her spirit root was broken, so he also did not bother to find out the reason.

“You’ll be 16 years old in half a year’s time. I think we can proceed with your marriage with Tianrao. When you feel better, I’ll discuss your marriage with the master of the Duan family clan. Is that fine?”

Ye Ling did not initially intend to have Ye Qingtang marry so soon, but now that her spirit root was broken, it was very unlikely for her to have any improvement in Wushu. The Ye family had already been controlled by the Great Elder, and even as the master of the family clan, he no longer held much power.

It would be better for Ye Qingtang to marry Duan Tianrao early. He would be more relieved knowing that Duan Tianrao would be able to take care of her.

The faces of the three people who were present suddenly changed upon hearing what Ye Ling said.

Especially for Ye Xun, her body stiffened, and Duan Tianrao’s facial expression darkened.

Only Ye Qingtang still sat properly on the chair. Her sight was cold, and she was sharp enough to capture the changes in Ye Xun and Duan Tianrao.

“Uncle Ye.” Duan Tianrao stepped forward suddenly.

“Today, I came over to tell you about something.”

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