Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Annul the Engagement (2)

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“Yes? What is it?” Ye Ling asked.

Duan Tianrao remained silent for a while and said, “Besides visiting Tang Tang, I came here today for another reason. It’s because… I think the marriage between Tang Tang and I should be annulled.”

The smile on Ye Ling’s face disappeared immediately after Duan Tianrao finished his sentence.

“Tianrao, what do you mean by that?”

Duan Tianrao took a breath and decided to confess everything.

“I grew up together with Tang Tang so, of course, we are close with each other. However, I can only view her as my sister and not as a couple. I have told my father about it, and he also agrees that we should not push for such a marriage. Hence, I’m here today to annul the engagement,” Duan Tianrao said.

“WHAT!” Ye Ling slammed his fist loudly on the table. He stared at Duan Tianrao in anger.

“You want to annul the engagement? Do you know what you are talking about!”

Ye Ling was furious. The engagement between Duan Tianrao and Ye Qingtang was made when they were young, and everyone in Lin Town knew about that. Now, Duan Tianrao wanted to annul the engagement. If the news spreads out, his daughter would be viewed as a joke in other people’s eyes!

Duan Tianrao had already made up his mind.

He stared at Ye Ling who was raging and carried on. “Uncle Ye, a few days ago, my father had confirmed that I would be the heir of the Duan family clan. I will become the master of the clan, and my wife will be the mistress of the Duan family.”

Duan Tianrao looked towards Ye Qingtang and her veil. His sight showed a sense of aversion.

“Tang Tang never shows her real face to others. Furthermore, her spirit root was broken and she can’t improve her Wushu anymore. Duan family is one of the three great family clans in Lin Town. The mistress must be able to take on heavy responsibilities. The Tang Tang now… I fear, is not suitable for this role anymore.”

Duan Tianrao sounded very pleasant and logical, but every word he said to Ye Ling pierced his heart like a sword.

“Duan Tianrao, do you know what you just said! Your engagement with Tang Tang was confirmed long ago. Now you want to annul it?” Ye Ling reproached.

Duan Tianrao frowned and raised his eyes slightly.

“Uncle Ye, I did have an engagement with Ye Qingtang. However, what kind of spirit root did she have back then, and what kind is it now? Uncle Ye, you really want me to marry a woman who has no spirit root and no appearance?”

Ye Ling trembled with anger. He never expected that Duan Tianrao was this kind of person.

Duan Tianrao did not change his mind at all even after witnessing Ye Ling’s anger. He turned and looked towards Ye Qingtang, who remained silent all along.

“Tang Tang, I think I treated you fairly enough in the past. Now, you should think from my perspective. Even though others in the town said you were extremely ugly, I didn’t request to annul the engagement back then. However, now that your spirit root is broken, do you still want to marry me forcefully? How am I supposed to explain this to the Duan family?

“I can tolerate it if my wife is ugly, but I can’t bring a useless mistress for the Duan family.”

Every word that came out of Duan Tianrao hurt. From the beginning to the end, he only valued Ye Qingtang’s spirit root.

When Ye Qingtang had the supreme-grade spirit root, he could tolerate her ugliness. However, now that her spirit root was destroyed, why did he still need to accept her?

Ye Ling stood up in anger and roared. “Duan Tianrao! Shut up! I was blind to allow the engagement between you and Tang Tang! I never knew you that you were this kind of abhorrent person!”

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