Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 760 - Just You Wait (1)

Chapter 760 Just You Wait (1)

Perfected Xuanchen was a kind and extremely magnanimous person. Otherwise, Ye Qingtang would not have the chance to be apprenticed to him despite not having a spirit root.

To Perfected Xuanchen, Ye Qingtang was filled with respect and gratitude for his help in her previous life.

Exactly because of that, all the more she must not let things slide down to the chaos that Falling Sky Valley fell into and the murder of Perfected Xuanchen in her previous life.

Forbearance would never be able to compel true conviction.

Since Admirable Sky Peak disciples had not realized this point, she would use her own actions to let them understand this logic.

The Li Jingwen matter had passed for a few days, and Admirable Sky Peak disciples settled down.

As Ye Qingtang cultivated with the spirit energy in Falling Sky Valley, she thought about what to do next. She would also occasionally head to Admirable Sky Peak and take a look at the place where the disciples cultivated.

The Admirable Sky Peak disciples’ attitude towards Ye Qingtang seemed to have changed a little.

On the other side on Blue Cloud Peak, the bruised Li Jingwen was sitting in an arbor with a gloomy expression. His fists that rested on the stone table were tightly clenched as a sinister look filled his eyes.

“Senior Brother Li…” A Blue Cloud Peak disciple looked at the unhappy Li Jingwen nervously.

Ever since Li Jingwen was beaten up by Ye Qingtang a few days ago, he had been unconscious for days and had only woken up yesterday.

Although there was no fatal injury, the punch that Ye Qingtang threw on his face completely ruined his handsome face.

While body injuries could be healed easily, a broken nose bone would still look a little crooked even if it was regrown.

“Did that Ye Chen really tell Master that?” Li Jingwen said coldly as he looked at the junior brother beside him.

“Yes… That day, Master went to Admirable Sky Peak to punish Ye Chen, but who knew that Ye Chen would be so cunning.” That disciple nodded his head and told Li Jingwen about the incident where the Blue Cloud Peak Peak Master went to Admirable Sky Peak.

“What a man, Ye Chen!” Li Jingwen gritted his teeth with narrowed eyes.

Falling Sky Valley had its own rules.

Inter-disciple learning was completely allowed. Even if he lost his life by accident, it was also within Falling Sky Valley’s rules, much less sustaining severe injuries.

This kind of matter was not what a Peak Master could interfere in.

Even elders and wardens would not step forward to say anything.

After all, it was merely inter-disciple learning.

Li Jingwen snickered and stood up. “Senior Brother Li, Master wants you to recuperate in this period of time. What are you planning to do now?” That disciple asked Li Jingwen.

Li Jingwen took a deep breath and said, “Why are you making such a big fuss? It’s just that the weather is pretty good, and I wish to make a trip to Water Cut Peak.”

That disciple was slightly stunned.

Water Cut Peak?

Water Cut Peak was ranked as the top three among the twelve peaks in Falling Sky Valley and was equally matched to Admirable Sky Peak in terms of reputation and power back then. Moreover, Water Cut Peak’s Peak Master was on close terms with Blue Cloud Peak’s Peak Master, and both of them initially supported Falling Sky Valley’s Peak Master to be the acting Valley Master of Falling Sky Valley back then.

After Perfected Xuanchen became the Valley Master, Blue Cloud Peak and Water Cut Peak directly ignored the new Valley Master’s presence and only followed Full Moon Peak’s Peak Master.

“Go to my room and retrieve my Blue Sea Connected Sky painting,” Li Jingwen said with narrowed eyes.

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