Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 761 - Just You Wait (2)

Chapter 761 Just You Wait (2)

Li Jingwen immediately headed to find Water Cut Peak’s top disciple, Liu Mo, after obtaining the Blue Sea Connected Sky painting.

Liu Mo was tall and good-looking.

If Li Jingwen was said to be Falling Sky Valley’s superior disciple, then Liu Mo was one of Falling Sky Valley’s top disciples.

Although Li Jingwen was about the same age as Liu Mo, there was quite a gap in their skills, and even the proud Li Jingwen had to be courteous to Liu Mo.

“Senior Brother Liu.” Li Jingwen immediately went forward to Liu Mo with a smile.

“Junior Brother Li?’” Seeing that Li Jingwen came to find him so suddenly, Liu Mo’s eyes had a trace of confusion. “Why are you looking for me today, Junior Brother Li?”

Li Jingwen smiled. “There’s nothing much. I’ve long heard that Senior Brother Liu likes books and paintings. When I was out a few months ago, I happened to obtain a Blue Sea Connected Sky painting. I don’t have anything on today, so I’m here to bring it to you.”

“Blue Sea Connected Sky painting?” Liu Mo was a little stunned.

The Blue Sea Connected Sky painting was created by a famous painter. It was said that the Nine Nights Dynasty imperial family kept it, but unexpectedly, it was in Li Jingwen’s hands now.

It was not an exaggeration to describe this painting as priceless.

When Li Jingwen saw Liu Mo’s reaction, he immediately handed him the Blue Sky Connected Sky painting that he had prepared a long time ago.

Since the Peak Masters of both peaks were on good terms, Li Jingwen and Liu Mo were also friends.

Liu Mo unrolled the Blue Sky Connected Sky painting, and his eyes brightened immediately.

“How can I accept this item?” Liu Mo asked.

Li Jingwen smiled. “I don’t have much knowledge about books and paintings. Since you like it, I’ll just offer it to you.”

Liu Mo hesitated for a moment. Since he could not decline it politely, he accepted it without saying anything.

The two of them sat down at an arbor nearby. It was then that Liu Mo noticed that Li Jingwen’s originally-handsome face seemed a little twisted now. There were patches of blue-black on his face, and a part of his straight nose sunk for some reason, sticking out like a sore thumb.

“Junior Brother Li, what happened… to your face?” Liu Mo asked curiously. “fastest update at”

A glint flashed across Li Jingwen’s eyes, but he put on an expression as though he had come across a helpless issue. He sighed gloomily. “Excuse me, Senior Brother Liu. Please don’t laugh at me… the injuries on my face are caused by an Admirable Sky Peak disciple.”

“What? An Admirable Sky Peak disciple? You sparred with Gu Yihan?” Liu Mo was taken aback.

He was aware of Li Jingwen’s skills, and in the entire Admirable Sky Peak, only Gu Yihan could have a fight with him.

Li Jingwen shook his head with a bitter laugh.

“It’s not Gu Yihan but a disciple whom Perfected Xuanchen just accepted, Ye Chen.”

Liu Mo frowned slightly. “Is he that fellow who got in through the back door?”

Liu Mo had heard a thing or two about Perfected Xuanchen accepting a disciple as an exception.

“Yes.” Li Jingwen nodded.

“He injured you?” Liu Mo’s brows were furrowed even more deeply.

Li Jingwen said, “Ye Chen is too arrogant. He just entered the valley and relied on the fact that his Master is the Valley Master to beat up my Blue Cloud Peak’s junior brothers. I went to demand an explanation, but unexpectedly, I did not see him. I originally planned to let things be… but who would have thought…”

“That Ye Chen is actually so arrogant. He rushed to the Blue Cloud Peak and made a wild talk. I persuaded him nicely, but who knew he would attack me.” Li Jingwen continued.

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