Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 762 - Just You Wait (3)

Chapter 762 Just You Wait (3)

“There’s actually such a thing?” A trace of unhappiness could be seen on Liu Mo’s face.

“Is Perfected Xuanchen not putting him in check?” Liu Mo asked.

“You also know how he entered the valley. How would Perfected Xuanchen exercise authority over him? I’m afraid that he dared to do this because Perfected Xuanchen signaled him to beat up other peaks’ disciples.” Li Jingwen’s tone was increasingly helpless.

“My Master originally wanted to seek justice for me, but that Ye Chen had a sharp tongue and said that it was inter-disciple learning. Thus, my Master could not intervene.” Li Jingwen explained.

“It’s all because I was not his opponent. I allowed Admirable Sky Peak to have an even more domineering influence for nothing.” Li Jingwen varnished the truth and narrated with grievances.

Liu Mo’s expression darkened.

When the Valley Master was heavily injured back then, they had no choice but to appoint an acting Valley Master. In the entire Falling Sky Valley, the strongest peak was Full Moon Peak.

Moreover, the Full Moon Peak’s Peak Master was very close to his Master. If the Full Moon Peak’s Peak Master assumed the position of Valley Master, there would not be a single objection in Water Cut Peak.


No one would have thought.

The acting Valley Master position actually landed in the hands of Admirable Sky Peak’s Peak Master, Perfected Xuanchen.

It should be known that Admirable Sky Peak and Water Cut Peak were equally matched in skills, and Perfected Xuanchen’s skills was about the same as his Master’s.

Water Cut Peak naturally refused to accept Perfected Xuanchen as the Valley Master.

However, the old Valley Master had made up his mind already, and the other Peak Masters could only agree.

Yet, they only agreed and did not accept it.

Liu Mo all the more refused to accept this decision as final. If Perfected Xuanchen could be the acting Valley Master, why couldn’t his Master?

Their skills were clearly on par with each other.

Perhaps, the Admirable Sky Peak people also knew that there was something wrong with Perfected Xuanchen being the Valley Master.

Thus, they were extremely cautious and always yielded to others over this period of time.

Yet, unexpectedly…

Perfected Xuanchen’s new disciple was actually this vicious!

“Junior Brother Li, since that Ye Chen likes to learn from others so much, I will give him a chance to.” A glint passed Liu Mo’s eyes. Perfected Xuanchen snatched the Valley Master position, and Liu Mo would definitely not let his disciple act so impudently in the valley.

Li Jingwen was delighted the moment he heard it. He had sensed that Liu Mo disliked Admirable Sky Peak and thus approached him today to request for his help.

Liu Mo’s skills were equally matched to Admirable Sky Peak’s top disciple, Gu Yihan, and even had a sign of defeating Gu Yihan.

If Liu Mo struck, that Ye Qingtang would definitely not have a chance of winning.

“It would be best if you can beat that Ye Chen up,” Li Jingwen said with a smile.

Didn’t Ye Qingtang say that it was inter-disciple learning?

He will let her properly taste the consequences of her own actions then.

“Junior Brother Li, if you’re free, make a trip to Admirable Sky Peak with me,” Liu Mo said.

“Sure.” Li Jingwen would obviously not reject as he was eager to personally witness Ye Qingtang being beaten up to death by Liu Mo.

The two of them immediately rose and wanted to make a move. Before they left, a Water Cut Peak disciple came over hurriedly and told Liu Mo. “Senior Brother Liu, Senior Brother Xuanyuan of Full Moon Peak sent someone to relay a message to you that he invited you to have a drink together tonight.”

Upon hearing “Senior Brother Xuanyuan of Full Moon Peak”, Li Jingwen’s heart could not help but tremble.

The “Senior Brother Xuanyuan” whom this disciple mentioned was Falling Sky Valley’s number one talent, Xuanyuan Lie!

“Senior Brother Liu, since Senior Brother Xuanyuan is looking for you, why don’t we go to Admirable Sky Peak tomorrow instead?” Even if he was eager to seek revenge, Li Jingwen was very cautious after hearing Xuanyuan Lie’s name.

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