Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 766 - Shameless, Too Shameless (1)

Chapter 766 Shameless, Too Shameless (1)

As everyone hesitated, Ye Qingtang suddenly walked forward.

Yin Qingluo and Ye Ningxi were shocked.

“Junior Brother Ye.”

Ye Qingtang looked at the arrogant Liu Mo and said, “Since Senior Brother Liu wishes to grant me some teachings, I will not refuse.”

All the Admirable Sky Peak disciples were stunned to hear Ye Qingtang’s words.

Is Ye Qingtang crazy? She really dared to accept the challenge?

Liu Mo was not Li Jingwen, and their skills were simply not on the same level. Even if Ye Qingtang won against Li Jingwen, she was definitely not Liu Mo’s opponent.

The Admirable Sky Peak disciples had begun accepting Ye Qingtang then. They viewed her as their fellow disciple, and thus they could not help but be a little anxious when they saw the situation.

“Junior Brother Ye, do not act on impulse,” Yin Qingluo hurriedly said. Li Jingwen looked at Yin Qingluo with a raised brow. “Junior Sister Yin, if you’re so worried of Junior Brother Ye, why don’t you accept the challenge on his behalf?”

Yin Qingluo glared at him coldly.

If she really had the ability, the first person she would beat up would be this Li Jingwen, who committed outrages.

Impatience flashed across Liu Mo’s eyes, and he said, “Junior Sister Yin, why are you so worried? Rest assured, I know that Junior Brother Ye just entered the valley not long ago. Since I will have an inter-disciple learning session with him, I’ll naturally not bully him.”

Then, Liu Mo suddenly removed the sword that was hung on his waist and tossed it to Li Jingwen beside him.

“I’ll give him some advantages in this spar. I will not use any weapons.” Liu Mo declared with a generous expression.

Yin Qingluo’s brows were furrowed slightly.

When Ye Qingtang saw Liu Mo’s attitude, a smile suddenly passed her eyes.

“Senior Brother Liu, you’re Water Cut Peak’s top disciple while I’m just a new disciple who entered the valley only a few days ago. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate if you only give me the weapon advantage?”

The disciples who were initially worried of Ye Qingtang were stunned when they heard her.

Similarly, Liu Mo never thought that Ye Qingtang would say that. On second thought, he smiled and replied. “Since that’s the case, how about this? I’ll only use one hand.”

Li Jingwen wanted to say something, but Liu Mo hinted at him with his eyes to remain silent.

Ye Qingtang flashed a smile but shook her head again. “Since you have the intention to give me an advantage, how about not using both hands?”

Everyone present was stupefied immediately.

“Ye Chen, you’re really shameless. Senior Brother Liu has already agreed to not use any weapons and even one hand, but you’re actually demanding for more? Do you want Senior Brother Liu to just stand there for you to hit?!” Li Jingwen laughed angrily.

He had seen a shameless person before but not such a shameless one.

Even the Admirable Sky Peak disciples were shocked by Ye Qingtang’s request.

“Senior Brother Ye… His demands were a little overboard, right?”

“I was still pretty worried about Senior Brother Ye previously. I didn’t think that he would make such a request.”

“When I heard that Ye Chen fought Li Jingwen the other time, I felt that he was pretty admirable. I never thought that… It can’t be that he was also this shameless when he fought Li Jingwen that time, right?”

The Admirable Sky Peak disciples were initially worried for Ye Qingtang and felt that Ye Qingtang was extremely courageous for daring to agree to the challenge.

Yet, unexpectedly…

Ye Qingtang would actually make such an unthinkable request.

Forget that Liu Mo was not using any weapons, but she actually forbade Liu Mo from using his hands


What inter-disciples learning was there then? While Admirable Sky Peak disciples were very dissatisfied with Liu Mo for coming to cause trouble, they still had a backbone.

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