Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 767 - Shameless, Too Shameless (2)

Chapter 767 Shameless, Too Shameless (2)

No one would have expected Ye Qingtang to make such an absurd request.

Forbidding the usage of both hands in the spar basically meant that Liu Mo only could use his legs.

Ye Qingtang could still use her hands and a sword. Didn’t it mean that Liu Mo could only use his legs to run?

Even Yin Qingluo and Ye Ningxi had a look of disbelief on their faces.

“This Junior Brother Ye… Is he…” Yin Qingluo frowned slightly as she looked at Ye Qingtang with a complicated expression.

Apart from Yan Shu, no one else was present when Ye Qingtang fought Li Jingwen that day. Thus, everyone was unaware of the details.

However, Yin Qingluo’s opinion of Ye Qingtang had changed because of this incident, and she thought that this little junior brother had a backbone.

Yet, unexpectedly…

Ye Qingtang acted this way today.

Ye Ningxi cleared her throat awkwardly and said, “Perhaps Junior Brother Ye is just joking around.”

Liu Mo did not think that Ye Qingtang would actually make such a ridiculous request either and was dumbfounded. He spoke in a deep voice right after. “Junior Brother Ye, why don’t you just say that I should remain standing at a spot for you to hit?”

“Ye Chen, don’t be so shameless. Senior Brother Liu has already agreed to not use one hand, but you still don’t know how to be content.” Li Jingwen berated from aside.

Ye Qingtang looked at Liu Mo indifferently and said, “Senior Brother Liu, are you unwilling?”

Liu Mo scoffed. “Who would agree to such an absurd request for a spar between Falling Sky Valley’s disciples?”

“Oh?” Ye Qingtang swept Liu Mo a look. “What if someone agrees?”

“Ha… I’ll want to see who has the guts to. If there’s really such a person, I, Liu Mo, will really admire that person.” Liu Mo laughed.

Ye Qingtang smiled faintly. “I, Ye Chen, actually gained Senior Brother Liu’s admiration.”

Liu Mo and everyone else were stupefied when they heard what Ye Qingtang said. “Ye Chen, don’t flatter yourself. Who admires you?!” Li Jingwen said coldly.

Ye Qingtang shot a look at Li Jingwen. “Didn’t you say it yourself just now, Senior Brother Liu?”

Liu Mo said it?

What did Liu Mo say?

Confusion was etched on Li Jingwen’s face.

Ye Qingtang looked at Liu Mo. “Senior Brother Liu said that if anyone does not use any weapons or their hands in the spar, he will admire his guts.”

“What has this got to do with you?” Liu Mo frowned.

Ye Qingtang smiled. “In my friendly spar with you today, I’ll not use any weapons or my hands.”


Everyone present was stupefied.

“What… What is Senior Brother Ye saying? He’s actually not using his hands to spar with Liu Mo?”

“Am I deaf or is Senior Brother Ye crazy?”

“What a joke. Given Liu Mo’s skills, Senior Brother Ye is clearly courting death!”

Admirable Sky Peak disciples went berserk.

They originally thought that Ye Qingtang made this absurd request to dodge this spar, yet unexpectedly… The development of events was so unpredictable.

“What does Junior Brother Ye want to do?” Yin Qingluo was completely dumbfounded.

While Ye Ningxi was intelligent, she could not understand what Ye Qingtang was thinking this time.

“In sparring a disciple with Liu Mo’s skills, even Xuanyuan Lie is not so arrogant to spar without using both hands. Junior Brother Ye… could he be crazy?”

Li Jingwen really burst out laughing.

Ye Chen really did not fear death.

Who exactly gave her the courage to make such big talk in front of Liu Mo?

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