Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 768 - Shameless, Too Shameless (3)

Chapter 768 Shameless, Too Shameless (3)

Ye Qingtang looked at Liu Mo indifferently. “Why? Senior Brother Liu, do you still think that it’s not enough? How about I’ll only use one leg?”

The corners of Liu Mo’s lips twitched a little.

Everyone increasingly thought that Ye Qingtang was insane.

However, another thought struck their minds.

Perhaps, Ye Qingtang knew that she was not Liu Mo’s opponent, so she made all this up. Thus, even if she was defeated, she had an excuse.

Unconsciously, the Admirable Sky Peak disciples’ acceptance towards Ye Qingtang frittered away bit by bit.

“Junior Brother Ye, since you have the guts, it’s inconvenient for me to say anything more.” Liu Mo scoffed.

“Please,” Ye Qingtang said.

Then, Liu Mo was suddenly enveloped in a layer of faint light, and an overbearing aura gathered around him rapidly.

In the next second, Liu Mo’s figure disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“How fast.” Yin Qingluo could not help but be alarmed when she felt Liu Mo’s remaining aura in the air.

“Liu Mo’s skills are ranked near the top in the entire Falling Sky Valley, and they are not what ordinary disciples like us could contend against.” Ye Ningxi continued speaking with a slight frown. “I don’t know if Junior Brother Ye will be able to make it through this time.”

Yin Qingluo’s brows were furrowed slightly.

Smiles were written on Li Jingwen’s face. He was more than eager to see Ye Qingtang being thrashed on the ground by Liu Mo.

“Liu Mo’s skills are indeed great. I’m just standing in the area nearby, but the oppression is almost suffocating me already.”

“Senior Brother Ye can’t be stunned, can he? Why is he standing at the same spot and not moving?”

There were clamors of comments among the Admirable Sky Peak disciples. In their eyes, Ye Qingtang was standing rooted to the ground without any emotions on his exquisite face.

In the next second, Liu Mo’s concealed aura erupted out of a sudden, and everyone could only see a black shadow shuttling to Ye Qingtang’s side so quickly that one could not identify it.

Ye Ningxi and Yin Qingluo were on tenterhooks at that instant. With their abilities, they could vaguely see that Liu Mo was ramming a palm towards Ye Qingtang’s chest like a bolt of lightning!


Just before Liu Mo’s palm landed, Ye Qingtang’s eyes suddenly looked downward.

In the next second, Ye Qingtang lifted her right leg at the speed of lightning!

Liu Mo simply did not manage to see what exactly happened and only felt a huge force crashing towards his abdomen abruptly.

In an instant, Liu Mo was hurled out by that huge force until his body knocked onto a boulder several meters away.


The moment he landed on the ground, Liu Mo spat a mouthful of blood while countless fine cracks appeared on the boulder behind him.

“What… What happened?”

Every single person at the scene was taken aback as they watched Liu Mo spitting out blood with jaws hung wide open.

“What… exactly happened just now? Why did… Liu Mo…” The Admirable Sky Peak disciples were utterly dumbfounded.

Their eyes were clearly locked on the battle earlier on, but why was Liu Mo, who had an imposing stance, flung out and coughing blood in just the blink of an eye?!

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