Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 857 - Supreme Academy

Chapter 857 Supreme Academy

“Ling Yan, why do you want me to pretend to be a Supreme Academy student?” Ye Qingtang did not understand Ling Yan’s intention.

Ling Yan chuckled upon hearing that. “Miss Ye, given your skills, do you really wish to contest against the powerful figures from the Central Mainland in this Dragon Vein? If you do not grab onto the opportunity, all of the destinies would have nothing to do with you.”

Ye Qingtang naturally understood the meaning behind Ling Yan’s words.

Even if her skills were at the Yin Yang Perfected Lord Third Heaven currently, there was simply no way of fighting against a super figure like Yin Yang Child from the Central Mainland.

“How do I pretend?” Ye Qingtang did not understand.

“You only need this item.” Ling Yan took out a token immediately.

“This is…” Ye Qingtang had an odd expression while looking at the token in Ling Yan’s hand.

“This is the Supreme Token. Only insanely-talented disciples from the Supreme Academy would have it… These disciples are managed by the Supreme Academy’s President and would not appear before others. With this Supreme Token, the Supreme Academy students who entered the Dragon Vein will have to call you ‘senior sister’.” Ling Yan explained.

“But even so… do my Yin Yang Perfected Lord Third Heaven skills seem like the insanely-talented disciples…” Ye Qingtang asked.

“Miss Ye, you don’t need to be worried as I have a solution for that. You just need to follow what I say.” Ling Yan replied with a smile.

Since Ling Yan had already said that, Ye Qingtang could only agree.

“Liu.” Ling Yan called softly.

As he spoke, there was a tremor beneath their feet, and a midget appeared in no time.

“Greetings, Your Highness! Greetings, Miss Ye!” The midget greeted the two of them with a bow.

“Rumors have it that Your Highness Ling Yan recruited ten guards with special techniques… It seems that this Liu is one of them.” Ye Qingtang commented meaningfully.

Ling Yan only smiled at that and did not reply.

Ling Yan walked forward immediately and explained his plan.

Following Ling Yan’s plan, Ye Qingtang left the cave directly and headed to where Ling Yan said.

A while later, indeed as Ling Yan had said, a few young men and women were walking over.

There were a total of three people, and the martial aura of each of them was way more powerful than Ye Qingtang’s. Most likely, all three of them had already entered the early-stage of an Arcane Supremacy!

“Supreme Academy people, today is your death day!” Liu appeared at this moment and shouted coldly.

Watching Liu’s exaggerated acting, Ye Qingtang closed her eyes, unwilling to look at him.

“Who are you?” One of the Supreme Academy students asked coldly.

“Someone who will take your lowly lives.” The midget scoffed.

“You don’t even dare to face me with your real face, but you’re making wild talk here?!” A female Supreme Academy student with a sweet appearance snickered.

“Humph. Cut the crap. Look at my Shun Tian Formation!”

The midget tore a talisman immediately, and in the next second, the talisman was burnt. Right after, a black demon-like light immediately enshrouded the three disciples from the Supreme Academy.

“Shun Tian Formation…?!”

One of the students had an astonished expression and was in disbelief.

Although this type of formation was not considered too powerful and an Arcane Supremacy could easily break it with a hand, these few people were suppressed to the Yin Yang Perfected Lord realm when they came to this mainland. With the injection of spirit energy by that masked man to sustain the power of the formation, it was difficult for them to break it.

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